Mystery of the trainers(private)

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  1. Here Ya go.

    Black was walking, his snivey at his side. "Can we believe we got this far, we are so going to win against this gym," he said getting a purring like sound from his pokemon as she rubbed her head against his leg.
  2. [​IMG] Ghost , Shadow claw, fire fang, dragon rage and curse. can be friendly and N first pokemon level 15

    [​IMG] Lash, quick to judge, friendly and a deep love for everyone. Level 16 Moves : stomp, flame wheel, wild charge and tail whip.

    N used this time to to a dare mingle with humans, he didn't like humans and how some treated their pokemon some times. he smiles as his Zoura, Ghost and his Pontya named Lash. He smiles as he took them on a walk around the park smiling watched the two of them play around and enjoy their time together and him as he rolled around happily on the ground with them. He kept close to them making sure no trainer tried to hurt them as he was a deep connection with his young pokemon and wasn't about to let them get hurt.
  3. [​IMG]
    Serpentine, vine whip, leaf storm, scratch, and swift. First pokemon and level 13.
    Tweeters, wing attack, twister, peck, charm, level 12.

    "Hey," Black said as his pidove stole his hat, he ran after the bird pokemon snivy or serpentine following him. He laughed as he caught the bird tripping and rolling down a hill messing up his brown hair. Serpentine jumped on him making him laugh harder as he took his hat from the bird, he fixed his hair and put the hat back on.
  4. N sat under a shady tree and watched lash run around with ghost and closed his eyes to relax. Ghost shifted its form into a snivy and chuckled as Lash snorted and chased him around throwing some fireballs.
  5. Serpentine and Tweeters ran over the other pokemon, they played along with them as black watched sitting in the grass. He laid back, "I guess a brake sounds good" Black thought out loud.
  6. Ghost looed at the other pokemon and eyes glowed as he took the form of tweeter and flapped his wings slightly. The Ponya snorted a laughter and said to the other pokemon I'm lash and that's my friend Ghost. Who are you guys ?
  7. I'm serpentine and this is my friend Tweeters, Serpentine said smiling her tail swished. Tweeters flapped his wings and flew around Ghost.
  8. Nice to meet you The pontya said smiling and watched ghost fly arund and flew back to N and sat on his head and N chuckled gently . The pontya smiles gently So you guys wild pokemon or do you have a trainer ?
  9. Serpentine nodded quickly, yes we have a trainer, she said her eyes bright. Tweeters landed on Black's head and stealing his hat again, Black jumped up "hey Tweeters give me back my hat," he said smiling and chasing the bird.
  10. The pontya smiles fondly Thats good. my trainer doesn't like it when other trainers are mean to their pokemon it breaks his heart. so he wants to free abused pokemon It stated slowly and watched the bird pokemon and smiles slightly. Ghost sat in N's lap and yawned gently going to sleep in the shade.
  11. That's understandable, Serpentine said nodding. "Got ya," Black called as he held the pidove to his chest taking his hat from him. He placed the hat on his head and let his pokemon go.
  12. Yeah, i didn't come froma loving home neither did lash, N our trainer kept us safe and got us better treatement said happily and snorted happily and then yawned and then trotted to his trainer and smiles gently and laid down next to him and looked at the snivy smiling.
  13. The Snivy walked over, She glanced at her trainer who was busy playing with the bird. She walked closer cautiously her tail lashing slowly.
  14. N looked over slowly at the Snivy and smiles gently Well hello, I am N the trainer that helps keep pokemon safe
  15. Serpentine stepped closer, she sniffed N. He tail wagged quickly as she took a few more steps closer. "Serpentine where are you?" Black called, the grass type turned and looked at her trainer she called to him. Black walked over, he picked his pokemon up "Serpentine don't wander off like that, I get worried," Black said. Serpentine made a cooing sound and hugged Black, he laughed lightly.
  16. N smiles seeing a trainer and his pokemon getting along "good to see some trainer getting close to their pokemon' smiles to himself
  17. Tweeters flew over and landed on Black's head. He flew off taking Black's hat with him, he flew over and snatched N's hat as well. He flew around holding both hats out of reach, "oh um sorry about that Tweeters loves hats," he said watching the pidove.
  18. N grinend gently and stood up slowly and Zoura ran up his shoulders and turned into tweeters and flapped his wings and tries to get N hat back hanging upside down on the hat. N laughed "ghost" he said laughing gently.
  19. Tweeters gave an annoyed sound to Ghost when she took N's hat. Tweeters let off a surprised sound when Serpentine shot through the bushes and grabbed Black's hat. Black laughed putting the hat on, "oh by the way what's your name I'm black," he said smiling brightly.
  20. N smiles and put on his hat smiling "My name is N" he smiles gently as he picked up his Zoura that turned back into normal form and grinned gently
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