Myeathra: The Floating City

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"This could kill me..." Caryn (Rin) said happily to herself as she climbed the huge tree beside the outer walls. She knew the laws were extremely strict pertaining to the safety of the trees and scaling the wall, but she didn't mind either of them. It wasn't like they actually patrolled the woods or anything. Besides, who else would be foolish enough to climb the wall? So they didn't bother checking anyway.

This was how Rin had decided to spend her spring break, out on the edge of her world, enjoying the silent peace. And now that she was way out there, she didn't feel like returning to her boring college dorm and falling back into her monotonous lifestyle. The forests were always more like home, but she had to finish with her degree. Her mother had spent enough to buy a whole new house just for her education, besides, she'd need that education if she didn't want to end up getting drafted to the below-ground maintenance.

Rin finished her climb when she reached the top ledge of the wall. Hoisting herself up onto the six foot wide wall, she sat down and gazed out at the world below. Miles below, she saw great craters and vast fields of scrubs and brown brush. Off to the west an old broken down city lay in decay, gray and cold in the warm sunlight. The books in the library told of a time where the surface was green and prospering, just like Myeathra, but that was a long time ago.

This perch between worlds was her sanctuary. Once when she came up onto the wall, she actually saw the ocean and another time she saw one of the few green valleys left. Perhaps someday the world would go back to the way it was, but not in her lifetime.

And there Rin sat, deep in her reverie.
The clouds above looked threatening. Though it looked like it was going to rain, it was holding off for some reason. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed heavily. She wasn't going to get anywhere in her life especially not now. If anything was going to happen, it would have already. Ash sat in her house almost feeling sorry for herself. Nothing seemed to be going right, and it was very time consuming to do anything for herself.

Her house was was stingy. But, it was her freedom. A freedom that seemed to last forever when things were going right. She stood up moving over to the window to look out. The run down city was overwhelming. There was nothing she could do about it. It was how it was. She needed something new to do. Something exciting, but how is that going to be possible, when she didn't know anyone...

Her first goal: To meet new people. To befriend them as much as she could. But will that happen?