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  1. Okay. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I don't really feel like making a large, decorative thread about my RP wishes, I'm just going to list them out. If you're interested, just comment below which one you're interested in.

    P.S. I am 17, going to be rolling over to the adult section on June 23rd, so I'd prefer if my partners were 18+ who are okay with smut, as long as we hold off sexy time until my birthday. Anybody 16 or younger, I'm sorry, I can't RP with you. I like to add smut to my RPs. Not as the main theme of an RP, but more of a natural release of stress between two characters. Besides, I like adding "Second Gen" children to my RPs, it expands the plot and the cast. For any other information, check out my RP resume.

    My RP Wishlist
    -Twin[x]Twin (Twincest)
    -Knight[x]Female Knight

    That's all I've got so far. There's actually a couple CS's in my blog, if you wish to take a look.
    Btw. I will only RP with a female partner, playing Female characters. I will not RP with a Male or anyone who identifies themselves as such. I'm sorry, but I am picky.
  2. Pretty sure this goes in the Partner Request forum rather than Interest Check and Discussion.

    Edit: If you're dead-set on the whole 'I add smut' then it goes in the Liber-Teen section.

    Also, people tend to like plots far more than generic and bland pairings. Just my opinion and what people repeat in the Pet Peeves thread.
  3. no. Libertine is for RPs that are solely based on sex. That's not what I'm about.
    Well if they aren't interested, that's not my issue. It's my thread and I don't have any other details to go on other than the pairing types.
  4. To bad you can't rp with me.
  5. Why can't I? I'm still waiting for your response to my question on your profile about where you wanted to RP
  6. You can't because you said this - Anybody 16 or younger, I'm sorry, I can't RP with you. I like to add smut to my RPs- up there *luaghs* but pm me, then we can start that rp.
  7. This is actually incorrect. For some reason, everyone thinks that threads in the libertine forums need to be dirtier than mop water, but they don't. If you are looking for smut, no matter how little, they go in the Libertine forums.

    I'm going to leave this here because I know you understand full well about the age rules, but keep that in mind once you turn 18. Put smut requests in the Libertine forums, or I'll move them for you. :D
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  8. Alrighty, will do. Thank you for the respect you have shown me, sir.
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