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  1. If I'm going to be joining this, I have a few suggestions on the rules to alter. Please keep in mind that, even though I am very angry right now, I want to make clear as to why I have become so angry over this, and I want to prevent future confusions to occur.

    First, I have a problem with rule eight, and this may affect how people see rule nine. Rule eight says that, to unlock something, we must send a PM to the GM. Rule nine says that you may be busy, and I mention it only because what I am about to say may conflict with it. Rule eight is, for the most part, more work on the players than, well, fun. Especially if the GM reads over and misses some things, and then says something that is practically non-existent. At the time this post is being posted, there are 17 rules, and I have read through all of them by now. The GM should either get a Co-GM, to help with reading posts when she cannot, or find some other means of keeping in check with it herself or making her players keep check of it without having to go through a bunch of more work and trouble to do so.

    Second, is rule ten. Now, the rule states how we unlock new areas, but then there's the added bonus of a required word. This should not be just cramped in here in another rule, where it can be easily missed. If the GM can miss this and still deny players the right to enter -because- they have met this requirement, something must be done to make this word more obvious. I won't tell you how to do this, but please, make it so that yourself and others will not skim or forget it's there, and then make up a new word that is non-existent in the rules.

    Finally, there's rule eleven. This rule may sound similar to my problems with rule eight. This rule says that we will be getting 'credits' and that they will be stored and saved up over time. Now, are the players expected to keep track of this, or is the GM? Because the players may not have the time necessarily to always keep track, or look back to find how much they have. And since Rule rule nine says you will be busy, it sounds very much like you need a Co-GM for this. Otherwise, I am concerned you may get more problems than solutions from this RP and GMing another by yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help, or find someone to help you with these RPs.

    Well, I'm done ranting here. I will await an answer, and that will determine if I will want to join after all I had to go through or not.
  2. First point - rules 8 & 9
    If you'd like, I can remove rule 8. Instead of having to PM me, you can sit back and trust that I'm going to see every one of your posts and instantly know which ones I need to check for unlockables. This RP was made in the hopes that it would grow big, but instead of hoping for the best I can just prepare for the worst.

    Second point - rule 10
    Please also see rule 14. The hidden words are tucked away so that people have to ACTUALLY read the rules fully and entirely to get them. A couple weeks ago I made that mistake joining an RP elsewhere because I didn't read fully and didn't see that there were two code words - it was clever and I decided to apply it here.

    Third point - credits
    On the first post you will see a list of members. Expand any member profile to see what they have unlocked, what remains, how many credits they have, how much money they have, etc. I am keeping track of that :)

    I'm sorry if this message seems jumbled, I'm typing on my phone. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
  3. After some time contemplating Thundor's points, I have decided to go ahead and alter rule 8 - you no longer have to send me a PM if you wish to unlock things. You are, however, asked to add a quick OOC note at the bottom of the post so that I will know where to look for things when checking for completed tasks.

    I have also taken the time to introduce a new Co-GM, so I'd like to introduce Krose240 to our little community. She's going to help me to take note of whose profiles need to be updated with new jobs, areas, etc. She's a long-time friend of mine and online a lot when I'm not around, so she's a great choice for this job :)
  4. So I looked again, and I found nothing, -nothing- on red being a requirement. How anyone would know this without being told about it, is a mystery. It's also a HUGE problem to me that there are two required words to be accepted in. There's helping people making sure they've read the rules, and then there's dicking them around with finding hidden stuff to force them to read the rules more than they have to. I also don't see where it says in the rules that GM could just, ya know, start off non-human. That really bugs me, because the rule seemed to address everyone, and I don't see how in this RP, you would put yourselves ahead of your players, and not start out WITH them to help them more.

    I also have a problem with how the posting rate is going so far. In this type of RP, where it's RPG like, and from what I read so far, players who have more time, post shorter and quicker, will get further ahead than the rest. And I'm not one to usually mind how one handles posting in their RP, but there's no balance in such an open world like this. And the rules REALLY make it so that the players who do get ahead will only go further without interruption. I don't know what you have planned, but I can just see this ticking off so many new players who want to join and have fun, but can't.

