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  1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
    Darkrai's return


    Just like the title suggests, I want to do a Mystery Dungeon rp that involves the return of Darkrai. He is up to his dastardly deeds once again, planning to throw the world into darkness once more, and this time he won't let anyone stop him. He also targeted another legendary to do his dirty work: Lugia. He poisoned the Sea Guardian with his dark power and created Shadow Lugia, planning to make vast tsunamis and not only plunge the world into darkness, but wipe out all those who oppose him.

    That's pretty much all I got, it's a WIP, but I'm willing to work it out with anyone who's interested. The timeline takes place way into the future, way after even Grovyle's time. It'll be the same as before: A human transforming into a Pokemon and he/she will have a partner, but of course the events will be completely different.


    You are a Digimon who works for an organization to protect the Digital World. I don't have an exact plot yet, but I would like to work something out with anyone who's interested. There are to Digimon Tamers, which means there are no humans in this rp, only Digimon. You can choose to be whatever Digimon you wish, and they themselves hold their own devices to help them Digivolve and Digenerate between forms. You must remain as the rookie Digimon throughout the rp, only Digivolving to other forms when the situation calls for it. However you only start out with a Champion Digiform, and as you grow stronger then you will unlock your other forms.

    If you have any ideas for either rp, I'll be happy to hear them!

    • Your writing skill has to vary between Adept and Advanced
    • You must have at least a minimum of three paragraphs every post
    • No Mary/Gary Sues
    • No powerplay or godmoding
    • You MUST help move the plot along, I know they're my ideas but I don't want to do all the work
    • Stick to the guidelines of both rps. If we're rping Pokemon, a dinosaur can't suddenly appear or clash any game or movie into the plot.
    • Violence and blood is allowed, along with some graphic violence, but don't go overboard. Your character can get some serious wounds and even lose a limb or eye, but don't overdo it and have guts spill out of their stomach or shredded to pieces.
    • I like to chat with the people I rp with, I don't bite :3 but it's not really required. I just feel that it's easier to discuss plot and ideas if you get to know the person you're rping with and become comfortable with them, and I always enjoy making new friends.
    • Romance is allowed, but it's not my main goal here, and I like for things to take it's course. I don't want to force two characters together, it has to come naturally or don't. If you're just looking for romance, then this isn't for you. I'm looking for action and adventure, I'm sorry.
    • I don't mind sexual themes, but I don't plan on there being any sort of sex in either rps. It's just too weird for me with it being Pokemon and Digimon. I mean they're my childhood cartoons/anime, so no sex :/
    • No MxM or FxF pairings. I don't have anything against it, but it makes me uncomfortable and I don't want to be involved. That doesn't mean you can't make your character the same sex as mine, just don't expect any romance between the two. If I feel like you're trying to lead things to that, then the rp will be dropped.
    • I always play male for main characters even though I'm female, I just rp them better and like them more, but I can play female side characters. You may choose whichever sex you may be so long as you follow the rules above.
    • I do expect you to play some other characters besides just your own. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take part in some of the bad characters as well, but you can also make your own sort of characters so long as they help with the plots.


    I think that about covers it. If you are interested in either of the rps above, please PM me or comment below! :3 I look forward to doing either rp with anyone who's interested!
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  2. Do you still want to RP Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?
  3. This sounds fun. So, it's like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but we as the Digimon? Count me in! I grew up on Digimon. Gabumon, Gaomon, Terrimon. So many memories.

    Count me in.
  4. @Smile Dog: I'm sorry I already found a partner for the Mystery Dungeon rp ^_^ I've been meaning to update the thread but have been really busy, I'm sorry to give your hopes up. Perhaps another time!
  5. Oh okay :) It's alright ^^
  6. @Dante Redgrave: Actually no, the Mystery Dungeon and Digimon rp are actually separate XD But that is a good idea... Sadly I'm currently not taking in any new rps because I am in too many and work has me very busy, I can't keep up with my rps, and I'd hate to join new ones only to make my partner wait forever :c However if you're really interested, shoot me a PM and I'll let you know if my schedule clears up any time soon and maybe we can pick up on this later. If not then that's fine, I'll understand c:
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  7. I'd love to do this with you. But, can it be by Hangouts on Google+?
  8. @NeonMasterz: I'm sorry, I'm currently not accepting any new rps :c my life schedule has kept me too busy to keep up with all the ones I currently have. I"m really sorry!
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