Mystery Dungeon: Land in Peril

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  1. Pick one of your OCs
    Determine what Pokémon they would be if they became one
    Any level is fine
    Any generation is fine
    Legendary Pokémon is okay but be prepared to fight another you
    Shiny /Pokérus/odd coloured Pokémon are fine too
    Thats it have fun!


    Storms. That's all that had been happening as of late and it there appeared to be no end to it.

    This was an issue for the fire types, they hated rain, and so did the ground and rock types they would often chat about the endless storms that seemed to have ravaged the quiet village of Blooming Stones.

    "I blame that nut cassse Absol! He is alwaysss predicting these disssassstersss and then we never hear from him again!" hissed Seviper as she coiled around her child, Ekans.

    "You're right he's nothing but trouble!" added a Stoutland.

    A clap of thunder caused the young Pokémon to cry out that were present and lead to their parents consoling them.

    Unbeknownst to the angry Pokémon, Absol heard everything they had said! He narrowed his eyes and snarled "So...this is the thanks I get, the thanks for warning them of the disaster!? Tsk...pathetic, I see now that there is only selfish Pokémon out there! Let's see how they like it whenthere is nothing but ruin in this world!"

    The distraught Pokémon fled the village of Blooming Stones and made a long and difficult journey to the Mammoswine Graveyard. There he met with a Pokémon who everyone thought was long since extinct, he told them of his short comings and how he wants to exact revenge on the world of Pokémon!

    The other agreed and used its gifts to cause a never-ending sea of disasters, this lasted for days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries!

    The Pokémon of the world grew tired of the endless assault and formed formed three groups; the first one is the Blooming Barricade where there service the Pokémon in the villages with food and water and medical supplies.

    The Pokémon Rangers are the Pokémon who go out and try to prevent crimes and stop them if there is one, in short their the police.

    And lastly the group most Pokémon aspire to joining Absol's Legion a group who is working to create peace once again in their chaotic world. They also venture out day after day trying to reach Mammoswine Graveyard to put an end to the disasters!


    "Careful! Hold on where almost to a Pokémon Center!"

    "Wait isn't that just for Pokémon!?"

    "What other choice do we have? They will die if we don't go!"

    A sudden clap of there and the sky lights up as a blinding white cloaks the sky making it hard to see the last anyone hears are screams.

    The ground felt soft and grainy and the rich smells of the sea filled Zaki's nose as he stirred awake.

    He sat up and blinked several times as he tried to adjust his bi-colored eyes to the rays the sun.

    He looked around confused as to how he ended up at seashore, heaven knows he can't swim!

    He decided to help himself wake up by washing his face, so with slow sleepy movements Zaki made his way to the sea but when he looked down he saw not his reflection but a Houndour staring back at him its eyes were his own both front legs were wrapped snug in bandages like he always wore and its coat matched his hair dark blue with his belly, throat, chest, inner legs, and muzzle was a golden yellow!

    He turned away and glanced at himself again before spinning around and saw several others spiraled on the ground...could they be the trainers who were also seriously wounded?

    (If you guys need help decideding on a Pokémon you can take a "what type" are quiz as your oc and to narrow down your choice you can take a "what (whatever type you got) quiz as your oc and see what you are , thats how I did Zaki)
  2. A Ninetails lay nearest to him, though it took a moment to recognize it as such. At first glance she looked like a coiled up ball of white and blue fluff.

    Endra lifted her head, her ears pinned when she heard the sand crunch near her. She was relieved to see it was one of the others she had noticed earlier along side her on the beach to have woken up-- rather than someone else. "You too?" she asked, tentatively wondering if her suspicions had been correct.
  3. Zaki nods curtly "Yeah...I just don't understand how this happened to us." He replied as he glanced at the others who has yet to waken "What should we do about them?" he asked, in honesty Zaki was fine with leaving them behind, he didn't want to be responsible for anyone freaking out on him or Endra.
  4. "I'd rather not wait out in the open for a trainer to try and catch us, thinking we're really pokemon." She admitted, glancing to the others. "But I waited for you to wake up-- it wouldn't be fair to leave them unattended."

    She stood up and shook off the sand from her fur. A small silver choker style necklace still clung around her neck with a fire stone shard on it. Now, it looked more like a delicate silver collar.
  5. Zaki unconsciously lowered his ears a clear sign he was ashamed of his want to leave the others behind, but Endra was right about the trainers, he never expected to dread the thought of being caught.

    "Well...if you're okay with waiting on them...then I don't mind waiting."

    He noticed the fire stone shard and watched it curiously "You have a fire stone shard, was it a gift?" he asked curiously.
  6. Endra's own ears flattened once more, and if a Ninetails could look pensive, she sure pulled it off. "My Evee dug it up when we were small. I kept it as a memento." She admitted looking around. "I had Flareon with me last night... And my Litwick and Oddish too... I hope they're all alright." She turned her blue eyes back to Zaki. "What about you? I take it you were a trainer."

