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  1. So, first I draw on paper.


    Then I retrace it and color it on the computer.


    Bleh. Now let me show you other examples of my dragon-only art.

    This one was an avatar request for a clan on a dragon game called Draconis Theory. You will find me under the same username.

    One of my more feminine attempts.

    Random Sketch....Don't like the head as much....

    An experiment with scales...

    My avatar for my clan on the site.

    Oh, and I also make attempts at drawing on the laptop. It is HARD to use the pad to draw.
    This was made with Microsoft default paint software. I used spray paint and a brush.
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  2. Oh I do adore dragons <3. You've got a cute style and I like the colors you use for'em. Do you do profile views?
  3. Thanks! I do custom avatars and signatures. I also do custom pictures, but those take forever.
  4. Another pic I'll retrace later.

    His name is fluffy. :) I got a little feather-happy there.
  5. Okay, made it into an avatar. Here's the full-size.

  6. Aaand, here's the promised Meatloaf Dragon.

  7. Okay, I removed the background and made it into a PNG.

  8. MEATLOAF DRAGON. ;_; I hear they taste good with brown gravy or ketchup.

    I on the other hand do not like meatloaf. I SHALL HELP PROTECT THEM TOO!!
  9. Why thank you!
  10. [​IMG]
    This is my pride and joy, Remni. He's one of Emily Akina's dragons, and is the master of lightning. I wish I had taken the picture in better light, because the colors are actually a little more vibrant around the eyes, and there's a hint of green in the horns, but because of the lighting when I took that picture you can't really see the hints of bright that are there.
  11. By the way, don't click the image. The full-size will blow up your screen.
  12. *sighs* Why can't I draw realistically?! I guess I'll forever be that cartoon-drawer. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of how much progress I've made, but I still haven't really made a dent in my goal to draw realistic dragons.
  13. Okay, I've noticed how cookies are a kind of currency around here, so I made this:


    Here's a smaller version: [​IMG]

    I'll probably use this when approving a bio.
  14. xD Now I want cookies but I guess brownies will do.

    Drawing realistically takes a lot of time and practice. Just work on it and you'll master it one day, don't worry. :)
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