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  1. My Idea is something like Middle Earth from the Hobbit and Lord of the ring. I have no plot this was just thinking and stupid thoughts coming together i have other ideas and everything so if you want them go ahead and ask me. I just feel like doing something fantasy like and Middle Earth popped up in my head.

    The war is over and many are pleased but it does not mean that darkness is gone. New enemies arise and new allies become and love with bloom once more. The kings of the three kingdoms come together with the great White wizard, The Elf king, The Human king, and The Dwarf King. They came together to become one (I feel like Russia from Hetalia when I written this it was scary) and in harmony with one another.

    Once many years has pasted the Kingdoms since they came together they forces of darkness has became strong once more. And this is the story of a worrier that has no soul and a girl that shows him that being strong is not always the best in a fight.

    So this was my idea of course I will be the girl becomes I am awesome of. And anyone wants to be the guy is welcome. I don’t care.

    SO....... GET OVER HERE (mortal combat voice)

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