My Werefox needs some lovins {MxF}

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    So far, my only requirements, are at least two-thee paragraphs each post. Decent grammar, and thats probably about it. I have several fun cute plots in mind if anyone is interested and im pretty much open to everything. Shoot me a PM or Reply here if interested :)​
  2. Send me message with the plot idea?
  3. Still looking for some fun for the fox? 8D I'd be interested if you still are!
  4. PMed both of you :)
  5. I'd be interested in knowing some plots as well if you're still looking
  6. I know you posted this awhile back but I would rp with you if you're still looking for partners. :)
  7. Sure, pm me about your ideas, I'd love to hear your plots, if you are still looking :3
  8. Still looking for someone to rp with? Please pm me if so. I have a few characters and plot ideas
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.