    She stood up, hearing the trees behind them shift in the breeze. It seemed she really was on high guard, ready to defend the others.
  7. "Yeah, I am. I had my partner Pikachu with me at the time, along with my Gengar and Dragonite." His black and gold eyes trail to sea "So you and Flareon are close?" He asked, he knew the answer but it felt good to talk of their Pokémon partners.
  8. "Best friends." She confirmed, hesitantly turning her attention away from the tree line. "Maybe we ought to move them." she mused, glancing u the beach. "At least to the trees and out of the open?"
  9. Zaki hummed amused, knowing the feeling of being close to his Pikachu "Right, it would be safer there." He agreed as he made his way to one of the other unconscious Pokémon. He gently picked one of them up by their scruff.
  10. Endra shifted in the sand for a few moments, managing to wiggle herself under a Lucario, carrying the bipedal pokemon over her back to the treeline, a Espeon in her mouth carefully.

    In the shelter of the tree line, she set down the sleeping Espeon, carefully shaking off Lucario, looking back to the beach. A couple of other pokemon seemed to have woken up and wandered off in the short time it took them to move the others. Overhead the sky began to churn with a storm, rolling in off the sea.

    She couldn't help but worry about Flareon getting caught in the rain-- only to realize that at the moment, she wouldn't fair much better off. "Well, that's foreboding." she frowned, inclining her head to the Houndour with her. "What should we do?" she asked, her tails flicking behind her in an anxious gesture.
  11. Zaki carefully sat down the Lillipup he had been carrying. He looked up at the storm he shook slightly and was about to say something when a shrieking cry rang out!

    "Help please help!"
  12. Endra's ears swiveled on the top of her head, looking immediately to the source of the cry. She didn't wait, her agile form springing into motion as she leaped over the brush, gracefully taking off to investigate. She was surprised at how easily she moved over the ground, having no real complications despite the odd form, and many cumbersome tails behind her.

    Whoever, or whatever, called for help had distracted her entirely from the incoming storm.
  13. Zaki made a "tsk" sound before quickly dashing after the Ninetails. He wasnt to sure what to expect with whomever was in need, but he was ready to fight if he needed to.

    Whilst Zaki was catching up, a Pichu looked frantically around as he continued to cry out for help.

    Occasionally he'd dash into the bushes before returning into his original spot.
  14. Endra didn't need much time to find the frantic mouse. She slowed down to a brisk trot before stopping, just outside of the little electric rodents haphazard path. She looked confused for a moment before calling out to it. "Pichu," she called from her spot, her tails wrapping around her paws as she sat. "What's the matter?"

    She wasn't sure if this pokemon was in fact a pokemon or a person who found themselves in an odd situation as well. She tilted her head slightly, one ear up while the other lazily lulled down some. Something obviously was wrong, or it wouldn't be calling for help.
  15. Pichu's eyes filled with tears "Its my best friend, Eevee she was taken by a Tranquil! I tried to help but I'm too weak!"

    Zaki appeared near Endra he glanced down at the Pichu seeing this tiny mouse in need he couldn't help but see his own Pikachu.
  16. "Tranquil-- a bird?" She frowned, standing up once more, her ears pinned. Eevees held a special place in her heart. The others they pulled off the beach would be fine for now in the brush, she was confident of that much at least. "Do you know where it headed?" she asked, not questioning the fact-- at least for the moment-- that she was having a conversation with a Pichu the same way she would have with any human child. She looked to the Houndour beside her, still having not gotten his name. "We could take down a Tranquil easily." she reasoned.

    Houndour were pack pokemon and worked well as teams. While she was never much of a team player, it made sense not to be separated for now.
  17. Pichu watches in awe at the Pokémon who were willing to help. He pointed to the mountaind that were near by "To the Skyrock Mountains, but be careful I heard water type live there since its so close to the waters."

    Zaki nods "Skyrock it." He turned away from both the little electric mouse and Endra as he studied the mountain. He never too much cared for water types much.
  18. Skyrock mountains. She couldn't say she knew where they were, which sadly didn't help her to figure out how she had ended up on the beach or stuck in the body of a Ninetails. But maybe in the mountain they could come across someone or something that might.

    "You ought to come with us." Endra said to the Pichu. "You can help us if there are any water types, and besides, it's only right for you to help rescue your best friend." She walked over to the little mouse, lowering her head to offer the little guy a lift. He looked tired, and if he'd lost a fight with a Tranquill he would need to rest for a while. "Have you ever had issues with this Tranquill before? They're usually peaceful pokemon."
  19. Pichu was more than thrilled to assist in the rescue he sat nuzzled happily on Endra's back " never...but due to these crazy disasters Pokémon have been becoming more and more violent."

    He paused and sighed "Some even took to killing other Pokémon...."

    Zaki turned to the baby Pokémon "Pokémon killing other Pokémon? Thats absurd...."

    Pichu gently kneaded Endra's fur he has never seen a Ninetails this color before nor a Houndour the color of Zaki "Are you guys, Shiny?" He asked curiously.
  20. "Looks like it." Endra said as she began to walk, allowing the little pokemon to get comfortable. "You can call me Endra, rather than Ninetales." she added, her ears turned to listen to the small mouse and Houndour both. "What about you, Pichu? Is that the name you go by?"

    She attempted to shift the topic away from pokemon hurting other pokemon. For one reason, she was currently a fire type headed into a water territory-- and she needed to have her nerves calm. No need to get worked up now. For another, it frankly sounded unlikely. But if it were true, she wondered what might have happened to their pokemon.

    She allowed her mind to wander a little. Perhaps a fairy type or a psychic type had transferred their consciousness? It seemed far fetched. Perhaps this was an odd dream that she would wake up from, finding Flareon curled up beside her like usual.
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