"Mystery Incorporated: Terror Time" (A Scooby-Doo Horror RP. See inside for Details)

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    ~~ IC Link: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/mystery-incorporated-terror-time-ic.47361/ ~~

    Legends speak of a Chest. A chest of unspeakable evils, containing the spirits of multiple demons who broke through into the mortal world. These demons were after a very unique treasure that would allow them to release the rest of their kin from the pits of Hell and bring about the end of the world: the Apocalypse. In response to this threat, a group of legendary heroes ventured far across the landscape of their world to capture these demons and send them back to the fiery depths of Hell from which they came. Succeeding in their mission, they managed to round up the dangerous creatures and sealed them away in the chest. Once the demons were in the chest, they hid it somewhere far from humanity, in a place where nobody would ever find the chest again. There, it was to lay, watched over by a guardian who made sure it would be undisturbed by mankind, forever..

    Unknown to the heroes, one of the demon's, a powerful being known as "Asakon", had avoided capture and remained free. Asakon did not reveal himself to the heroes, for he knew they would seal him away just like the others. So, he spent the next hundred years hidden away, plotting in secret to release his comrades and finish the job they had started. In this time, all knowledge of the chest, the apocalyptic artifact, and the demons faded from the world. But, whispers of a dark figure roaming the lands, searching forever for an object he desired above anything else began to arise. There were multiple names for the tall, dark, slender figure throughout history of the myth: "The Follower", "Windigo", "The Woodsman in Black", "The Apparition", "The Pale Faced Man", and many more. But as long as Asakon remained free, the chest could not be sealed properly.

    Now, over a century later from when the demons were trapped in the chest, a group of teenage friends just graduating high school, are introduced to the picture. These friends have started a business of their own, investigating paranormal phenomena across America. Most of the creatures, spectres, and demons that they've investigated, however, have turned out to be fakes: men and woman wearing expertly crafted Halloween costumes with the purpose to either scare away groups of people in order to acquire treasure of some kind, or commit crimes from Theft, to First Degree Murder based on past childhood traumatic incidents and fears. One day while investigating into a strange figure seen lurking around in a forest abducting and murdering the townspeople's children, the friends stumble upon an ancient ruin hidden deep underground. They soon come across the legendary chest and accidentally unleash the Demons contained upon the world.

    When the guardian warns them of the consequences for what they've done, they discover that their fate has been tied to something greater then they could have imagined possible. So now, its up to the teenagers, along with their mascot, a very meddlesome greyhound, to find and recapture all of the Demons. This time, however, they must find Asakon and capture him as well, finally ending the struggle that was started so long ago. But time is short, and the Demons are on the hunt for the artifact that would ensure the Apocalypse. With multiple Demons running free, the threat of religious extinction of the mortal world, and the task of saving the world placed upon a group of teenagers, only one question remains:


    So, this idea is pretty straight forwards. We will be playing a group of teenagers (and one dog) who have formed up our own "Mystery Incorporated" to investigate paranormal activity.

    We'll need about 4-5 people who are interested in this before we can properly start. Unlike the source material, we won't be solving mysteries (I know that sucks, but believe me, its hard to RP that out properly). Instead, we'll be focusing on "Cases" sort of like an actual Ghost Hunt. Each case will revolve around one of the Demon's, and will be actually Horror-Based. After all, these aren't guys in costumes we're dealing with anymore, these are real monsters and ghosts. Through the course of the RP, we'll be solving a larger puzzle that concerns Asakon and the origins of the artifact he is desperately trying to find.

    I'll expand more upon this when we get some actual discussion going, but this is real life based. Meaning, characters will die, the Demons will try to kill people, there are satanic rituals going on, the whole shebang. That being said, we'll still pay homage to the show and the things we love about it, but we'd still stay moderately realistic whenever we can.

