Myrnodyn's Epic Quest.

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  1. [Myrnodyn sets out on an epic quest to win the love of his beloved Mid. With his trusty steed Tibbers and his ever faithful companion dog Cerulean, he rides off into the sunset to rid the land of evil, become rich, and get spectacular abs.] -02:23 Oct 13

    Somehow, I produced this line while chatting. I'm not going to write a wall of text about it.

    I dare you all to work together to make this an epic story! GO!
  2. Then everyone fucked.
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  3. Then came the babies. Mid went mad after Cerulean gave birth to a puppy clearly resembling a mix with Myrn.

    The Myrn-Ceru-mixed puppy was given the name...
  4. Ewww beastiality!

    So that was all a bad dream. When Myrn woke up he was yet just a farmboy. His trusty steed, well that was in fact the great lords new prized horse, yet he was starting to regret it. The stable hand had all but given up on taming the mustang and said it was impossible to use that horse for anything more then breeding.

    But Myrn had a secret and it would require getting the lord to agree to a bet for him to succeed in acquiring the horse and begin his quest.

    As the days grew long, Mid sat by her window, with thoughts of true love racing through her mind. Never had she experienced such a thing for her tyrant mother had kept her locked away in a tower for many years afraid of having anyone take her only child. This had made Mid a very lonely person with very little to do.

    Some would say it was fate that led her to meeting Myrnodyn, the servant boy from a place she never heard off...
  6. (Mine was a good set up! Come on!)

  7. I saw it after I posted! I do enjoy it :D
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