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  1. Or, "My Terrible Rival Saga Volume One [Alternate Take]; Forgiveness is Borrowed, Never Bought."

    Hi! I'm Sleep! I've been a member here for quite some time, but I daresay I haven't accomplished much. I aim to change that. So...I bring you...! This!

    As a concept, this roleplay is intended to blend elements of old school RPGs, anime/manga and various other influences with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Basically, I want us to hit the middle ground with this; alternating between unwavering respect and awe of our beloved genres and stereotypes as well as the story we're making with inspiration from these sources...and then bashing them to death with a humor stick (or something else that's funny and heavy).

    This roleplay will use a simple dice system. I hope that doesn't turn you away.

    Well, yeah, check out the rest and let me know what you think.

    OOC Info (open)
    Some Things to Know Out of Character (to entice your undying love) :

    This will be a modern setting with anachronistic examples of highly advanced technology, as well as rampant use of magic and other such mystical (or scientific) forces.

    Everyone possesses a unique ability, called their Core Ability. You will get to design this.

    Most characters will be of high school age, due to the setting.

    Fighting will happen. Probably often. (Except for filler arcs.)

    Life is kind of (exactly) like a video game; meaning that characters in this world can do things like access their inventory, check their stats, communicate with their friends and loved ones through chat boxes that seem to appear from nowhere, advance their level/ job class. Imagine the possibilities! Hilarious, right? Right? :/ I hope so.

    Character interaction will happen. Probably often.

    People have either very normal or very odd names.

    I intend for us to make a story, together.

    Characters can change appearance when switching to combat mode. (usually accompanied by transformation scene)

    How Combat Works; It'll be a rather simple system of rolling 1d6 (one six sided die), whether you're on offense or defense, attempting to match (and hopefully supersede) their roll. Modifiers for appropriate stats will be added to the die roll; for example, an attacking character using Physical Melee type damage would roll 1d6+ their Strength modifier. Combat between players will be divided into turns, which consist of an attack and defense action, and will run a default time of 10 turns (five for each character). This is to ensure fairness in combat and streamline the overall process. Die rolls will be made here, under your character's name. Now, this method of combat requires players to collaborate in their victories as well as their defeats; so I expect a fair bit of co-operative work to go into this.

    Defending: Defense is a little more complicated than it appears on the surface. Essentially, your defense modifier is based on the enemy's attack type; if an enemy attacks you with a Strength-governed skill (anything Physical, be it melee or ranged), your character would apply their Strength modifier to defend (or Agility. Which stat you intend to use for defense should be stated on the roll) against said attack. The same can be said for Intelligence-governed and Willpower-governed skills and normal attacks.

    Statistic Changes: To determine your Stats at level 1, you will roll 5 3d6 (three six sided dice, five times). These rolls can be distributed among your statistic categories (as they are). You will also determine your beginning HP Pool in a similar way (1 roll of 3d6) and please be sure to link your roll (link found in the section above) in your character sheet. These points can be distributed however you wish among your five stats.

    Every two points above ten ranks you gain a +1 Modifier to that stat and actions attributed to that stat. Alternatively, for every two points below 10 your stats are, you will receive a negative Modifier. As for leveling up, a defeated opponent gives you half their EXP, rounded up. To level up you need your level +1. So at level 1 you need 2 XP to level up, at level 2 you need 3, at level 4 you need 5, and so forth.

    Stats List (open)
    Statistics List (to know how mad your skills are) :

    Information: Statistics are vital to characters, some stats more so than others. Statistics are increased as a character wishes, but bonuses are only applied on numbers above 10. These distributable points are gained on leveling up,at a rate of 1 per level.. Stats also tie into the usage of certain skills. For example, Intelligence governs Magical damage type skills and Strength influences Physical damage types, whereas Willpower governs Energy type attacks.

    Strength; Determines the potency of Physical type attacks and skills. A basic measure of a character's physical capabilities.

    Agility: A character's speed is governed by Agility. If a character intends to focus on speed, rather than raw strength, they may put points into Agility. This ability grants bonuses to a character's dodge.

