Mysteries of the Library

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  1. Yesenia: There were two very pretty dolls sitting on one of the many shelves, surrounded by a fortress of books. The small things were dwarfed by the large pieces of print all around them, even though they were rather small, children's books to humans. Both of them were sitting on a rather sizeable book, too, with small pillows under them, and while the white one held a teacup and a saucer in her hand, the black one seemed to be dozing off. Judging by the looks of it, these two were twins or very close sisters, as the white one let the black one rest on her shoulder while she was contemplating something so profound that she almost missed the small table in front of her with her hands. On this table was a half-white-half-black teapot with a touch of golden leaves and a few empty cups, positioned as if they were waiting for someone. -03:40 Aug 16

    Plum: Meanwhile, down on the vibrant, fuzzy, decorative carpeting that set directly by the end of the single bed, another doll sat with his legs stretched flat in front of him. A small peice of plastic willowed off his shoudlers before he moved to lift it away, fingers bending slowly and bright green eyes examining what had remained on him. A look of confusion crossed his face before his pale hand moved to gently rustle through his own neatly set head of purple hair, chin turning delicately to look about the room. It was so did he get there? -03:50 Aug 16

    Yesenia: The white doll put drank a little from her teacup, then put it down on the table, after which she gently lifted her sister's head from her shoulders to place a tiny, soft pillow there, then she reached for her teacup. However, she noticed something off about the carpet below the shelf she was sitting on, so she was not paying attention and her hand slipped, which made the porcelain saucer land and shatter into lots of tiny pieces with a loud crash. This was followed by a surprised yelp that transitioned into a panicked one as the doll jumped backwards, then she saw her sister's head heading towards the ground. Quickly, the white doll grabbed her black sibling's shoulders, then she set out a sigh of relief. -03:57 Aug 16

    [Plum heard the scream, jolting as the sound went through him and he was suddenly on his feet. His clothing was billowy and kept away from his body, giving him a mysterious look which might confuse some about his gender. Plum had an angelic face, one marked by dark purple lines that traveled down his face: starting from his hairline and curving around his eyes and down the curve of his cheeks to stop at his jawline. Eyes wide as he turned to look up the shelf, ] -04:21 Aug 16
    Plum: Plum called out in surprise when he was suddenly hit in the face with a few stray dropplets of tea! -04:21 Aug 16

    Yesenia: There was a small sigh of relief coming from the white doll as she placed her sister onto yet another pillow, then she contemplated the mess in front of her. She would have to clean it up, or... Looking around, the white doll made sure that no one else was looking at her and that everyone was off in their own little world. Luckily, they were. So she slipped off from her spot and started gathering the pieces of the teacup with her hand into one place while she hummed a quiet tune. -04:29 Aug 16

    [Plum was confused and concerned at the scream, wondering why the sound had so suddenly stopped and now everything was so silent. With a small sigh, he lifted his hand to wipe away the drops of water from his face, sniffing them and suckling a finger to taste it. "Tea?" He questioned, looking back up to the shelving and tiliting his head; he wanted to see what was happening. Without another word, Plum drew a small book from under his robes, cracking it open to a bookmarked page and started to read, low and slow with one hand held in front of his body. "Gate of the Pegasus, here my call and open. for me a favor" a phantom wind swirled around his feet, purple outlines on his body glowing with his flow of energy as before him a large swirling portal opened and from it came a shimmering silver stead with pearly white wings and a ivory horn. Within moments, Plum would be riding it to the top of the shelf, just to sate his curiousity.] -04:42 Aug 16

    Yesenia: The white doll finished gathering the pieces in a few seconds, then she clasped her hand above the broken pieces as she kneeled before them. Closing her heterochromatic eyes, the white doll started to contentrate, which made the pieces of the teacup and the saucer slowly assemble into what they were before. It was as if time turned back, though Plum would sense no magic at what the white doll did. It took a few moments before everything was fixed, but the white doll opened her eyes with a satisfied smile that turned into shock when she looked up. There was someone riding a pegasus in front of her shelf! -04:50 Aug 16

    Plum: A girl. Plum was a bit shocked, considering everything around him was so new, but he did know what it was like to be around other people...or at least he thought he remembered. "You're not hurt, are you?" the thin, purple haired boy spoke up, loud enought that she would be able to hear him over the heavy beat of the pegusus wings. -05:08 Aug 16

    Yesenia: "No, I am not," smiled the white doll as she recovered from her surprise and she took Plum in with her eyes. Her visitor was most certainly a handsome person, with soft features, but she could not decide if she was looking at a boy or a girl, however... the voice was male. So yes, definitely a boy! The white doll stood up and curtseyed before Plum. "I am sorry for scaring you," she said then she showed Plum her teacup. "But, since the afternoon is going to be long and lonely, would you mind joining me for a cup of tea?" -05:17 Aug 16

