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  1. [​IMG]

    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Princess
    Birthplace: Kalina, Capital of Thanous


    Magical Abilities:
    • Unknown:
    Ilesha has a strange ability to make strange magical trails in the air and sometimes certain shapes stay after being written. She still isn't sure what sort of magic it is though.


    Current Goal / Purpose: To find her place in the world and perhaps reason with her father about magic.

    Skills (Non-Magical):
    • Writing: Having spent her whole life inside the safety of walls and being tutored, she has excellent penmanship that is both elegant and legible.
    • Reading: Her reading comprehension surpasses most of her peers, being able to almost remember what she read word to word.
    • Quick Learner: Despite many lacking talents outside of the courtroom, Ilesha is a very quick learner, able to understand and reason through new things quickly.
    • Lore: Ilesha's time spent in the library has taught her quite a bit of lore of the outside world, even though she has not experienced it. This can easily rival some of the most experienced adventurers or wizards due to the sheer time she spends reading.

    Inabilities (Things she's not good at):
    • Martial Combat: Ilesha has never been trained in the arts of combat, but instead grew up trying to learn the manners of the court and being a 'proper' lady.
    Dealing with Negative Emotions: She has always shyed away from others when they have been mad or upset and has trouble dealing with them, even with herself. She is just as likely to say the right thing as she is to say something to make it worse - but she tries.
    • Survival Skills: Having lived most of her life inside the castle, her ability to survive in the woods or wilds along is poor and it'll be a surprise if she can last more than a few days.

    • Being Alone: A very true fear for this princess is the fact that she may never find love. Not only that, but even being without a family or friends at all - so much so that she can have nightmares about being on her deathbed with no one there to see her passing.
    • Insects: Though not as griping as her other fear, she does hate insects except for cute ones, like butterflies.

    General Personality: Outwardly, Ilesha is a friendly and sweet woman, though it's not hard to tell she is more of an introvert (for those able to recognize them). It's also not that hard to tell she is not traditional princess material - not because she isn't feminine enough (which she can be very girly) or because she doesn't like dresses or skirts, but rather because her interest in royal politics is lacking compared to most nobles. Instead, she is a bit more interested in books and holding herself inside a library with all sorts of strange lore. Other than this, she tends to be a bit of a smart-ass with those she's comfortable with ... however anything more personal, tends to stay personal.

    Inner Personality: For those that prove to her that they actually care about her and aren't just being friendly because she's the princess, get the chance to learn more about her secrets, fears, and passions. She is a true romantic and cannot express how much she wants to be in love, though it's not just to be in love but to have someone that cares about her that much. Also, even if just close friends, they can learn that she is a true submissive and hopes to find someone who can take charge, take care of her, and someone she can support.

    She can also be very endearing and loving to those close to her, no matter the relationship and is a bit selfless in trying to make their life easier for showing how they care for her - Ilesha is a true sweetheart. She is also more confident than people sometimes realize, though some people can see this through her introverted & passive nature.

    Secret: Not something she normally shares with others, but she does have particular fantasies about the bedroom and a certain type of dynamic that she hopes to explore, if she ever finds the right woman (which oddly, is less of a secret).


    Ilesha was born the day her mother died and the day that magic was banned from the kingdom. Only a few know of the reason why her father instated such a drastic policy, but his own daughter never even knew why. She grew up around being pampered like any princess, with dresses, perfumes, chocolates, jewelry, but with it came the other things she quickly found a distaste for. Unlike most of mankind, she was disinterested in politics - the bribes, the blackmailing, the backstabbing, the betrayal - or at least that's how she saw it, even if the more pure lords and ladies saw it as a means of saving their people from hate and fear.

    She also grew up surrounded by magic-haters, but with her father so busy trying to punish those who practiced it and in talks with the neighboring kingdom to stop war from happening, it left the young woman to ponder her own thoughts and views of the situation without influence. Though she felt like she was neither side and instead spent every waking moment she could, including sneaking out of lessons, in the library and with her nose inside a book.

