Mystics: The Past Never Dies

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    Mystics: The Past Never Dies

    Time really does change people. The ones you knew back in the day now seem different in some way. It is time that changes the things around us that we have no control over. We can look into the past and realize that the things of yesterday are gone, but have you ever truly wondered if the things of yesterday are truly gone? What if the past never died? What if the things that you faced in the past come back to haunt you in the present? Yes, time does change things, but the question still remains, will that which is in the past stay there? It is that which is done in the cover of darkness that keeps this world running smoothly. Some must die so that others may live. What lies in the darkness of the past that threatens the fabric of reality once more?

    In the past it has been the responsibility of the “Mystics” to thwart anything that may threaten the fabric of life within the combined worlds, but many of the Mystics have gone missing. As such a combined world defense unit was created to keep the worlds safe. After the final battle between the Mystics, the Nobility and Azael, everyone departed. There was no grand celebration. There was no reconciliation between any warring factions. Everyone went about their business helping restore what was damaged of the combined worlds. Many centuries have passed since then. Life has returned to some form of normalcy. Coexistence is a near possible reality between all forms of life, but there is something within the darkness that whispers unruly things. Something is coming, and it is not a new enemy. The old “Mystics” have disbanded since the renewing of the combined worlds. Now it rests in the hands of the CWDU, but we all know they are no match for what is coming. It will be up to an entirely new era of heroes to band together and stop what is brewing in the dark. Do you have what it takes?

    Current Situation:

    You are a college student or a young adult living life. You don't know that your parents were saviors at one point. Yes, your parents were the legendary Mystics that saved the combined worlds numerous times. Now it is your turn. They've not told you about your powers, but you know you have them. You've told them and they shrug it off as if it is normal. One day you are approached by a strange individual and the rest will play out as we see fit. The date is September 16 and the time is 8 am. Please place a time stamp at the top of your post in the IC if you are accepted so that we know what time it is and can follow along.
    Character Creation
    Creating a character for this Rp will be different from ones you have created in the past. The application happens to be very precise and comes with a few restrictions. Such detail and restrictions help balance out the character and allow you to get to know your character.

    In this RP, you will watch as your character grows. This means you will be adding and subtracting things to the sheet as we progress. Your character will be starting at the bottom: no fancy equipment, no awesome powers, and no cool weapons. It's back to basics.

    Expect me to be strict when going over your character sheets. But in return, I will be generous in rewarding your character for their feats. So don't be afraid to reach for the stars.

    Below are a few rules and guidelines you must follow when creating your character. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
    [*]Please note some of the things in the character sheet do not apply and can be simply skipped and deleted. This is a general character sheet.[/list]
    Character Application

    Physical Description
    Sexual Orientation

    Picture and/or worded Description
    Facial Hair:
    Skin Tone:
    Unique Body Features:

    Personality at least a paragraph here

    Natural Talents


    Weapon Name:
    Weapon Type:
    Weapon Description/Info:

    Special Items
    Regular Items

    Bio/History at least a paragraph or two here describing your characters from birth until this point in their life.

  • Remember the rules of Iwaku, and the rules of this RP are listed below.
    1) Respect others, but most of all respect yourself.
    2) I reserve the right to add or remove rules as I see fit. I am the Game Master or GM after all. :)
    3) Players gone for more than a week without notification will experience a loss in their character, meaning they'll be killed off.
    4) This RP is adult, even has a Mature rating, and what that means is provided you stay within the rules of Iwaku, you can basically be as adult as possible, but again remember the rules. If your characters start kissing, and want to venture any further, take it to PM and fade to black in the IC. Failure to do so will warrant immediate action.
    5) Please give quality work. I don't care much about quantity, but when you give quality work, your quantity will speak for itself.
    6) I want to see diversity; I want to see your imagination run wild, when it comes to this story as well as your character.
    7) Characters are not safe from death, they can and may die depending on the situation, just make sure to have a backup plan in case your character just so happens to fall in deep trouble.
    8) Please read everything that is posted. It will keep you from asking unnecessary questions that 9 times out of 10 is answered somewhere in all the information on this page.
    9) Do not post anywhere except the OOC please. Once we have an even number of evil to good characters our journey can begin.

  • Update as characters are added.
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I'm new here so I figure I'd migrate a story I had on another site to this one and see what happens. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Everything should be on the overview. It's a lot of info but in short you will either portray a villain or a hero in the making. It's a classic good vs evil in a modern day twist of things. Yes yaoi is allowed to a certain extent as well as any other type of romance, but we must fade to black if anything goes further than kissing. I'm very lenient so if you have ideas don't be afraid to pitch them.
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