Mystical Beast Bazaar

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    As Anya walked deeper into the forest she heard different sounds. Shouts, crying, and the calling of different beasts. It made her heart break as she heard these things, but her face showed no emotion as she walked. A cloak covered her body, the hood covering most of her face in the shadow of it. No one would know who she was until she lifted that cloak off of her body.

    She was the leader of the Mystical Beast Defenders, and she had to figure out another plan. All she could do now was just watch. She watched the sellers of these beasts, observing what they did through the day. Also the buyers, making tabs on what was being sold the most compared to the other things in the bazaar.

    As she walked through the bazaar, she looked at these creatures. Then she stopped at one of the cages, looking in to see a white fox with three tails. These creatures were rare to find. It interested her. Foxes were cunning, smart, and very coy. Though this one looked scared. Afraid of what was happening to her.

    "I promise I will get you out," Anya said in a whisper.

    The fox looked up at her, slowly lifting up her head. For a moment, the fox showed a sign of confusion. "Get me out?" the little fox questioned, her eyes narrowed slightly. "That means you are going to buy me?"

    "No, not at all, I am going to free you," Anya responded, giving the small fox a smile. "But give it time."

    "I will believe you when I see it," the fox muttered under her breath, and then turned her body around so her back was towards the defender.

    Anya let out a small laugh, and backed away from the cage, soon looking around for a brief moment.
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  2. Slow... Wyld hates being slow, this is why he chose to be a wolf raider, not some skull batter, despite Wyld's protests, he was stuck with slave transfer. The mighty oxen hauling around many a mythical creature's cages, from common pixies, to miserable traitors, to mighty dragons. All being hauled under the watchful eye of Wyld's raiders. It was miles from the Bazaar but Wyld knew they were close, he could see the dense forest rising above the horizon. Wait! What is that? A trade caravan? Perfect! Wyld halted the oxen, and the cages crashed together softly as the creatures within made noise over the sudden stop. The caravan was too far to hear most of the cries, at the most they heard the one behemoth's cry. Wyld gathered up his men who nodded at the sight of the caravan. They started to charge and when Wyld rose his sword above his head, most of his force went one way, a smaller force lead by Wyld went the other, Wyld beelined to the caravan, the traders were alerted and gathered their weapons. They began firing at Wyld's force with arrows, about three goblins and a wolf died from the volley. Wyld then curved to the right of the caravan, at that time, the bulk of the Raiders flanked the distracted traders. It was a blood bath. The raiders quickly looted what they could and made it back to the slave drive, where they began feeding upon the corpses of the humans and giving the remains to the slaves to eat. Due to their slave drive going to a magical beast bazaar, there were no humans, so thankfully there were no protestors to the corpses. After another hour or two Wyld's drive makes it to the bazaar. The raiders set up camp and shop. Wyld starts to browse the various stands for their prices to see if he can undercut them.
  3. Harbinger's cloak flapped as the winds blew through the bazaar. His face strained as he struggled to keep his legs bent and back straight as to maintain the appearance of a human under a cloak. It's not as convincing as it should be. Even though he was bending over, he still towered over the people. The cloak itself is actually very thin, but his bulky appearance makes it appear as though he were wearing multiple cloaks at once. He wore multiple scarves to cover up his face, only revealing a bit of his left eye. The most annoying part was hiding his tail.

    He walked behind Anya, strolling through the prison called a bazaar. Cages left and right, up and down, filled with creatures of all sizes. Caws and shrieks came frome the bird-like beasts, snarls and growls from the more predatorial ones. Some were having fits, attempting to bash their cages open. Others were more resigned to their fate, sitting sullenly in the corners of their cages. Anya had stopped at a relativel small cage. They were in a section where the more rare beasts were kept. Peering over her shoulder, he saw a small white fox. Anya told the creature that she would free it, but not now. He wonderd when, since the bazaar was filled with people.

    He tapped Anya on the shoulder, kneeling down on one knee to talk to her face to face. "Mistress," he muttered, trying to sound as quiet as possible so as to not let the others hear his voice. "When shall we commence? Mortals are almost everywhere. And for a rare fox like that I believe it shan't be left undefended."
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  4. Fiara was scared as she saw all the sellers and buyers around her, hearing the sounds of other caged beasts. But she didnt show it she stood in her medium sized cage her feet shackled and chained to the steel floor. Her blue eyes fiery looking out at the people and beasts defiantly, wearing only a simple linen dress that was ragged and dirty. There was a fresh bruise on her left cheek under her eye from her seller's nasty temper. As of now she was suppose to be transformed into her dragon form, but out of defiance and anger she remained in her human form rubbing her small arms trying to cast off the chill in the air.

    Glimpsing a cloaked woman and what seemed like a giant cloaked man talking to the white fox she tilts her head slightly curious of them. Most likely just buyers inspecting the "goods".
  5. Wyld couldn't help but notice the cage with the white fox, PITIFUL ANIMAL, thought Wyld, and damn, that was a crazy price. He saw the two cloaked figures, one obviously a female, the other a large being that was hard to determine, large enough to rival a Cyclops in combat. These people were clearly together in one way or another, and their cloaks were either out of shame or anonymity, and perhaps for concealment of stolen goods. Wyld walked off, he would keep an eye on them.

