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Mystery of the Unknown

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PecanScotch, Oct 11, 2014.

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  1. A mythical male that only the highest priest could ever talk about was trotting along with his horse. His horse was a massive black stallion with golden hooves and mane and tail. Is eyes glowing red color. Death was his name a name so feared everyone feared him more then gods wrath. he smiles seeing the girl stuggle but feeling like giving her a second chance in life he flashed over in a second as a monster raised its hand to kill her but his sword took its arm off and tore through its neck and into his other fellow friends. all three monsters died and dropped.

    The unknown knight walked back to his horse and galloped off . his eyes flashed a pure blue color one color that was more then the sky itself. His cloak kept him well hidden and the horse left not a single hoof print behind. But he left a small black golden liquid vile behind labled Drink it it will heal your wounds. But the man was gone whoever he was but his arua around him was mote then that of a man.​
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  2. Even as she fought off the monsters around her with the strength of one who must survive, she was faltering and it was in that moment, when all seemed lost and the great yawning emptiness of Death faced her in the eye, that a shadow blurred in front of her eyes and she was alone once more, many slain monsters around her in a massacre.

    "What just happened? Who has such a power as this?" She spotted the golden liquid and despite her instincts, downed it quickly and sighed as she felt her painful injuries begin to heal and the ache faded with a blissful softness taking it's place. It was too strange, being left here in this situation and she ran to the monsters, quickly taking whatever she could sell and packing it away, before jumping onto Yana and bolting after the direction she thought the shadowed man had gone.

    "Wait, why did you save me?!" She was only yelling into thin air but she hoped he could hear her.
  3. The black horse and his rider had seemed to have vanished in to the shadows of the world of the forest but she would come across a town. A good size town with a stable and shops and an Inn. But everything else was normal the rider and his horse along with his massive wolf where gone completely into the world of the shadows. She might be able to find some clues to her mysterouis man if she looked around hard enough in that town, but a great mystery lies in that town,a mystery that humans dared not speak of.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.