Mysterious Royal Love

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  1. There was a week until Princess Olivia's birthday. Her town was throwing a festival in honor of her mother. Olivia decided to go to the festival, she had told her parents that she was going out that night and later on that evening at dawn she put on her best school girl uniform that disguised her to look like one of the girls attending the private school in her village. After getting dressed Olivia said goodbye to parents and headed out for the festival. On her way to the festival she had bumped into a boy that was dressed in Royal clothes from a different village, she stared at him a bit confused on why he was in her village. "Was he lost?" she thought to herself and spoke up to him. "I'm sorry Sir, I didn't mean to bump into you". She then smiled a little "Are you lost?" she asked him with a friendly and calm voice as she waited for him to answer.
  2. Arthur Silverton, having once been a prince of a somewhat-distant realm, was familiar with the etiquette of royalty, if not overly-familiar. So, it stood to reason that he had a firm idea of how people lower than him (in the hierachy, at least) should speak to him and the prince. For a moment, contempt seemed to flare up within his eyes, barely detectable sparks of disdain only detectable to those who looked carefully.
    This commoner has the nerve to walk heedlessly into his path, only addresses him as Sir, and treats us as if we had not the faintest clue of where we are going! Granted, I don't, but that should not mean he does not.
    Though his thoughts would have prompted the question asked to his father so many times, "Would you like their head cut off," he was not the sort of person to speak out in a noticeable fashion, if at all. Thus, he kept quiet and unrevealing, looking upon Olivia with little more emotion in his eyes than what someone would have whilst glancing at a stranger they pass in the street.
  3. Mannolo de Sevilla , who a few years back had it made money, fame and women. But now has lost it all with betting and losing everything to some not so good people. Now he lives off the straight stealing what he needs and some gold here and there. But for today he strolls through this festival looking around for the next score when he noticed a big rich guy ( Arthur ) and a small school girl ( olivia ) talking and he noticed Arthur's money in his pocket and went in to get his daily score
  4. Being the son of a general, it only seemed natural that Arthur would be born with - and trained to develop - certain characteristics. One of them was sharp eye (in his case, this was quite literal, in the sense only one of his worked). And, though his right eye was no longer functional, a common thief posed little threat to him. He had little to steal in the first place - he had distanced himself from royalty and their luxuries, and as such, his wallet contained only various notes of inconsiderable value, and some loose change. But he still wished not to part with these - he kept his hands in his pockets most of the time, this being one of those many times. If someone attempted to pick-pocket him, they'd have to put their hand to his. And Arthur was not well-known in his kingdom for being gentle to those who crossed him.
  5. Olivia kept looking at the young man before her, as she asked him again. "Are you lost sir?" she then motioned her head to look around, she found it strange that her best friend had not come to the festival...or had she and Olivia just couldn't see her in the crowd of people? Noticing another young man from afar looking at her and the one that she had bumped into, Olivia was a bit concerned on why he wasn't enjoying the festival. Holding her fingers behind her back and looking at every one enjoying the festival she started thinking out loud to herself "Nice job mom, all these villagers here in honor of you. It's a good sign telling you to keep being Queen." she then looked at the young man in front of her again "Sure is nice huh, Sir?" asking him nervously.
  6. Mannolo got closer to the noblemen and saw his hands in his pocket holding his money, but it isn't something he never saw before. so he walk up to the little school girl asked her "Hello my lady have you danced with a spaniard before "? mannolo now signals the band playing music for the festival to start playing spanish music. once the band started he grabs the girls hands and starts to dance with her to a smooth spanish music/tango music. But while dance in with her he starts to lok in her eyes and feels a little at ease ......but he must not forget what he needs to do.
  7. Olivia watched as man from afar came closer to them. She looked at the Spaniard as he asked her a question, but before Olivia could say "no" she felt the touch of his hands grabbing hers. As they danced Olivia made eye contact with the young Spaniard man and smiled a little. She did not want him to find out she was the soon to be crowned princess of the village since her older sister had rejected the offer. "S-sir...?" she asked him as they continued to dance.
  8. Mannolo looks at the young girl " si mi señora oo sorry yes my lady"? has he keeps dancing with this beautiful girl, he keeps an eye on the noblemen while he watches me and the girl dance. While he thinks of a plan to get the noblemen's money, he just enjoys the dance with this girl. "sorry mi señora were u saying something "? while he holds the girl closer ,while dancing with her.
  9. Olivia looks back at him, she gently kissed his cheek softly* "Señor, mi nombre es p-p ... Olivia" She was trying so hard not to tell him that she was a princess. She then kissed his cheek one more time and smiled. "What is your name?" she wondered why her parents didn't want her going out of the kingdoms territories. She looked at the young man that she was standing in front of a few seconds ago and smiled at him.
  10. Mannolo looks at Olivia shocked and a little confused. he blushes a little in front of her and tries to hide it. "The name is Mannolo de Sevilla and Olivia is a very beautiful name its suits you". he slowly moves in and kiss's her lips very lightly and once he realize what he just did, he's eyes opened wide open."sorry if i went to far with that i blame it on my spanish blood". He laughs a little and gives her a small smile and he hears the song coming to a end and tries to enjoy the rest of the dance with her noticing that he's chance to steal the noblemen's money is slipping away.
