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  1. ~~ Mystery Inc. Case File: Mystery of the Man-Bat ~~
    Case File By: Dylan Robertson

    Date Filed: June 19th, 2014.

    Case Description: From May 8th to June 15th of this year, multiple disappearances were reported from the isolated town of St. Petersburg. Five Victims total, but three have been found. The three who were returned to the town claim to have been abducted by "a man-sized bat", which is the exact description many other towns residents have reported seeing roaming around in the woods. The town has been disturbed by this same creature many times before, as this isn't the first time its appeared. During the night, people reported hearing terrifying howls/screeches and the beating of giant wings in the sky. It wasn't until recently that the so called "Man-Bat" began to abduct people. Before that, only livestock such as sheep, goats and cows had gone missing. The five people to be kidnapped all have a connection to the creature. Katy Donning[/b[, an paranormal investigative reporter for the Washington Post studying the disappearances of livestock at the hands of the Man-Bat. She was recovered hours after disappearing, found in a cave we believe belongs to the Man-Bat. James Morrison, Katy's right hand man and camera man. He was found in the cave with Katy, but his camera was discovered by an old barn, seemingly smashed to pieces by the Man-Bat. Leslie Jenkins-Worthington, a local widow who was previously married to billionaire Dean Worthington, with a net worth of around 2.1 billion American dollars. She has yet to be found, but we suspect that she is going to be the hardest to locate. Why would a man sized Bat abduct a woman who was insanely wealthy? Thomas Witherspoon, a Priest who went to locate the Man-Bat, believing it to be some kind of demon that needed to be banished to Hell. Thomas went missing on May 9th and was found two days ago. He's recovering from several large gashes that appear to be claw and bite marks. We believe that something attacked him while he was out there, but he hasn't been able to answer questions thanks to the extreme quarantine he's under in the hospital. Jane Yung, a local woman who works as a Veterinarian. She is positive that the Man-Bat used to be a pet of hers, "Mr. Wings", which died after extreme exposure to some kind of radioactive goop that she couldn't identify. Personally, this idea seems absolutely ludicrous and makes no sense, but the evidence supporting this is absolutely impossible to ignore. She was found in her clinic, surrounded by destruction and holding the tiny collar "Mr. Wings" had worn before its death.

    So, what do all these people have in common? They're all connected to the Man-Bat in some way: Two news reporters investigating the creature, a priest wanting to destroy the monster, a financially successful woman who had offered a major award for the capture of the Man-Bat, and a veterinarian who claims she used to own the non-mutated creature for a pet. This, however, can't be more then coincidence. The Man-Bat, or whatever it is, figured out that these people either threatened it, or had some kind of past relationship with it. At first, we were unsure why it kidnapped Jane, but we discovered that she had been involved with the towns "hunt for Man-Bat" from the start, hoping to find and return her beloved pet. This seemed plausible and the evidence began to show that everyone had been on the hunt for the creature. Hopefully, none of us goes missing while we investigate..

    After collecting all our clues and encountering the creature a few times (Scooby still won't stop shaking from the night it tried to make off with Kylie and him), we've narrowed down our search to an abandoned Manor in the forest just outside of town. We think that the Man-Bat is keeping the other two hostages there, but the next step is to search the place. I really don't want to go in there... But I guess I have to. I can't let innocent people be harmed by whatever that thing is, it just isn't right. We're moving in on the 20th of June. If we're lucky, this mystery will wrap up tomorrow and we can make it back to Coolsville High for our graduation ceremony.

    ~~ Case On-Going ~~

    Clues Found:

    • Clumps of "Mubber" stuck to a tree. Mubber is a prosthetic material used by film artists for creating realistic looking props and costumes.

    • A Broken Hang-Glider left in the Man-Bat's cave. We believe that the Man-Bat uses this sort of modified technology to fly around and terrify the townspeople.

    • A shrine dedicated to Dean Worthington located in a supposedly abandoned barn. The shrine depicted Dean for the multi-millionaire he was and seemed to be oriented around his seemingly endless supply of cash. The barn used to belong to a man named Winston Ulysses, who was supposedly in love with Dean's wife.

    • Claw and bite marks left behind on the side of a house. Upon further investigation, we discovered that these marks were caused by nothing more then knives sharpened out to be like claws.

    We're close to cracking the case... But hopefully this thing doesn't turn into another one of those "creep fests".. I don't know if I can cope with Scooby-Doo's continuous nightmares. Its bad enough that Scooby still sleeps with me, but I don't need to keep waking up in the night hearing him scream in terror because a branch hit the Mystery Machine.