    So, we'll need about 2-3 main characters to start us off (Including myself) to fill some roles. We can go two different directions with this: we can have roles of the original Gang filled in with OC's that are playing the stereotypes set by the originals. For example, we could fill in the roles of:

    • The Leader
    • The Nerd
    • The Beauty
    • The Hippie/Laid Back One
    • The Dog/Best Friend of the Laid Back One

    I think you get the idea. The other way we can go about this, is by creating original characters that exist with their own skills and abilities, separate from what was already laid out by the source material. (ex. Shaggy and Fred have been replaced with OC's with different traits. The Shaggy OC could be brave rather then fearful, but has no leadership skills, Fred's OC replacement could be a total idiot, but knows when to say certain things and lead the group, ect).

    Either way, this should be a fun experience. Anyways, if you're interested, post below and we'll begin discussing things.
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  2. This actually looks like a lot of fun Sora ^_^ I'm in! Well if we can manage to rustle up some more peeps.
  3. Cool. What kind of character were you thinking of playing? I was gonna control a Shaggy-esk OC and Scooby-Doo
  4. I wanted to control the Velma :D
  5. Cool. Once we have some interest I'll post character sheets.
  6. You know what, I'm up. I call nerd or Pot...Hippy.
  7. Sweet. We don't have a "hippie", but we could definatly have a mix.

    So, officially, we need a Leader and a Beauty. We've already got:

    • Shaggy OC and Scooby (moi)
    • Velma OC (TheImagineer)
    • Either a Shaggy, Velma, or a combo (Kid Jesus)
  8. Yo! Okay, okay... I want in then :I I got a lot of RPs as is but I feel like I'll regret it if I don't jump in this one >..>
    I guess I'll play the Daphne. I'll have to tweak that character quite a bit lol
  9. Sweet! Alright, now all we officially need before we get into the character sheets is a Fred
  10. Question: did we want to use Real Life images or Drawn images for the character sheets? I can go either way, but I want to know what the group consensus is.
  11. I find it weird using other real people's images, but it would probably fit this roleplay better. I say real life.

    Oh yeah! I did have a question xD
    Would it be alright to change the gender of the character? I wasn't necessarily planning to do it but was just curious.
  12. Gender changes are fine with me! I'm thinking of releasing the CS Template and my sheets so you guys can get an idea of what I was thinking.
  13. Cool ^_^
    Nice, looking forward to it.
  14. Here we go ^^

    ~~ Character Sheet Template ~~


    Age: (M.I. Characters, 16-19. They're all graduating high school.)

    Appearance: (image or description. Image tends to work best)

    Personality Traits: (are they scared easily, do they have a high IQ, do they just want to attract boys/girls, DO THEY HATE DOGS?!?! :O)

    Basic Bio: (a paragraph, two paragraphs about what your character has been up to before this point)


    Relationship Status: (yes, just like in the show we're having love drama. Your relationship MUST be a mutual approved thing though, otherwise you'll have to put down "Crushing on ____")

    Other: (any additional information you want goes here. If you don't have anything, put a Scooby-Doo quote here)

    ~~ My Character Sheets for Reference ~~

    Name: Dylan Robertson

    Age: 18

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    But with a little bit of chin hair

    Personality Traits: Comical, Cowardly (only when Monsters prove to be too scary, or he's around girls he likes), Brave (most of the time instead of running, he'll try to stop the monster, but when all else fails, there's no shame in heading for the hills), Friendly, Kind-Hearted, Sweet, Casual, Shy when around people he doesn't know very much/girls he likes, and he is a hopeless romantic.

    He is usually nervous around very attractive girls or girls he likes. Often, he would do very sweet/hopelessly romantic acts to alert them of his feelings, but normally gets turned down. However, it doesn't stop him from doing the same thing again but with more style.

    He's never afraid to be who he is, but sometimes who he really is can be a bit over-bearing. However, he always sticks up for his friends and will try to help them out of any situation (even if he and Scooby just bolted for the exit)

    Basic Bio: Growing up with his mom, life was pretty normal for Dylan. His father went away to fight in the Afghanistan War when Dylan was a baby, but never came back, so his mom had to raise him by herself. During his childhood and well into his current age, Dylan was always a big softie. When he was little, he was kind to the girls he knew and stood up for them when boys picked on them. However, his shyness and awkward nature towards girls often landed him as the "butt" of the jokes the boys made: literately. He was constantly picked on and bullied throughout his younger years and well into his high-school days.