  11. Olivia rubbed Mannolo's cheek that she kissed and smiled a little more "You have a very..." she stopped talking as their lips made contact she blushed a bit deeply and looked at him "N-no not at all" She gently laid her head on his chest as they danced, listening as the song came to an end she kept her head on his chest and enjoyed the moment, feeling as if she has known him since she was a child.
  12. Mannolo held Olivia closer while looking at the noblemen, then looked at Olivia and gently kissed the top of her head while her head lays her head on he's chest.He hopes she can't hear his heart racing. The need to steal the noblemen's money leaves his mind slowly. But still thinking if i don't get the money he won't eat. Then he looked in to Olivia's eyes and he couldn't look away."so Olivia i haven't seen you around here before are you new here"? The song has finished and the opening to get the money is gone ,but he doesn't mind it anymore. Even thou his stomach doesn't agree.
  13. Olivia looked at Monnolo and stole a kiss to his lips again and smiled "I'm not new here...I just live far from this part of the village" she felt bad about lying to such a sweet young man. She again kissed his lips and pulled away looking into his eyes. "Is something wrong Monnolo?" She asked him with a concerned sweet tender voice and slowly stood up on her tippy toes and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck giving him a semi-long kiss on the lips, she then blushed.
  14. Mannolo looks in Olivia's eyes after she kissed him and he was so shocked that he has no idea what just happened and what to do.His lips were burning from the passion that he felt, he moves in to kiss her again because he begins to think that if he doesn't he would die. but he stops half way in and looks in her eyes. "well as a gentlemen i most take the most beautiful girl to get something to eat and i know the best place". He holds her hand and takes a few steps ahead and looks at her to see if she would come. He tries to think of how me plans to feed her if he has no money to do so. and starts to regret saying it. But its said so now he has to see what he can pull off.
  15. She blushed a bit as she looked at him. "I c-can't, I must get home as soon as this festival is over with" her voice sounded saddened as she told him. She held his hand and kissed his cheek one more time, then looked at the nobleman still standing there, she then looked back at Monnolo and kisses his chin. "I'm sorry" she told him with a sad voice.
  16. He is sad by her answer, Mannolo starts to look around and he leans next to her ear and whispers softly."You see that water fountain"? He points at the water fountain and looks at olivia again."tonight meet me at that fountain". he looks at her and holds her hand."i wish to be with you more my lady"while he talks to her he see's the royal guards coming. Mannolo then got scared and kissed Olivia lips quick and passionately. "Meet me there tonight ok". Mannolo runs away from the guards and sneaks into a close by ally climbs the building to the roof to see what happens next.
  17. "This has to be one of the most bloody awkward moments I've been in... And where in the name of all that is holy is Alexis? I turn around for ONE second, and that plonker just offs and abandons me. And with some perverted, slezy Spanish bloke and a schoolgirl with more than questionable morals... Bah, forget it, who needs them. WHat am I even doing here? This was his idea, I'm blaming it on him."
    Muttering further words just as incoherently, Arthur ambled around imlessly, in the hope that his friend would appear before him. Arthur didn't even want to be there - he would have much preferred a gentler scene, having an intense hatred for bustling festivls such as the one he was currently engaged in.
    Old whatshisname's probably off with another girl, the swine. What was he called? Rodriguez? Pablo? No, that sounds more Mexican. Who really cares...
  18. While Mannolo was hiding from the guards on the roof top he see's the noblemen still standing alone and in a small group of people. Everyone started to scatter to different places/events around the festival. "This is may chances while everyone is moving around he won't notice me in this crowd of people". He looks at the guards walking around." If they see me they will surely arrest me and i can't let Olivia see me has a thief" he begins to turn and walk away but then his stomach growled and had a small pain. "Dam i hate my hunger sometimes". Mannolo starts to head down from the roof top and once he was back on the ground he blended with the crowd and moved closer to the noblemen till h can see the lace's of the wallet in his pocket. the nobleman seemed to be busy looking for someone and he reached for his wallet. Whispers to himself "Im sorry to lowering myself to this"
  19. ((It has to be said, Arthur is wearing plain clothes - he prefers practicality of prettiness. If you'd read the OOC and my form, you'd have noticed that.))

    Despite his not-so-obvious affliction regarding his partial blindness, Arthur managed to spot Mannolo out of the corner of his eye, prompting his hand to shoot out and prevent the theft of his menial sum of money. His grip was vice-like, seemingly unbreakable. Affixing his victim with a freezing glare, Arthur studied Mannolo, eyeing him with so much contempt that it should not have been humanely possible.
    "Get your filthy paws away from me, criminal scum. I could snap your puny frame in two right now, nd have no reservtiions about doing it whatsoever. AsI'm feeling unusually tolerant, I'll give you a chance to leg it before I tell the police that some insignificant speck on society has failed to steal my wallet, and is probably trying to pick up another girl."
  20. Mannolo steps back and glares at this nobleman." Criminal scum". "all you rich noblemen think the same that you can just step on us because we don't have your kind of money. What makes you so much better"? Mannolo then stood up straight and dusted his shoulders. He looks at this snub nobleman. "Whats your name"? Mannolo then pulls a dagger from the inside of coat. "It would be a shame to not know the name of a man you kill or at least makes sure he doesn't look so pretty anymore" Mannolo laughs a little. Then he takes his stance and gets ready for battle.