MyRoid: M.O.E (Mechanical Operating Electroid)

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  1. This idea is similar to the app MOE can change where you basically take care of a standard issue android by dressing it up, letting it sleep, and "feeding" it. I was thinking about implementing that into an RP where "Owners" are paired up with their "MyRoids" and are responsible of taking care of them. The MyRoids don't have to be just girls either so they can be of any gender (or no gender at all). So yes this is going to be a partner up kind of Role play. If numbers do get a bit off I'll allow everyone to create a second "Owner" or "MyRoid" character to pair up with someone else. The worst case scenerio is someone is taking care of two MyRoids ;p

    If you're interested please let me know by leaving a comment down below ^^
  2. Yes hello i am here
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  3. An RP based off a phone app? Never seen those rolling.
  4. Hah you've got me there. Exactly why I wanted to see how many people take the bate first. I had meant for this to be a relaxing RP where you can just respond when you want so no pressure if it doesn't work out ;P
  5. Yeah, since the Myroids can be male for a change, I guess I'll make mine a trap

    On a semi-related note, I haven't figured out how to DL it without overcoming regionlocks.
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