My Wishlist



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I have never been a person in want of many things, except for that seemingly arbitrary stuff when I was younger, like children's toys, and make up, and just general stupid shit.

My family never had a lot of money, so I guess that's where my lack of spoiled greed comes from. But, there are some things that I DO want, and their box has been ticked from my list!

Background story:
My father = bibliophile
Me = inherited bibliophileness. In the future I will look like... THIS!

But, that's not what's got me jumping up and down like a five year old on Christmas Day.

I have 2 books which I have been pining over for YEARS. I used to have them in my posession, but lost them, regrettably. My father, who gave them to me, remembers these books and is now on the hunt to search for them. And knowing him, being the avid collector of 800 books, some rare, some not... will likely find them. I AM SO EXCITED I COULD DROOOOL.


But this isn't just about MY wishlist... but it's about what's on yours, too!

What kind of things do you have on your wishlist? Do you think it is plausible you'll get them, why or why not? Have you ever gotten anything that you have been wanting for years, and finally received it in your posession?

I just wish for my parents to give me money :D
Because then I can buy what I want instead ^^ My parents never buys what I wish for xD they gave me good things but never things I had wished.
Now they just give me money so I can buy what I want :9 so to birthdays and christmas I get 500 kronor (about 73,63 dollar) and then I get the same amount from my grandparents to xD haha

But if I didn't get money then I wish the game Amnesia, but I know my parents wont buy it for me so I will buy it myself for the money I get ;)

the only thing I have gotten that I really wished for was my computor that I got last year :) It was both christmas and birthday present from both parents and grandparents. ^^
A Triumph Scrambler, more expensive than a decent car, but god damn I love that bike.
A halfway decent desktop computer would be nice...But I highly doubt I'll be getting one, since I most certainly can't afford one for myself at this point. ^^;
What I really want isn't a particular item, but a person. To be precise, it would be my boyfriend. He lives in Texas and I live in California, and we're currently trying to get him to move in with me and the rest of my family. The thing that's stopping us is money and my family is against having a stranger move in with my family. So we'll see how that works out. We're shooting for him moving in here by mid January.
> w<
I wish you luck, Zene-chan.
Thank you. ^^
Once upon a time I wished for a Tiara! And then I got TWO tiaras for my 21st birthday! :D

And then I wished for a HOUSE and now I have a HOUSE after Christmas last year! :D :D :D

Now my wishlist. Hmm... Everything I desire now are little things that I am slowly acquiring. XD My TV is now mounted on the wall, so my next wish is building built in book/dvd shelves on the wall.

I guess my one big wish would be a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise!
I hope I'm as lucky as you to gain my wishes.