Mystic Views Reveals More Then She Thought (MxF)

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Name: Melody Schafler
Age: 17
Mini Bio: She lives with her Single Mother a small house. Her Father passed away when she was 2 yrs old. She was home school, until she turned 10. Her Mother moved them to the small town of North Dakota, called Mystic View. Melody has been here for a yr so far, and has enjoyed it. But Mystic View has many stories about it. Not all end well or can even be thought to have even happened.....

~~I am looking for a Male to play the main Role of the Love Interest of my Character. You can make him as you wish and how you want too. Just take in mind, they are Jrs. in High School. I am looking for a Exciting, crazy, fun and mysterious partner. Who has a imagination :)~~

"Just a little closer." She thought. "Almost there, few inches more..." Then it was gone, just as fast as it came. She shot up out of bed, hearing something fall to the floor, only to smacking her face in to something. "Ouch! What was that?" Opening her eyes, to see a funny face looking back to her. "Oh Man! Mom! What gives? What are you doing in my room, hovered over me like that?" Melody's Mom laughed. "Well you were talking in your sleep. So I got closer to you to see what it is that you were dreaming about, then before I knew it, we smacked heads." Both of them still rubbing their heads. "So...Melody, going to tell me who or what the dream was about?" Melody looked to her Mother. "No! You will just make fun of me again and laugh like you did last time I told you about a dream I had." Her Mother shakes head rather fast, as she begged. "Oh! Come on! I promise I won't...I will even pinky promise you if that will make you feel any better?" Melody sighed, knowing that she would have to tell her sooner or later. "Alright fine, I will tell you." Her Mother squealed with excitement. "Well you know the new guy in school, the one who is in my History class?" Her Mother nods. "Oh the one that Stacy Padgett thinks she is taken to homecoming, that guy?" Melody nods. "Yeah. Him. Anyways. We have been assigned partners for Mr. Carpenter's huge project on WWII. The only problem is that he never talks to me. He does part of our project, but never talks." Her Mother sighs." Oh Mel. What does that got to do with the dream you were having?" Melody looks to her. "Well I was dreaming about him. He was just about to kiss me, then you had to go and be a butt and drop something...Wait, what did you drop by the way?" Her Mother looks to her. "My Cell phone, I mean you scared me with all that talking you were doing." Sighing as she glared at her. "Oh Gee, Thanks a loth Mom!" Her Mother giggles. "I know, I know. I couldn't help it. I was very funny. I mean can you blame me? You've got like the most awesomeness facial expressions!" Melody rolls her eyes at her. Her other leaves her room, then calls up from downstairs. "Breakfast!" After everyone was done eating with the kitchen being cleaned,Melody thought of what to do. "Wait! I know. Since Fall Formal is coming up, how about we go get me a dress from the mall?" asked Melody to her Mother. "Yeah! I think we should. Better to go get them now, before all the good ones are gone." And with that, Mrs. Schafler grabbed her things and they left for the mall.

~~If you find this something you could get into, then please make a post. We can take it to prvt messages if you wish as well.~~