Mystery Dinosaur Finally Gets a Body

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    I didn't realize they were still finding new dinosaur species. O__O
  2. There will always be new dinosaurs to find and study. Just think about it, we probably know less than 2-4% of all the potential species of dinos that could have existed over the millions of year they were around.
  3. It's shocking to think of how few fossils remain compared to the number of individuals. How many species don't have a single fossil unique enough to be identified? And of those that do, how many will we find?
    Dinosaurs also had a huge chunk of time compared to us. Consider this: the time between the time the last Stego died and the first T-Rex was born is much greater than the time between when the last T-Rex died and the first human was born. O.O Weirds me the heck out.