    I'm sorry, but at this point, I feel like I've been tossed around and toyed with too many times, plus the amount of problems that seem to glare at me. I wanted to join, but at this point, this has just made me angry now and just want to ramble instead of find fun in this RP. So, seeing as how I'm not actually in the accepted list at this point, I'm going to just leave before things get worse. I really don't know what to say other than this without ranting, and I don't want to do that more than I've already had to.
  5. It's in Rule 13. If you read rule 13 all the way through, you'll find it. It was originally in rule 14 but I moved it when I added some more stuff to rule 14 so it wouldn't look excessively long compared to the rest. The red rule has always been there.

    As for starting out with access to all areas and species, it's so that if people need help and there isn't anyone to help them, I can jump in - if you do the math, you technically can't create a fairy character without killing off your elf or your human just yet, assuming that the two characters you have are an elf and a human. I have a fairy character so that if someone manages to reach the quest that requires you to speak to a fairy, you can do so.

    I don't understand why you see it as a problem that there will be players at different places. All RPGs have that. Some people who have 20k posts, some people who have 10 posts. I remember joining an RPG and being so stressed because there were so many people who had much higher ranks than me, this was years ago, but I worked at it and ended up not only as the highest posting member, but also with a staff position. The point is that it's an adventure. It isn't a race. It isn't a competition. Having more stuff unlocked than other players isn't the goal.

    Tossing and toying with you has never been my intention. I wanted you to join because you're my friend, it hurts me that this is troubling you as much as it is when my only intention was for it to be fun.
  6. Ack, sorry for disappearing! I caught some kind of fever/cold thing after the event I had this weekend. But, I'm doing better now and shall posts!
  7. What matters is that you're better now, hurrah!

    I don't know if I pointed it out or not, but there was a slight rule change saying to include an OOC footnote in your messages stating what you've unlocked, if anything. Luckily we're not at the point where this is huge and I was able to update your player info based on your lovely post ^_^
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  8. I've noted the change now :) Thanks for catching most of it though!
  9. Not a problem, and thank you for letting me know about the library, it's updated :)
  10. If my character is approved, I'd like to ask for the outskirts to be unlocked for him since he didn't start his story in the village and is heading there himself. Please. :-)

    If the outskirts is unlocked for him, then the farm should be too since the area should be in view.
  11. Unfortunately that's not something I can do. If you change your character's species in the character sheet to "human" he will be accepted, however he will have to begin in the streets of town because you've requested that he not begin with a house.
  12. Alright. I'll figure how to have him in the streets then.
  13. There is something that I need you to do for me. Since my character doesn't have cash or gold, he will either have to steal or hunt for food himself. But to hunt for food, he will need to go out of the village. To even get to the outskirts, he needs to go to the farm which is unlock after making two post in the bakery in which is unlock by purchasing from the marketplace... Well maybe he can barter with his cloak or some of the things he has stolen, but I would prefer him gathering food from the outskirts or from the woods. Is there a way to unlock the outskirts without having to purchase anything?
  14. Unfortunately, try as I might, I cannot think of any possible scenario where it would be possible to unlock the outskirts without a purchase. I am unsure whether this idea would be approved by Lala, but it is worth mentioning:
    Perhaps if someone purchased something for your character it might count toward unlocking the bakery.
    Now, I cannot officially say whether this is a valid form of "purchase by your character", but we can bring Lala's attention to this matter when she gets back.
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  15. That's a good idea, Krosey :) if you can get someone to purchase something for you, it will count towards your purchase. You really are making this difficult on yourself, lol, what are you going to do when you need to purchase a house plant for your house? :P (for that one if you still don't have a house you can get one for someone else btw)
  16. I know you're at work today PrincessLala, but I had a character question. Maybe you can answer it Krose. I wanted to know if when we unlock another race option, if instead of making a new character, we could say that our current character is actually of that species? Like for example, they thought they were human but find out later they're actually superhuman later on or become so through some sudden event? I can appreciate that this wouldn't make sense for human to elf, or fairy, etc. But the ones that look otherwise human, I was wondering if that was an option at all :)
  17. The superhuman one is do-able. The only other species that this works with is vampires and werewolves since they can be made by biting.
  18. And what of witch/wizard? I think they're human looking.
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