    Fate though, seemed to have a sense of irony. On the day of her twenty-fifth birthday, holed up in her room with a servant-maid of hers that she had began to grow close to, a spark flew from her fingertips in the form of magic. It left the servant girl in fear, knowing the king's stance on such things and as soon as she nervously excused herself, Ilesha knew of no other course other than to run. She couldn't be sure her father would spare her, for his hate was so strong that he hadn't forgiven a single soul for using magic in his kingdom.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Veronica 'Mantheniel' Lockhart
    Age: 25
    Race: Human Hybrid (1/2 Elf)
    Occupation: Ex-Knight turned Mercenary
    Birthplace: The Forest of Alduhan

    Mental Characteristics
    Current goal/Purpose: Competing for her rightful place among the leaders of the Mercenary guild while taking on whatever missions the others find suicidal or impossible

    Magical skills
    Eyes of Ancients- Some say that this was a useless trait while others found it majestic and revered those who had the eyes. The iris's changing color depending on the emotion or situation always placed their intentions on display. The Alduhan bloodline had this trait an since they were considered the most noble and benevolent, so became the ruling faction. In those days the eyes were a regular thing within their bloodline as long as their was a union of a male carrying the trait and a female elf. Never before have the eyes been passed on through the union of an elf and human, let alone to a female. Some believe the color change to be a simple trick while some see some deeper meaning behind it, no one truly knowing the power but the owner, who is obligated to pass on that knowledge to their heir should they also come to obtain these eyes.

    Skills (non-magical):
    Sword Play-Extremely efficient with a blade of any kind, heightened senses, quick reflexes, agile, and a slightly more durable frame than one might think for one her size.
    Survival- Being a half elf and growing up among them for several years in Alduhan, she had to fend for herself for herself. Elves are indeed a noble people but they tend to look down on those that are not pure bloods in their mist, so although she was taught and learned among the others she was always the outcast and fought daily for her place among the others.
    Language: Within the scholastic discipline of the Elves, she is well versed in just about every language there is of every creature in the land, though honestly she slacked off in a few areas, having more of an affinity for the lost and ancient languages.

    Inabilities: Cooking- she just really never got a handle on it, finding it extremely tedious and unable to hold her interest
    Using a filter- Being looked down on by her won people and even others of other races had put a pretty big chip on her shoulder, and with that chip came the inability to use a filter when she talks to people. That isn't to say that she doesn't know when and when not to say something, but rather that she is more likely to say what's on her mind than hold back for the sake of decency or other people's feelings.
    Fears: Not being accepted, Failure to live up to her family name, bringing shame to her father's and mother's memory, and never being allowed back into her people's home.
    General Personality: She is determined and has a talent for getting under other people's skin.
    Inner Personality: She's a fighter. She feels that mostly everyone is against her and has an undying will to prove herself. She feels persecuted by all those who know of her family's past and the stories spread, and refuses to stop until she is recognized for more than what they believe to be true.
    Historic Background:

    Alduhan Forest had been established long ago by two Royal Families, the Alduhans and the Kaldauros. Peace was kept throughout their expansive kingdom because long ago they had a set number of rules that they adhered to; An Alduhan must wed a Kaldauros, no human interaction or interference, and to do what was best of their people. The Alduhans held the most power of the two families because of their unique trait and a few other hidden powers, and it had always remained this way. That was until the current ruler, Veronica's father, fell in love with a human who had found herself turned around in their woods. He often would leave the safety of their walls to roam the woods to lear his thoughts or simply to wander, and that's when he spied her.

    Veronica's birth seemed to be the fracturing point within Alduhan, and for the first 10 years of her life she spent them with her mother among humans. Her mother understood the circumstances and explained them as best she could to her daughter. On her 10th birthday, she was taken back to Alduhan by her father to learn the ways of her people. Her curriculum, as the sole heir of Alduhan was rigorous and extremely challenging, and even at a young age she was able to tell that many outside of her family wished to see her falter.

