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  1. Hey all!

    This is my search for something specific, so I'm just gonna jump into the deep end and let you people hear what you need to.

    What I'm looking for:

    A 18+ partner (preferably). Good grasp on their writing style and characters. Someone who can write a good paragraph or two, more would be great. Someone who is gonna read my resume.
    Someone who enjoys graphics / deco. Usually I don't ask for this, but idk I just rly want the ~aesthetic~ for this RP to be something we both enjoy!
    Someone who can and likes to play 2 / 3 characters. (rl themes so no animez)
    A partner with avid interest in the paranormal / supernatural / conspiracy. Or an interest in writing it!
    LGBT friendly. The romance I envision is gay lmao.

    What you can expect:

    2 - 3 paragraphs, more on intros. Intermediate / Advanced level.
    Lots of deco. Expect theme songs / gifs / videos, I love to involve this.
    If you're into it, I'll be sending you ~spooky shit~ Because I love it.
    OOC chat! If you're into it and like to talk, I love to!
    that gay shit™

    The Premise:

    The year is 1996. A group of friends have been friends since high school. What brought them together? A UFO crash, duh!

    The group wanted the truth ever since they got together to find it after the crash. Each have their own reasons for their research, but they all want to know. Some are skeptical, some truly believe. However, the more they documented and interfered, the more they became noticed. At first it was the school stopping them from holding meetings, then it was their collage preventing them from using their resources. It wasn't long before the government got involved.

    Now they're adults, all with their own lives. Not to mention the complex relationships bubbling up in their group. But nothing is going to stop them from finding the truth!
    UFOs / ghosts / government cover up / mystery / etc
    Mulder and Scully encounters (It'd be a massive + if you've watched the X files! Also it is a tinsie bit inspired by scooby doo lmao.)
    Complex friendships
    Sub plots:

    I want to play a closeted man, who had a secret relationship/some sort of romance with another guy in the group in high school. It was too much for the guy, so it never fully blossomed. My man became comfortable with his sexuality, but never got over his first man. So when he represses his sexuality and finds a new lover, my character finds himself still in love.

    I also have a character idea for a girl. She's been arrested many times, has a crush on Scully, has punched at least all of her friends. She's got some issues with mental illness, but her best friend always manages to look after her. Hell yes for inseparable platonic bonds
    SO YEAH.

    If you're interested please hit me up, I'm dying to get my hands on an X-files RP.

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