My Terrible Rival Saga

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  1. Hey! Uh, I made something! You wanna check it out? ...P-Please senpai? I worked really hard on it!

    It's gonna be really fun, I think. It's a, (uh, an, not 'a') It's an anime-based, video-game inspired parody/tribute! You ever wanna use your Magical Girl to uppercut a cocky Hyper Blader in the jaw? Ever wanna do something that vaguely resembles the 'slice of life' genre, but includes persistent character progression that is actually balanced with action?


    Seriously, though. Have you?

    I tried really hard to streamline the dice thing...I...I...Do you think it will work? ^^'

    Hehe. I'm only half kidding.

    On a more serious note.

    This is intended to be a (semi) reverent parody of the genres we all love and know, while blasphemously mocking such golden, godly creations. Expect a modern setting and a large deal of silliness.

    For nearly a decade the Fighting School Network has had a presence in Bridge City. Countless times have the students been judged and tested in the Summer Tournament. This year, this year is different. Normally, where a cash prize (and loads of prestige) are given to the victor, the director of the F.S.N has offered a gift too tantalizing to pass up; a single wish, granted to the victor. Now, as autumn bears it crisp chill on the sunny city, does the school year begin. Freshmen, gathered on the first day of their new school year are accepted into Bridge City High. Some come for their studies, some come for the blood; but the wish is on everyone's mind.

    I have a thread up detailing a lot of information about the setting, combat rules and other miscellanea that might inspire your undying love. However, in my excitement...I forgot to actually post an interest check. So, here it is.

    Really, I just want to gauge the interest for an idea like this.

    OOC is here.

    I apologize for this. Officially ;)​
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