    By age 18, she had joined the Knights of Alduhan and risen to the station of Captain, controlling her own small group of Knights, Freya Kaldauros among them. Freya had always admired Veronica, always referring to her by Mantheniel. Freya was gorgeous and Veronica found herself strangely drawn to the girl, her eyes giving away her mixed emotions from time to time. All of these happenings that seemed to stray from the normal course of events that were usually followed did not bode well with the Head of House Kaldauros, and he saw all of these peculiarities as a sign that the long reign of the House of Alduhan had reached its end.

    The fracture that had occurred at her birth had now become a canyon, and the two families and their loyalists were at each other's neck. Veronica's father remained diplomatic throughout the fued, trying to keep them all united, but it would seem that his soft approach only further angered the Kaldauros household. Veronica's father told her that she needed to leave and go to her mother's side and keep watch over her until he managed to straighten things out, and believing in her father she followed his instructions.

    It wasn't too long after she had left that a group of Kaldauros Knights attacked her and her mother while they tried to make their way through the forest to see her father. They hadn't heard word from him for a long time and had become worried. Veronica fought valiantly against their attackers, but there simply too many to defend them both against. She had been severely wounded and her mother had suffered a fatal wound, and as her mother lay before her, the Head of Kaldauros made an appearance. He explained the fate that had befell her father, the one to soon befall her mother, and threatened that if she did not give over the Sword of Alduhan that she too would meet a similar fate. With no knowledge of the sword or its location, Veronica was banished from Alduhan Forest never to return under penalty of death.

    The next 2 years she spent traveling around, taking on odd jobs wherever she could, and that's how she ran into the mercenary guild known as the Dragon's Spire. Most of the group greeted her with open arms, but the leaders seemed to disapprove of her. She spent the next 3 years slowly gaining their respect and finding a place for herself among them. She knows that they keep her around for motives of their own, but because they helped her and respect her she feels that she has found a place she can call home. Her relationship is different with each leader of the guild, but none of the truly catch her eye. The leader, Duragon, is the only one she truly finds amusing, but that's because he seems to have taken quite the fancy to her. He'll drop by her place just to talk to her or simply to get away from the others, which only seems to spark their animosity, which reflects itself in her training sessions with them. Veronica has gained a whole new skill set by being with them and at some point she plans to go back to Alduhan Forest and face down those that robbed her of that which was most precious to her.
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    Plot Info

    Synopsis of Chapters
    • Chapter I (Coming of Age):

    Kingdom of Thanous
    General Info
    Kingdom of Thanous is much like the other kingdoms, nestled into the foot of the mountains, making it very easy to defend - if a bit colder than another kingdoms. The biggest note that separates it from the others is it's banishment of magic, per his Majesty's decree when his daughter was born. Ever since then, the entire culture of the kingdom has been driven from magic and indulged more into steamworks from the dwarven neighbors.

    They also enlist two specialty sections of the army aside from his Majesty's Knight Commanders, cavalry, and foot soldiers - the Berserkers and Templars. Both specialty divisions serve as anti-magic squads, while the Berserkers are the brute task force and the Templars are akin to highly specialized knights. To encounter any of these members are only dwarfed by the power and skill of the Knight Commanders themselves.

    His Majesty, King Forar
    Ever since the queen died, for unknown reasons among the subjects, his Majesty decreed that all magic was to be outlawed. In fact the only magic he ever allowed to be practiced was the enchant-smithing to outfit his Templars in anti-magic arms. If it were for his hatred of magic, most would actually call him a caring and fair king, but his hatred often blinds him to his people than not. Still, he does care for his people.

    Her Majesty, Queen Forar
    The late queen died giving birth to her Highness, Princess Ilesha Forar. That was more than twenty years ago, but stories still circulate of her grace and kindness, of her warm heart and strong confidence. She was said to keep the King in check more times than one could count, but the two worked amazingly together.
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  4. [[Banner Placeholder]]

    Kingdom of Caorwen
    The Kingdom of Carowen is an ambitious one, much like it's neighbors, securely built into the foothills of a great mountain. This positioning giving potential enemies one way to attack and leaving them quite exposed to the Kingdom's defensive measures.

