My Threads Are Dead? (fixed)

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  1. I tried to go post in some of my newer threads and I noticed that they had been placed in the Libertine graveyard. The lastest posts couldn't be more than a couple weeks old and I know that we have a larger window for inactivity than that. I was hoping I could get some of the RP's returned to the active Libertine area.

    The RPs are:

    • Sinners and the Sinless - Link
    • Melting Together - Link
    • Fix You... - Link
    • The Tevinter Charger - Link
  2. This is explained in the announcement, some threads were archived by mistake! You can put in a thread moderation request to get them all fixed.
  3. I just thought that I would reply here since this is talking about it already, but oen of my roleplays was also put into the graveyard and I tried to find the moderation request but when I clicked on the link it said that it was no longer available. I was just wondering if you coudl send me a link? @Diana Thanks! :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.