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  1. So here's a little info on me, I am more feminine for a guy but I am straight. My voice sounds like the typical homosexual male' as you can understand this causes a problem when meeting new example I met this girl and really liked her a friend knew her and texted her to see if she was interested.....she thought I was gay. I am going off to college this fall and will be meeting a lot of new people and I don't want them to hear my voice and not want to talk to be because of it or to think differently of basically 1. Would you ever not want to talk to a new person because of their voice? 2. Does anyone know how to deepen your voice naturally, currently I am trying to stretch my vocal cords by tilting my head backwards for 15-30 seconds at a time.
  2. 1-Some people's voices can be inherently creepy, but for the most part I don't judge a person on their voice.
    2-There are a lot of resources out there for transgender men to lower their voices. While you're not trans, maybe some of those resources might help you?
  3. 1- I really don't care what your voice is. Besides, I probably won't care about what the guy does anyway unless they specifically tell me. My mind is to busy being in a different dimension.

    2-Not really sure, but @EquinoxSol's idea sounds good.
  4. Speak from the diaphragm and not the throat.

    Find singing tutorials online and practice.

    Accept who you are. It doesn't matter what other people think of you when they hear your voice.

    Learn sign language and play mute?
  5. Bro, confidence is sexy. Don't just admit you have an effeminate voice, find some way to make it sound like that instantly makes you 100x sexier than the average scrub.

    1: No, not really considering I have actual flamboyant gay friends and once dated this girl with an annoying laugh.

    2: Practice...?
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  6. This. Admit it. Own it. Strut it.

    Also weren't all the good men either taken or gay? Boom, surprise, baby!


    Your issue isn't your voice, it's confidence. Fortunately there's ways to work on that.
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  7. People should love you for who you are and not judge based on their first impression of your voice. Just be yourself and those that matter will stick around. You don't want people in your life that can't handle who you truly are. Embrace who you are and run with it. The right friends will love you for it.
  8. Despite how depressing it sounds, what people think of you certainly matters. I suggest trying to lower your voice a little.
  9. Not sure if that's directed at me or not, but..

    No. Speak loud. Speak proud.

    If all you do is worry what others think then you'll never think for yourself.

    This goes for @andrew21234 too.
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  10. 1. No, it's a rather low blow to deal with people. Plus I grew up with (and still have) a Lisp myself, so I'd also be a hypocrite if I did that.

    Granted most people just assume the Lisp is an accent today, but when I was a kid?
    Massive target for bullying and it was a lot more clear it was a lisp back then.

    2. No. I've been to some speech therapy as a kid. But the therapists only solution was to stick a bunch of plastic in my mouth, which didn't help.
    And then an operation to remove my adenoids, which also didn't help.

    I know it's possible, accent and speech therapist exist for a reason.
    But my experience specifically was rather ineffective.
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