    Plum: A cute girl. Plum was still stuck on looking at the girl and doing his best to learn everything he could about her features. She had pretty white hair, which was long and straight and two different colored eyes. Her nose was cute and her mouth was small, making Plum smile before realizing he had been looking at her for far too long. With a chuff from the pegusus, the young man flustered and directed his equine transportation onto the shelf, hooves clicking against wood. "tea?" Plum repeated her, dismounting and making sure his book stayed safely hidden beneath his robes. "That sounds alright, I guess..." -05:28 Aug 16

    Yesenia: The white doll smiled at Plum as she put the teacup onto its saucer. "Well then, follow me, please. Just please be quiet and do not wake my sister," smiled the white doll. Even though she noticed Plum's eyes on her for longer than it was polite, she made no topic out of it. After all, Plum was very eye-catching too, especially with those strange lines and his mysterious clothes. She wanted to find out more about him. "I will get the chairs. You can help yourself to the tea meanwhile!" said the white doll as she disappeared into a crack between two books. -05:32 Aug 16

    [Plum wasn't sure why she needed chairs, but he let her go anyway, turning to take a look at the sister she had mentioned. Unlike the girl he met, this one had dark hair, but looked exactly the same. with a silent nod, Plum made a mental note that the two must have been twins and looked around the shelf more. When he had seen everything he needed too, he turned his attention to the tea pot and cups. Had he done this before?] -05:41 Aug 16

    Yesenia: The white doll returned with soon with a chair in her hand, which she set on one side of the table, then she grabbed a small pillow to make it more comfortable. "Here you go... umm..." the white doll paused for a second as she realised she did not know the stranger's name. "Perhaps it might be time to get to know each other. I am Yeselia, and my sister is Yesemia." Yeselia curtseyed again before Plum. "I will not be mad if you confuse us," she added playfully. "May I know your name?" -05:47 Aug 16

    Plum: When the chair was set down, Plum smiled at the girl, thanking her with a nod of his head and an immediate sit down. He wasn't sure what to do with his hands, so he just laid them in his lap. Upon her introducing both herself and her sister, he looked back over his shoulder, eyeing the one she refered to as Yesemia. "Yeselia and Yesemia?" He wanted to make sure he pronounced it correctly before moving onto his own name. "I'm not as complicated as you both..." He smiled again, clenching his robe in his right hand before speaking again. "My name's Plum" -05:57 Aug 16

    Yesenia: "It is nice to meet you, Plum!" replied Yeselia with a slight cheer in her voice as she sat down on the book and pillow. "Please help yourself to the tea. There is also sugar and pure lemon juice there," said Yeselia as she pointed at the porcelain sugar bin with a spoon in it, and then a small porcelain jug designed to pour juice. "Be careful, though, the tea is very hot." Yeselia's warning was gentle as she settled in, then checked on her sister, followed by her waiting on Plum. She did not want to seem rude by taking the tea for herself first. -06:02 Aug 16

    [Plum felt a bit rushed, if not only because he made himself feel that way, reaching forward to grab a cup and pour it out for himself. With caution, he left room to add some lemon, fumbling with the sugar lid and spoon as he added in just a smidge. "T-thank you for allowing me to join you. I really wasn't expecting you to let me in like this, I just wanted to make sure you were alright... "] -06:12 Aug 16

    Yesenia: "It is nothing," said Yeselia smoothly and with a genuine smile on her face, though she had to make note of the fact that her guest seemed to be easily embarrassed. That would be something she had to pay attention to later. "You are new to this place, are you not?" asked the white doll as she grabbed the teacup for herself, then with great elegance, she poured herself a cup of tea. She moved as if she was a small noblewoman, or perhaps she was just really used to drinking tea. "There are not many dolls here, so it always gets lonely and a new face is a welcome change from the silence." -06:16 Aug 16

    [Plum sipped at the tea he was so graceously offered, occassionally looking back at the sleeping girl off to the side. "Does your sister sleep during the day very often?" He couldn't help himself but to question it, especially since the position she was in didn't seem all that comfortable. Behind him, the pegusus he rode in on slowly faded away, turning back to it's home world with a little whinnie] -08:43 Aug 28

    Yesenia: "Ah, that is a very peculiar case," said Yeselia after she took a small sip from her teacup, then she prepared her small tale like she always did. "My sister and I are under a curse that no one knows how to break," lied Yeselia smoothly. "We can not be awake at the same time and whenever one of us wakes up, the other is overcome by inexplicable fatigue and falls asleep on the spot. So we decided to divide the day between the two of us." At that, Yeselia flashed a small, sad smile to punctuate her tale. "I am awake while the sun is up and she is awake during the night." She made sure to slip some sorrow into her voice so Plum would get the idea that she missed talking to her sister dearly. -08:52 Aug 28

