Mystical Island Of The Lands : A Furry Nation Production

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  1. Mystical Island of the lands : A Furry Nation Production
    Hi My name is IKiyU and I invite you all to join me in a land filled with mystery and adventure where anything can happen. A land made and progressed by the role players!!!:omg:

    Mystical Island is a place where different lands form together making one huge amazing Island. In this place different types of life forms coexist together
    making the most amazing place on the planet, where species from all over come for adventure and a new life.

    (Make you own story and life and enjoy the interaction with the friends you make while adventuring this new world be either native or Adventure!)
    (More events and story will unfold with the progress and relationships you make with those you meet here Enjoy!!!)

    Ice and Snow.
    Plains and Valleys.
    Ocean Rivers and Lakes.
    The Mountain Highs and Caves.
    The Underground Oasis and Fire and Ice Labyrinths.

    (Message me the ones you create and I'll put them in)
    (((Detailed charts of leaderships ranks and office etc. will also be inputted in.))

    Towns and Villages:

    (Message me the ones you create and I'll put them in)
    (((Detailed charts of leaderships and governments etc. you create will also be inputted in the towns and villages you make info.))

    Clans and Families:

    (Message me the ones you create and I'll put them in)
    (((Detailed charts of the family and clans like Moms Dads and Children etc. will also be inputted))

    ((( Message me anytime with details or questions even improvements you may think of, this is something I've wanted to try for a while so go nuts!!!))

    [ IMG][​IMG][/IMG]
  2. IKiyU wanders the forest lands aimlessly as he scouts for food having just woken from a long nights sleep. Man I'm hungry... Traveling farther and farther from his home he continues to look for fresh apples and oranges.
  3. Hi there! Since you have so much Out of Character info here in comparison to roleplay post, we've moved this thread to the Plot Discussions. This way people can post their contributions all in one place and you don't have to worry about messages! You can link to this thread when you create your In Character thread in the main JumpIn section. :]

    Have fun roleplaying!
  4. Okay thanks this is a idea i've had for the longest and wanted to try it out sorry i didnt know here to post it.
  5. No worries! Good luck with the RP. Let me know if you have any questions; you can send me a Private Message any time.
  6. Okay :3 Thanks.