Myrn's Iwaku trip through America

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  1. Sooooo... Some of you might know that I've been planning a trip to america together with my sister for quite some time. This trip was mainly meant for one reason and one reason only, to meet some of the people I've come to know here on Iwaku.

    I will try and keeps this short. My idea was to spend a month in america, Traveling by airline to visit at around seven people in total, and hopefully see quite a few more of you while I'm in their state. But I was wondering: "Who wants me to visit, and has free time to spend a day with me in October 2013?"

    That is essentially what this thread is for: Giving me a comprehensive list of people who want me to visit them during my stay in America. One of the Seven people is known. It's going to be Diana, and I'm going to stay at her place for the last week of October, probably until after halloween.

    It is important to note that I AM going to america, and there IS a chance I will visit you if you reply in this thread. If you respond please tell me the state you live in. Please do NOT post your address, if I decide to visit you I will ask for your address privately later on.

    I ofcourse hope to see many reactions to this thread and will post my travel schedule in this thread later.
  2. YAY Diana! 8D And Since Myrn will be visiting us during Halloween (or at least that week) Diana will be having a big spooky party. >:]
  3. I haven't been on Iwaku for very long and I don't know if anyone else is from Minnesota. But if you come here I would hangout for a day, meeting internet friends is interesting. Plus we have the biggest mall in the US. There are probably more interesting places to go though, unless you like to fish and hunt.
  4. I will admit meeting this here dudebro seems like it would be fun.
  5. I"m all for meeting Myrn, but I'm getting married in october :D .... so I won't be around. :(
  6. Myrn should come to New Orleans! It's lovely in October and I want to give him cuddles!!
  7. I don't really know anybody where I live (all my friends are in the computer!) but I do know a good lunch/dinner spot near my house in Illinois. And Myrn could meet my kickass little brother! :)

    And not far, there's a holiday light show that's pretty neat to see. :P
  8. :DDD

    Orion lives in the state under ...maybe all three of us could meet in the middle or something??? :O

    *drags Miru<3 into the thing too*
  9. I'd totes like to meet up with you at some point, Myrn. I sincerely hope I have that chance, and that this coming year is far better than this past year has been to me.

    Not to mention, if you come here to Atlanta (in Georgia), there might be a few from places in the region that will come here. Even if they have to go through Spaghetti Junction to get here!
  10. That name makes me hungry.

    MYRNABALLS! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND FIND YOU- because you don't want to come to Dallas....
  11. Oh man, this is perfect. I was thinking of going out to Diana's in October. But I have to be back home for Halloween. Maybe I'll make it so I'm there for a day or two while you're there.
  12. I wanna meet yyyoouuuuu! It would be super exciting
  13. Myyyyyyyrn my birthday is octooooooober!!!!!

    COME Pennsylvania way!
  14. Guys, remember to give me which of the states you live in if you want me to visit... Otherwise I'm going to have a hard time planning :P
  15. FLORIDA.

  16. Myrn has a sister? Is she cute can Isabellas glow at her?
  17. Thats wonderful! i love visiting my Older brother in america!
  18. *wonders if he should fly to america too*
  19. I was gonna say NYC, but Penn is probably better