    Wyld returned to his fellow goblins "Are the preparations ready?" he said in the softest voice he could make. "Yes sir" an underling said to him in a squeaky voice. "Excellent, ahem, EVERYONE MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, FOR YOUR EXERSISE PURPOSES AS WELL AS FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT WE ARE GOING TO SHOW YOU ALL THAT OUR FINE SPECIMENS HAVE TO OFFER!" Wyld yelled to the crowd that slowly gathered. A very large cage was set up surrounded by magical barriers, it was an arena. The goblins brought into the arena a Centaur and a Minotaur which were given only sticks to fight with. Using a hot iron bar, the goblins "inspired" them to fight.
  6. Kartherion was sleeping in his stall at the bazaar, his wares always sold fast. He only sold dragons and dragon eggs and they were usually in high demand around the bazaar. With nothing left to sell, all he needed to wait for now were certain merchants with maps, until then he liked to nap on the coins. He would have stayed sleeping until a rather large fat man walked up to his tent. He sniffed the air, this man was new to the bazaar and he was loaded with gold. "Ahhh yes this dragon will do nicely, don't you think so Gerard. That man was so nice to point us towards a tent that specializes in dragons, I mean look at him, I've never seen anything like him." said the fat man. Kartherion wasn't one to let someone insult him without any action taken against them. He quickly stood up and walked over to the man and said "I am no pet" before quickly breaking the man's neck. After disposing of the man's body and dealing with the assistant, he quickly added the gold to his pile. He was about to take a nap before he heard shouting coming from the Bazaar.

    He decided that this would be a good way to kill time before the people he was looking for showed up. He hid his gold and quickly walked towards the large crowd. It was a crudely built arena being used by goblins to show off their new catch, it wasn't entertaining but it was something to do. He quickly walked past most of the spectators and sat down next to the arena.
  7. Harbinger's eye twitched and glowed a brighter red as he sensed a disturbance nearby. A goblin had been shouting over a makeshift arena, showcasing his new beasts. Not only that goblin. More. A lot more. Wolves as well. Then he saw a dragon enter the crowd of spectators. He sensed something odd, as of though it were demonic or had a trace of demon in it.

    The two creatures in the arena threw Harbinger off his train of thought. The centaur charged first, raising it's blade to strke at the minotaur. The minotaur sidestepped to the left, raising and bending his leg and kicked the centaur as it charged past him. The centaur crashed into the wall, leaving a dent in the cobble. It got to its legs, and prepared to charge again. The minotaur tried to sidestep again, but the centaur tripped it with its blade. The centaur raised its sword to strike, but the minotaur parried in time.

    Harbinger looked away. Filth everywhere. He loathed not the ones who pitted the creatures there, but those who looked on. Those who wanted others to fight to give them entertainment. They were the true filth. His halberd was starting to materialize, a shadow forming the shaft halfway until he calmed down. He drew his weapon back, but was prepared to call it if need be.

    He looked to his mistress. "Speak but a word, and I shall carry out thy will and send these heathens to Hell!"
  8. Fiara cringed and sat down in her cage as she heard the arena games start, hearing shouting, fighting, and cries of pain she hated it. Wishing the fighting would stop she curls up her knees against her chest laying her chin on top of them, pressing her hands against her ears trying to block out the noise. I hate this place.....
  9. Anya had heard the commotion going on, and her fists had clenched. It was hard for her to just stand and watch. Without the proper amount of the Defenders, they could not do anything to prevent anything. It was only them who were there at the moment, and their number was too little against the rest of these sellers, especially if they didn't know what some of the sellers were capable of doing. What they were doing was wrong. When Harbinger spoke, she placed her hand on his arm.

    "No, now is not the time," she whispered to him, as much as she didn't want to say that. "We need to wait until the moment is right."

    The white fox growled in her cage as she watched what she could see. "How is there amusement in this? Ruthless creatures," she spoke, against all that was happening in the arena. "If only I can sink my fangs into every seller's throats."

    Anya looked at the fox in question, and soon gave her a smirk. "Well, I am glad that you agree."
  10. The Arena was not just for show. After a few minutes, some goblins started taking bets from the crowd, others started snatching coin purses from the highly distracted individuals. Even if they didn't make a sale, they raked in the cash.

    Wyld looked over the crowd from the top of a cage and saw the hooded figures, he saw the frustration in the female, now he was sure that these were not buyers but likely defender scouts.
  11. Harbinger gave a quick nod, the glow of his showing eye lessening a bit. He would wait. Such was the nature of demons. In fact, they would literally wait lifetimes to reap a soul that was owed. Nevertheless, he half-drew his halberd, preparing for his Mistress' command.

    He turned his attention back to the crowd and the goblin pack. Bets were being made, and money was stolen from the mindless attendees. Harbinger scoffed. Then, as he scanned the goblins, his eyes met with what appeared to be their leader. He could tell that the goblin suspected them. The time was nearing. Raising his back upwards, he revealed more of his true size. Now he stood nearly at the height of the stall roofs.

    Just as the minotaur and centaur had nearly finished their battle, Harbinger spoke once more to Anya. "Mistress, I believe we've been spotted. I suggest that we take action now. What will you have us do? Shall I call the other Defenders to our position?"
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