    ~~ June 20th, 2014. Westing Manor, St. Petersburg, Oklahoma. ~~



    As the three teens and dog looked up at the hulking structure before them, they remained silent. Everybody in town had warned them that going to Westing Manor was essentially begging to get murdered, as nobody who entered it returned in one piece. In the front row stood Kylie, the unspoken leader of the group. Her outstanding features and blonde hair made her stick out, as did the fact she was holding an umbrella as to not mess up her hair. Beside her, stood Alexis, a red haired girl who was an essential team member, providing the funds to transform the small group into a fully fledged paranormal investigation business. These girls were truly outstanding in their own ways, totally unmoved by the horrific sights generated from the combination of lightning, rain, the old building laying before them, and the myths that a man-sized bat spent most of its time haunting it. Standing behind the two girls, was the backbone of Mystery Incorporated, Dylan and his best pal Scooby-Doo. Surely since they were at the back of the group, both of them were brave enough to conquer their fears and face the dangers that awaited them!

    "Hey, guys?" Dylan asked in a nervous tone, staring up at the building, "Is there anything I could say or do to not make us go into that house? That place is like, über-creepy.". As lightning struck the area beside the manor once again, Dylan let out a sudden grunting noise as the heaving weight of a greyhound was suddenly place upon his arms. "RAAGGGHHHH!!" Scooby-Doo shouted in fear as he leaped into the teenager's arms, shivering as much as an earthquake, "Rease ron't make re ro in rare! Rit's rerrifying!"

    Both the teenage boy and the dog looked at the other group members, silently praying that they could just forget about the mansion, the Man-Bat, and everything else, then just go home. Dylan kind of wanted to go further, but it was Scooby that really held him back. Scooby had a history of being fearful around the paranormal and often needed comforting, meaning Dylan always chose to stay behind and help out his pal if he could. Sure, Dylan got freaked out, but he knew at the end of the day that the "monster" was just another guy in a mask. Scooby on the other hand, was fearful that real monsters did exist. Even after trying to tell him for the several months since Mystery Inc. had started, Scooby wouldn't buy the fact that monsters weren't real. "R'mon ro ruys! Rets get routta here!" Scooby pleaded in a terrified tone, begging once again to avoid the scary part. "Its okay, Scoob... Its just a house. Try to not let it freak you out too much... But seriously guys, can we at least figure out a plan? Maybe by then, the place won't look as creepy to us and Scooby'll be able to go in with us. I really don't want to just leave him out here... Again."
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  2. Alexis sighed and turned towards the shaken duo. She had ventured to wear a hoodie and left her umbrella in the van. Needless to say she was regretting that decision now. Things had been getting more and more exciting as they followed the case and now they stood just outside the house where they believed two other victims were being held captive. How could Scooby possibly chicken out now? She didn't really want to stand outside in the rain planning; in this line of work you gotta think fast! She hugged herself tighter and gave Scooby a pointed look. "Now Scooby, what are you afraid of?" As soon as she asked the question quite a few answers popped into her head. "Well, I don't feel like standing here trying to come up with a plan and we are not going anywhere when there are possibly people being held inside with that freakish Man-Bat guy...thing!"

    "No one will even go near this place, what about the people inside?" She was looking between Dylan and Scooby, trying to work in the guilt or courage, whichever comes first. The way the people had nagged them about going to the house in the first place gave her the feeling that if there were people in there, they'd be in there for a long while. All the people they had met so far made her question their involvement. She didn't believe any of their stories and with the clues they had found so far she was looking forward to seeing any one of them as the culprit. "Scooby, I know you can be as brave as you want to be. Don't you want to be really, really brave for the people that are lost? Don't you want to be brave for their families and stand up for them? You to, right?" Alexis looked from Dylan to Scooby. She gently stroked the Great Dane's muzzle and looked into his dark brown eyes. "Can't you muster up enough courage to go into this spooky looking house and save those people that are probably just as scared as you are, maybe more? Be brave for them, for us Scooby." Usually she would have offered a ScoobySnack or two but she wanted to make the big, scary lug the big, not-so-scary lug she kept imagining him to be.
  3. Kylie sighed. She pulled a pony tail from her wrist and tied her hair back, with the exception of her bangs. She looked at the three engaged in conversation. She had been thinking of some sort of plan before they even got out of the car. By this time in her relationship with the gang, she always needed to figure out a way to get Scooby to follow, or leave him behind with Dylan. She closed her eyes and walked up to Alexis.

    "Scoob, I don't want to leave you out here, because if I do, Dylan will stay with you, and then you'd be sending me and Alexis in by ourselves... Would you really be okay with that? Two innocent, pretty, vulnerable girls with no ways to protect themselves?"

    She was hoping Scoob wouldn't remember that she knew self defense the best, or that Dylan wouldn't open his mouth, and that Alexis would catch on to her game.

    She smiled softly, batting her eyelashes. "I need you to protect us, Scooby!"

    In the back of her head, something told her to turn away, take the entire gang, and just go. Her mind flashed to a few nights ago when they were investigating the Man-Bat.

