Myrn's X-factor.

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I thought I'd just post this here as it doesn't really belong in general.

I'm taking a course that (amongst other things) is meant to boost my confidence in certain situations, and occasionally it involves some homework.

This time I've been asked: "Ask your friends about what they feel is your 'X-factor'"

Instead of just asking my friends I've decided to do one better and ask the people on the forum here that know me...

What do you feel is my X-factor?
I thought of uh.
Isn't the X-Factor a show with Simon Cowell?
about talent and singing..
Is an X-Factor something that makes you AMAZING and UNIQUE?
Yes, Staci.
Oh if that's it then that's easy. You are one of the most caring individuals I know. You honestly want to see people not just happy, but treated fairly for the individual they are not the more abstract idea of kindness. That is your great strength.
Your friendliness, I believe, is your x-factor. I'm always seeing you spread kindness to others, even if you aren't so fond of them. You want people to feel welcomed, appreciated and safe. :3
I'd have to agree with the kindness/friendliness. Something else that I have noticed about you is your ability to be very direct, unfiltered, when talking to people. I admire that in you.

Also, the hair.
I am third on that hair statement.

But most of all,
your intellegence level,
your wise honesty,
your warm laughter and sense of humor,
and the way you open up to others who might need some advice, or someone to just rant to.

You have proven to be a very, very good friend,
one I value the opinions of.

you do NOT suck at League.
I enjoy playing with you on it. >:C

Everything that everyone else has said, I agree with completely.
Of my own though, I want to add that I adore your selflessness. You are willing to do whatever you can to help someone else and you've been there for me even when I was pretty sure I didn't deserve your concern. :3
Hmm, lemme see if I can describe this without it sounding weird...

You are an even kilter person. Someone that I have always found to be a reliable and thoughtful personality. Anyone can be friendly, but not everyone can make people feel comfortable and safe enough to talk about "anything" without fear of unexpected mood swings or explosive reactions. You talk to people eye-to-eye, like they are your equal. Not below you or above you. I know that I can talk to you, or send someone else to talk to you about anything and that you'll never be rude, condescending or judgmental. I believe you understand people a lot better than you think you do.
Let's recap when I joined Iwaku. One of the first people I felt instantly comfortable around was you. You just give off this atmosphere, even over the internet, that made me say "This guy is cool. I don't feel shy around him!" It's easy to make friends with you, no matter how strange or normal the person may be. I think they call that charisma, right? I always see you greeting the newbies and making a true effort to get them to open up, to just be themselves.

So I guess I'm saying from my point of view, your best quality is your ability to make people feel like it's okay to be themselves.

Everyone has pretty much said it already.

You are kind, genuine, friendly, and easy to get along with. You have your opinions but you respect those of others. You've always been very kind to me and I know you speak truthfully. You're creative, fun, and someone who I feel I can go to to have both off the wall conversations but also deep/intellectual conversations.
It took me some time to think of an acceptable answer.

You have a strong heart and mind. That is a strength that is more rare that those who simply are strong or fast.

You value balance and that also is a worthy trait. Perhaps we don't always agree on the balancing point, but we do agree that there is a balance and that's enough.