    [Plum pressed his lips together as he thought about what she said, looking back and forth between them as he thought. "That's awful. Who was it who cursed you? Do you plan to go after them? Oh!" Plum suddenly stood, leaving his cup on the table and clenching his hand to a richeous fist. "You have to! So you can lead regular lives again!"] -09:44 Aug 28

    Yesenia: "If only it was that easy," said Yeselia, whose voice got sadder as she spoke. "But neither my sister or I remember the reason for the curse, or the person who put it on us. We have tried visiting many wise wizards, but..." here, Yeselia stopped to emphasize the futility that she had supposedly gone through. "No one knows. Not even the wisest," said the white girl as she drank from her cup, then she smiled at Plum in a way that seemed as if she was only masking her sorrow with it. "More tea?" -09:56 Aug 28

    [Plum gained a sad expression as if her own was contagious, still standing with his hand clenched and head high. "No way! How could you just give up like that? Don't you ever want to spend time with your sister again?" The boy turned, pacing back and forth before he suddenly stopped in his tracks. "I could take you with me!" The words came out naturally, but he really didn't know where he was going. He was travelling somewhere? He wasn't even sure where he was to behin with! "We could find a cure together!"] -10:08 Aug 28

    Yesenia: That offer came out of nowhere, and Yeselia was so surprised that she almost dropped her teacup along with the saucer. Of course, people have expressed their sympathies to her before, but... this was just a little too much! She did not even know this cute boy and he wanted her to travel with him right away? He seemed nice, of course, but really? "Do you not think that it is improper of two young ladies to go on an adventure with a boy whom they just met?" asked Yeselia, masking her surprise with a sip of her tea. -10:15 Aug 28

    Plum: "Well... I..." Plum came down from his high, blinking as Yeselia explained the strangeness of his request. Still, the concept seemed to bounce off his understanding. "So... you're saying my gender effects you wanting my help?" His head cocked a little to the side, unsure if he was understanding her right. "If I were a girl, would you accept my help then? I don't really see what gender has to do with it at all..." He was completely missing the point, but he wasn't used to having ladies around anyway. -10:22 Aug 28

    Yesenia: Again, Yeselia had to sip her tea and pour herself a new cup to mask her surprise while she thought of a response to Plum. Did he seriously not understand the implications involved with adventuring together and going to places? Or more pressingly, did he not understand the connections between genders? As it was, Yeselia felt a little confused. "No... I would not want to leave this place even with a girl whom I just met," answered Yeselia after a rather meaningful silence. She did not add that it was even worse if it was a boy. -10:32 Aug 28

    Plum: "That's strange" Plum retorted, moving closer to Yesemia as she slept. "If I had a sister, I would do anything I could to make her better..." He crouched down, hands on his knees as he looked the dark haired girl over, keeping enough distance between then so he would not alarm the other sister. "Maybe you're just discouraged from not getting anywhere before....But I don't think that means you should give up." -10:39 Aug 28

    Yesenia: "We have visited many wise people over the years," sighed Yeselia with great sorrow. "But no one could help us. In the end, we just decided to accept our fate and not look anymore. I honestly wish I could see my sister again, but," Again, Yeselia paused a little. "We have been everywhere and though I love my sister dearly, both she and I agreed that journeying further is dangerous." -10:46 Aug 28

    [Plum sighed, still keeping his green eyes on the sleeping beauty. He could understand the frustration in their search and the hopelessness they must have felt, but they were so young... why just accept something without trying everything possible? "With more could travel's less dangerous with friends..." He wanted to reach forward and brush Yesemia's hair off her cheek, but didn't, knowing that he would be seriously over stepping his boundries. "I'm sorry, Yeselia, I guess I just think it's really....sad...."] -10:54 Aug 28

    Yesenia: "I appreciate you thinking about us," said Yeselia, making sure to put enough sorrow into her voice as she put her teacup down to look at Plum. He was a fair man, yes, and he seemed to be a good person, yet Yeselia was cautious about him. She also could not let him know that she was lying to cover up her secret, at least not yet. "I can bear it, and so can my sister. I am not happy with it, but I can not do anything about it." Resignation seeped into the white-haired woman's voice as she put her hands into her lap as a sign of her helplessness. -11:00 Aug 28

    Plum: " problem" Plum sighed as he stood up, robe parting by his hips to show his legs, which were dressed in pretty purple linens with tightle bound white wrappings from his knee down. He turned on his heels to walk back to Yeselia, taking his seat again and sipping his now cold brew. "sorry if I came off a little...intense...I just don't like giving up..." But why didn't he like it? He wasn't sure. -11:14 Aug 28

    [Yesenia sighed in relief as the subject was dropped. She did not like decieving people, especially with something that was so close to home and so much a part of herself, but she had to, or they would freak out. "I do not like giving up on my sister either, but... We have tried everything that can help us," sighed Yeselia. "Let's talk about something else, Plum. I do not want to be reminded that my sister and I will never meet again."] -11:17 Aug 28
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