    It had been Kylie's idea for the group to split up. Dylan and Alexis were setting the trap, and Kylie and Scooby were the bait. Things went smooth, for a while, until the Man-Bat saw through the ruse. He had chased the two up to the trap, but then threw a barrel in his place, setting the trap off. He then grabbed Kylie and flew off. Scooby did is best to get her back, eventually causing the bat to let her go. As she fell, all she remembered seeing was Scooby trying to catch her, and Dylan and Alexis watching in horror. It's black after she hit the ground, but apparently what the others told her was that Scooby was nabbed next.

    She should have known the Man-Bat would've seen the trap, or at least had a back up. That's her job, as the leader.

    "You're my hero, Scoob..." She murmured.
  4. "Ronsters, rats, reepy stuff, pretty ruch ranything involving rary stuff!" Scooby explained in a still very shaking voice. Dylan just rolled his eyes as they spoke about getting him into the manor. "Nothing can willingly make him go into that creepy place. Not even a Scooby Snack.." Dylan calmly explained before Kylie tried to play cute and innocent. What the hell? Dylan thought as she spoke about wanting Scooby to protect the girls. "Kylie, you realize that Scooby isn't the kind of Greyhound t-" the teen began to say before he noticed Scooby suddenly stop shaking in fear. Looking at the dog curiously, Dylan saw he had a look of worry on his droopy face.

    Scooby thought over what she was saying. If Dylan stayed with him, then they couldn't protect the girls... But Scooby had never thought of himself or Dylan as "heroes". Even when they had Thomas, an original member of Mystery Inc. who left due to receiving a football scholarship and not wanting to be involved with the mysteries anymore, Dylan and Scooby hadn't been particularly brave. They had always succeeded in their tasks by accident: plowing into the Snow Ghost by accidentally gluing rocket-powered roller-skates to their feet, knocking over the Marble Goliath monster after they spun out of control on a Craps Table, or even when they crashed a flying washing machine into the Creature from Swamp Turin (how they managed to make a washing machine fly, even they still don't know). "Reah... I guess rats true.." Scooby said with a quiet tone before he swallowed nervously, taking another look at the manor. "R-Rokay.." he nodded, trying to hide his fear, "I'll rive it a shot... R-Ret's ro, Rylan... Rylie, I'll ro in rhere for roo..."

    Dylan was shocked at the words coming out of the Greyhound's mouth. This was absolutely bonkers. Scooby was acting brave? How could this have happened so fast? Whatever it was, Dylan nodded in agreement and said "O-Okay... Take that back... Lets go in, you guys.. Hopefully, things will go perfectly fine."
  5. Alexis shrugged. Well, she had tried. At least they were going inside now. She pondered on being the one to open the door but since she thought that more of a leader's role she stood back to let Kylie inside. It was amusing, nonetheless, that even the thought of people in trouble had not been able to move Scooby. He would be more than just Kylie's hero, he'd be a hero to the family of the hostages they were under the assumption of being inside. Either way, he'd get the credit where it was due and Alexis would get to satiate her curiosity and burning determination to finish this mystery!
  6. Kylie smiled. "Thanks Scooby!" She then turned to the steps that led to the front door. "Alright... Let's do this, gang." She crept up the stairs and pressed herself against the door, pinning her ear to it, listening for any sort of noise. Nothing. "It's safe."

    She opened the door, as it widened, it made a horrendous creaking noise. "Creepy... So many levels." She stepped away. "Scooby...! I'm scared!" She said, feigning the fear, but just enough to trick Scooby and not the others.
  7. Dylan rolled his eyes as Kylie screamed out in fear, begging Scooby to go first. "Oh for Christ's sake.." he groaned as the girl feigned terror once again. Sure, it had convinced Scooby to go inside the manor, but now she was trying to convince him to lead the investigation? There was no way Scooby was gullible enough to go first. "Don't worry Kylie, I'll go first. Come on, Scoob, we've gotta be brave for the girls..." Dylan exclaimed in a very sarcastic, very unenthusiastic voice as he walked forwards. Scooby cautiously followed behind, whimpering quietly as the two of them entered the manor.


    Upon entering the abandoned manor, Dylan and Scooby-Doo were greeted with the familiar terrifying surroundings they were used to. Swallowing nervously, Scooby advanced towards the dust-covered staircase. The scent of rotting wood and dust (indicating a serious lack of lemon Pledge) was the first thing somebody would have noticed upon entering the lobby. Once everyone was inside, the rusty old door hinges were forced forwards by the wind, slamming the door behind them. Dylan took a deep breath, calming his nerves as his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness. Clutching his flashlight tightly, Dylan flipped the switch and turned to the others. "Okay guys, remember: we've got eight minutes worth of battery in these things, tops. So be mindful that you don't waste the battery all at once.." Dylan warned as he gently stoked Scooby's head, trying to calm down the Great Dane. Lightning once again struck outside, allowing the old and rotting wood inside the manor to echo the boom. There were random creaks and moans in the manor as the wind outside blew against the now flimsy structure. "So... What's the plan again? Find the kidnapped people, get out of here, and see if we can find anything more on the Man-Bat?"
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