    Dylan was pretty much a loner. His shy nature was always looked at as "weird" and other kids tended to avoid him. He always wished he could have a friend to stay by his side forever and help him overcome his shy nature, but it wasn't until he was 16 that he discovered what he had been looking for. His mother suggested he should get a pet for some kind of companionship and she promised that he could be able to get whatever he wanted from the local Pet Fair. Dylan had nothing to lose from going, so he went to go check it out.

    Unfortunately, he got there very late and all the other pets had been adopted or put away in the truck... Except for one. A large brown Great Dane, covered in large black spots with a blue collar on his neck. The dog was friendly enough and Dylan felt happy to have somebody excited to see him other then his mom, but the biggest surprise came to him when it began to talk. The dog said its name was Scoobert (which he shortened to Scooby) and how it wasn't adopted at the fair that day. It told Dylan how much it wanted to be adopted and get a proper owner, but knew that because of the way he was he would never be happy. Dylan felt sorry for the dog when he heard what had happened to the man who owned the pet store Scooby was kept at and thought that maybe it was fate that they met up.

    As the man came to take Scooby away, Dylan prompted him to let Scooby be adopted and after a long deal, Scooby was officially Dylan's pet. The two were so happy that not only had they discovered joy again, but also were pleased as punch to have a friend. On the way back to Dylan's house, the sun went down and they took a short-cut through a creepy forest which lead straight into a graveyard. When the duo thought they saw a ghostly hand rising from one of the graves, they bolted away and carried each other off to Dylan's house. That was when they discovered they both feared the supernatural, but also found it fascinating at the same time. For the rest of the summer break, Dylan and Scooby bonded and became best friends with one another.

    After the summer ended and Dylan went back to school, he discovered a group of people who accepted him and Scooby as their friends. Soon after that, a terrifying event took place that bounded the friends together by fate, forcing them to become as close as blood relatives. Dylan wound up contributing the van that belonged to his father as a "company vehicle" to the group he and his friends were forming and after a total fix-up and a paint job, the "Mystery Machine" was ready. So was "Mystery Incorporated"...


    Likes: Home-Made Meals, Nostalgic Movies, Popcorn with extra butter, Hot Chocolate, Mysteries (he enjoys solving them, not the stuff in-between with the Monsters), Pop, Rock, Classic Rock and some Country Music, Video Games, Dressing up in various costumes, Acting, Driving the Mystery Machine, his friends (especially his best pal, Scooby-Doo), Girls (pretty, nerdy, ect), Playing his Guitar, Reading a good book (usually in the categories of mystery, fantasy or sci-fi) and he especially likes it when people are themselves and don't try to be anybody else. He likes people for who they are, especially his friends.

    He also really enjoys spending quality time with his friends and if he ever found himself getting a girlfriend, she would discover that he loves all things romantic or very cheesy.

    Dislikes: He has a real issue with monsters/supernatural entities and anything that creeps him out/scares him. He isn't the first to charge out of the room screaming his head off, but he's defiantly not the last. He also hates when people are rude/mean. Sort of a real "knight in shining armour", he rushes to the sides of those who are in distress whenever he can (especially when they're cute girls).

    Relationship Status: Open and Looking (but he's got his eyes on one of the girls in Mystery Inc.)

    Other: Has a very close relationship with Scooby-Doo. (In case you didn't realize, he is a re-imagining of Shaggy, but he retains some of the traits that make Shaggy who he is. He's more of a down-to Earth, fun-loving teen rather then a hungry coward hell-bent on running away).