    The Carowen Kingodm is one that admires magic and encourages the use of magic, albeit on a regulated scale. Practitioners of magic are either entertainers or, depending on their history, are "drafted" into the King's army. The armies defense squad is largely comprised of magicians, who've been well versed in the use of magic with less than a handful of Master Wizards in the ranks to keep the others in check. The most interesting portion of the kingdom's fighting force is their order of Dark Magicians, comprised of some of the kingdom's and realm's less fortunate and undesirables who others may find a bit too rough around the edges. The kingdom of Carowen may seem to have a lax view when it comes to the past of their military personnel, but the kingdom has been ruled with an iron fist when it came to the realization of how useful and powerful the integration of magic could be. A few tough examples of the King's power was all that was needed to keep the magic users in check and in line with the kingdom's goals and the King's ambitions.

    -King Placeholder-
    King Hygril III is an ambitious King who seeks to expand his empire. He has had his eyes set on taking down the kingdom of Thanous and taking everything they have to offer for himself. He finds the King's rule there weak, as he has chosen to reject magic while Hygril doesn't. He has heard rumor that the King there has a Berserker army, but he finds the claim absurd, as it would be hard to maintain such a force and figures it to be a bluff. His advisors assure him that he can take the kingdom, and he has become consumed with the idea. Magic isn't to shunned to neglected, but rejoiced and helped to grow.

    -Queen Placeholder-
    The Queen has been by her husband's side, supporting him in every endeavor that he has undertaken. Although that has been true, she finds herself a bit reserved when it comes to the plan to attack the kingdom of Thanous. She has her suspicions that the noble and gentle man that she fell on love with has Ben hexed or somehow possessed by a dark magic, and that he is unaware of this. She has no proof of this yet but suspects that his "advisors" are behind her husbands mental changes and his new wild ambitions and goals. She will remain by her husbands side in an effort to uncover the truth and hopefully bring back the man she had fallen for from whatever darkness it is that has descended upon his heart and mind.

    -Mercenary Guild Name Placeholder- (The Dragon's Spire)

    A very well known Mercenary guild that borders on being too good to be allowed to freely roam. They have birthed some of the finest and most deadly of swordsmen the lands have seen, but of course some believe the stories to be embellished, which is why no action has yet been taken against the guild. There are 4 branches within the Dragon's Spire. The Tail, The Fang, The Claw, and the leader is known as The Head. The Tail faction is lowest rank members while the Fang is the highest.

    Leader [​IMG]
    Name: Duragon
    Age: 29
    Race: Human (1/4 Dragon)

    [​IMG] Leaders of the Tail (Right) Claw (Left) Fang (Center)
    (Left) Name: Orion Age: 30 Race: Human
    (Center) Name: Verrik Age: 27 Race: Human hybrid
    (Right) Name: Lance Age: 25 Race: Human (1/4 Berserker)
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  5. Wow, so cooooool! The only thing I'm curious is, what is a Berserker race? haha... but I like it!

    Now we need to figure out a few things to write the general plot. Since Veronica is an ex-Knight, does that mean she'll be outside the kingdom? And if so, it might be best if we start with Ilesha already being outed for her magic. Another question, is your kingdom against magic too or are we only talking about Thanous right now?

    P.S. - Going to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow! (Also added a magical section for the CS, if your girl has any. ^_- )
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  6. The berserker race are normall beasts that get stronger the more damage they take and the angrier they get. They're beasts that are born and bred for fighting with a seemingly unquenchable bloodlust, which is why they were nearly hunted to extinction. Those that do exist have either been tamed, raised up an owner from an early age and are subservient to their master, or are hybrids in which case when under duress they go into a "blood rage" calling upon their berserker blood and gaining immense strength and brutality while losing their ability to feel and register pain. Depending on how much blood they have the more control they have over their "blood rage", and being 1/4, Lance is capable of a great deal of control as long as he keeps his temper in check while in berserker mode.