    Name: Scoobert "Scooby" Doo

    Age: 2 1/2 (18 In Dog Years)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Cowardly/Easily Frightened (around Monsters), Brave (when called upon, but when he's scared he has a harder time of doing brave things without helpful pushing from his friends or being promised Scooby-Snacks), Friendly, Kind-Hearted, Sweet, Team-Player, Dog-like Tendencies (chases cats, has developed senses of taste, smelling and hearing, etcetera), Silly

    Scooby is the most accurate representation of the term "Man's Best Friend" and is always by his friends side when called upon. While he may be a coward and run at the first sight of trouble, he steps up when his friends are in danger and when he is tempted with Scooby-Snacks.

    Basic Bio: Scooby was orphaned at an early age. He never grew up knowing his parents, but the man at the pet shop was like a father to him. He taught him how to walk, play, and, much to the pet owners surprise, talk. The old man was a gentle soul who always treated his animals with kindness and care, but the bond between him and Scooby was so great, that he almost began to think of the large Great Dane like a large and furry son. They did all kinds of things together and for the longest time, the old man debated on adopting Scooby himself, but fate was sure that the day never came.

    One day when Scooby was only 3 years old, the old man passed away and his pet shop was closed down. Scooby was heartbroken at his old friend's death, but was saddened even more by the fact that the animals were all being out up for free adoption. At the adoption fair, Scooby was looked at with joy and happiness from the children, but something always happened that forced Scooby to not be adopted, such as breaking plates by accident or by licking the face of a girl who was (oblivious to the fact of being) allergic to dogs and broke out in hives. Then, just as the sun was setting and the fair seemed to be a disaster for poor Scoobert, he was approached by a young brown haired boy who seemed to be very upset with something.

    Taking it upon himself to try and assist the boy in his issues, Scooby-Doo talked with him and the duo soon discovered they had much in common (especially sharing fears of ghosts and the supernatural). Before they could finish their conversation, the pet shop owner's son approached the boy and told him that they were packing up and needed to load Scooby back onto the truck. Scooby was to be transported to a different pet shop the next day in hopes of finding him an owner, but the boy asked the man if he was still for sale that day. After a short conversation, a half hour, and $20, the boy, who was named Dylan Robertson, had successfully adopted Scooby-Doo, who was grateful for finally having an owner.

    Over the summer months, Scooby and Dylan bonded and instantly became best friends, doing almost everything and anything together. When summer ended and Dylan had to go to high school again, Scooby snuck into the janitorial staff under the alias of "Mr. Peterson" so he and Dylan could hang out all the time. Dylan was okay with it. It was his idea after all.

    A few weeks after school started, an event that brought Scooby and Dylan into a group of friends occurred and since then, they have been solving paranormal mysteries with with the group, known as "Mystery Incorporated".

    He and Dylan share many of the same phobias and fears, which is probably why they are so close.


    Likes: Food, Scooby-Snacks, sniffing his rear end, eating his own vomit, chasing cats, barking, dancing, all kinds of music, his friends (especially Dylan), trips to the beach/the park, frisbee, throwing a ball around,

    Dislikes: Monsters, Scary Movies, Scary Rides, pretty much everything to do with Supernatural entities, expired food, mean/rude people, Creepy/Haunted or Abandoned locations (Castles, Factories, Warehouses, Mansions, Graveyards, Schools, Amusement Parks, Hydroponic Labs, etcetera), dark and stormy nights, evil masked figures, corpses/skeletons/dead bodies, anything that gives him the "Willies".

    Relationship Status: He's a dog, so unless they walk on all four and are covered in fur, he has no interest in women.

    Other: Scooby-Doo is the unofficial "Mascot" of Mystery Incorporated and represents the corporation (much against his dismay). Also known as "That Meddling Mutt" or "and their Dumb Dog". Often chuckles and calls out "Scooby-Dooby-Doo!" when a mystery is finished.

    "Well Gang, looks like we've got another Mystery on our hands."​
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  15. Here we are~ Let me know if I should fix something. It's a little long too, by the way.

    Name: Alexis Barker

    Age: 17


    Personality Traits: Sprightly, somewhat naive, go-getter, trustworthy, open-minded, curious, careful, caring, compassionate, encourging, protective, easily overwhelmed(she is no good at multitasking), problem-solver, compromising

    Basic Bio: Alexis is the only daughter of the wealthy Barker family. They produce and ship machine parts for theme park rides all over the world. For as long as she can remember she has been the baby in her family and as such, considering she was the only one, she was showered in gifts. She never knew what it meant to be broke or without anything. In fact, she always had an abundance of anything she wanted except for one thing: adventure.

    Her parents could not understand her need to go traversing the woods at night or come up with crazy stories tell. When everything is provided for you at the simple ring of a bell, where is the fun in life? Anytime Alexis wanted to go out she had to take at least one butler/bodyguard with her, Jenkins. He was pleasnt company but she couldn't talk to him about things normal teenagers talked about like boys, dances, weekend parties- normal stuff! As normal as one could have when going to a private school.

    Alexis had grown tired of the stuck up, "holier than thou" attitude that surrounded her everyday. She wanted to be around normal people who didn't get limo rides to and from school. After her freshman year she pleaded with her parents all summer to let her go to a normal highschool. They were worried that she may be subjected to bullying or pick up some horrible habit llike smoking- or worse! Alexis sat her parents down and had a long talk, after which they were a little more lenient.

    Her parents were very overprotective, wanting to know her every move and never letting her out anywhere alone, but she wanted to be as normal as humanly possible when away from home. No Jenkins, no limo, no fancy lunches and no gaudy jewelry; that included them as well if they had to come out to the school. The only way anyone would know about her family was if she invited them to her house and that was all she wanted. Oh and for one or both of her parents to pick her up and drop her off everyday, no drivers. They were hesitant to accept the last condition but did so with a heavy heart.

    When the new school year started Alexis was very excited to not only ride in a car with both of her parents but gt out at a building with no big, scary gates. It felt like freedom. She adjusted very quickly to the loose style of talk and dress, not that he parents were too happy, but she was happy and that was all that mattered. Even though she was happy and talked to a lot of people she didn't consider those people "friends", more like aquaintences. There just wasn't much to connect with.

    Alexis happened to cross paths with a someone who held the same inclination to adventure as well as mystery and was introduced to others with the same interests. She could easily say the time she spent with them was the best. It was a while before she was able to trust them enough to come clean about her family, but when she did they still treated her like Alexis. That was what she liked most about them.

    Likes: parties, dogs, foreign movies, drive-in movies, visiting olden cities, singing loudly, intimate gatherings, 90's music, romance movies, figuring out the end of a movie half-way through, sweater weather, indie music, when someone hugs you when you cry, driving small cars like Beetles, the smell of Christmas scented candles, surprises, equality,

    Dislikes: wearing heels to school, being ignored, people who come to school sick, being used, wearing heavy make-up, complaining, pessimists, worst case scenarios, predictability, cliques

    Relationship Status: Looking (Maybe someone within the gang? ;3)

    Other: Despite not liking her family's wealth to define her, anytime someone expresses some need that can be fixed with money she doesn't hesitate to offer help.

    "But you're scary and you knew I'd do the opposite of what you said so you told me not to go up to that castle so I would go up to that castle where you've set a trap to capture me. Unless... Unless you knew I'd figure it out so you told me not to go up to that castle so I would think that you wanted me to go so I wouldn't go just like you didn't want me to. I'll find out what you're hiding in that castle. You'll see."
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  16. I am wishing on this rp sooo hard >..<
  17. Hi there... I think I saw a "Fred" character was still open. I basically just skimmed through everything after ya'll picked characters... I don't read character sheets unless I'm involved xD!

    So ehm... Could I play that character, but swap the gender? I always hated Fred, but I'm super into this RP.
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  18. Yeah totally! You can play a Fred character. I've already said you can play swapped gender characters, so go ahead and make a sheet ^^