    I will be also calling it a night. I'll add more when I wake :)
  7. Berserkers are beasts? Like monsters or more akin to monster-like humanoids? Just curious how the breeding with humans would work, lol... but yeah, look forward to you helping me figure out some of the plot questions I posed!
  8. Monster like humanoids. They have the ability to remain in a human like state if they choose, which would obviously have some details that show that they're not entirely human or, depending on if they are in fact 100% berserker, they would simply retain their humanoid like appearance.

    Sorry for such a late response. I woke up sick
  9. That's okay. I hope you feel better soon! *Hug* I'll be patient about the plot questions then. :)
  10. No. keep asking, I'm powering through :)
  11. Oh, this is a quote of questions you must've missed, lol...

    "Now we need to figure out a few things to write the general plot. Since Veronica is an ex-Knight, does that mean she'll be outside the kingdom? And if so, it might be best if we start with Ilesha already being outed for her magic. Another question, is your kingdom against magic too or are we only talking about Thanous right now?"
  12. Outside the kingdom would work great, and yes because she's an ex-knight she's already outside the kingdom and actually a member of the Dragon's Spire mercenary group. The other Kingdom ins't against magic though, as long as those who posses it use it to further the cause of the king and don't abuse their power on others. They are weary of those that use magic but have taken necessary steps to ensure that those with magic know the stakes of misusing their magic
  13. Ok, so in that case... what could Thanous use against the other kingdom as an advantage? ... maybe special warriors that are somehow trained in anti-magic (something they wouldn't consider to be magic, even though it kind of is)? Are there any other things you think should be fleshed?
  14. They could have an Army of Berserkers, or have a troop of Dark magicians or something to that effect. The Dark Magician's powers would be able to negate the magic of other magic users while also being able to overpower anything they use. Or both. A squad to negate magic users, dark magicians, and a strong force to suppress and crush the enemy, the berserkers.
  15. What would berserkers look like? Since you describe them as a humanoid-type beast. :p But yeah... I like the idea of Anti-Magic warriors and Berserkers... but Dark Magi wouldn't fit a kingdom that shuns magic. xD
  16. [​IMG]
    So a Beserker would resemble what the photos in the back look look like. The fact that they can retain a more human form means that they are of a higher caliber than those that may only remain in beast form. I would say that Berserkers are naturally immune to magic due to it being a great part of their being.

    Now about the anti-magic battalion....How about something like special weapons and armor forged for them by the Elves of Alduhan Forest, which is the birth place of my character. That way I can tie in her parent's death to have to do with a conflict that arose between the two. I'm thinking like something along the lines of Vernonica's father use to be the ruler of the Elves and his brother or subordinate made a back deal with the king to supply him with weapons and armor that was capable of overcoming/nullifying any and all magical attacks. Obviously her father would take issue with that since Magic is a has its place among his people, and eventually an internal conflict among the Elves arises. This eventually leads to the death of her father and the murder of her mother, the details of how everything went down would obviously be fabricated by those involved to smear the good name of her father and mother. With them out of the picture then she would be banished from her people and deemed a Banished One, which basically means she no longer has any right to call herself one of them or be associated with them and is likely to be killed on sight if she is ever to return. How does all that sound?

    Sorry I was gone for so long :( this sickness is beating me down hard :'(
  17. No, I like it! I'll put the info up for the two military sections of the Thanous army. ^^ I like it a lot... and also, no biggie. I got another RP distracting me, haha.
  18. Hey - heading out for South Korea tomorrow, so may not get to this for a few days. I might try though since my layovers are so long, but who knows. ^.^
  19. South Korea!?! That's awesome! Have a safe trip :D. I've updated my info the only thing left I think is to give Ms Lockhart a secret. If you have any other questions tho, please let me know. Ps- Happy New Year in case you're reading this after the fact, and if not...well...I still wish you one when the appropriate time does in fact arrive :P
  20. So do we have anything else we need to hash out or smooth over or are we basically ready to go!?!
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