    Intelligence: Governs the damage and efficiency of Magical type attacks and skills. A crude measurement of one's capabilities in the realms of information retention, logical reasoning and problem solving capabilities.

    Willpower: Creates more energy within the character's form. Used to determine the amount of control a character exerts over energies latent in themselves and their immediate surroundings.

    Vigor: Gauges how quickly a character's body can recover from and endure sustained damage.

    IC Information (open)
    Things To Know In Character (to crush your friends) :

    You only live once...most of the time.

    The city you live in is called Bridge City. Its huge and has an astounding variety of architectural styles.

    Powers are pretty normal. Like, everyone and their mom has one. Seriously.

    Various systems exist within the world. One such system is the "Rival" system, that tethers two characters together in an undeniable bond of repressed emotions and constant confrontation. This occurs when former party members, or friends, or lovers, or pets, or whatever have a violent or significantly bitter falling out; turning them into fully-fledged, official nemeses. Most people have a nemesis. Some don't. That's cool, too.

    Adaptive Weapon System: Though various weapons can be found, or crafted, throughout the city, some choose to keep their starting weapon. This is due to the weapon's potential for growth. As the person gains levels, the weapon begins to adapt to its wielder's preference; becoming more effective in certain areas and gaining a sweet new appearance!

    Job System: At some point in your life, you have to be tired of being a Nobody. When you get tired of being a Nobody, you pick a class. Upon picking a class, you set out upon your grandiose adventure! There are several classes to choose from, with the bases being the ever present Warrior, Thief, Mage and Archer. The option to create a custom class exists and is probably the option most often used in the world. Jobs gain levels as players do, eventually becoming something more potent and impressive.

    Nobodies: People that haven't taken a job class. While they still have their Core Ability, most of them aren't noteworthy...except taking up background space. Who knows, they could do something unexpected one day...maybe. Nobodies give 0 Exp. when killed.

    Skills: Encompassing the realm of abilities or attacks learned by obtaining levels in your respective Job Class. Most perform archetypal functions, unless the character has used a Custom Job Class; in which case they develop customized abilities.

    F.S.N Information: Founded nearly fifty years ago, the Fighting School Network exists as a way to gauge the combat potential of students. Since its induction, the F.S.N has become a worldwide media powerhouse; raking in billions of dollars in sponsorships, pay-per-view events and merchandising. Participants in the F.S.N syndicated match brackets are given an accessory item during their first year of high school, something tailored to their personal preferences (nothing that could be weaponized). This item stays with them through the entirety of their school career and it is through this that they are measured by their foes and the world. Each accessory has a smooth gem inserted into it, that begins as a dark gray color; denoting that the wearer is E-Rank. Upon winning battles and earning Fight Points, the Character can advance their Rank and become qualified for higher level bouts.

    Fight Notices are given to contenders via text message that includes the location and scheduled time of the fight, as well as basic information on their opponent. Most fights will have a few spectators, though C-Rank fights and above are almost always televised and gather a large crowd. Bets can be placed on fights, through the F.S.N Vice Chamber, allowing Characters to put up money or items on the combatant they believe will win. Announcers and Referees are known to appear at every fight, no matter how small, even if the bout isn't going to be a large event.

    Rank Color Progression:
    E: Gray
    D: Light Blue
    C: Purple
    B: Green
    A: Yellow
    S: Red

    Character Sheet (open)
    Character Sheet Template (to know yourself) :

    Name: (Doesn't have to be revealed)

    Alias: (Because everyone has one)

    Age: (Simple)

    Class: (Make something up! Be sure to include strengths and weaknesses in terms of combat.)

    Level: (Should be 1.)

    Combat Mode: (Physical Melee, Physical Ranged, Magic Melee, Magic Ranged, Energy Melee, Energy Ranged, Devices)

    Core Ability: (Can be about anything you want. Don't be OP.)

    Weapon: (Appearance and function to be listed here.)

    Appearance: (An image is fine)

    History: (Can be short)

    Catch Phrase: (Totally optional...or, you can replace it with a theme song.)

    Character Statistics:

    Hit Points






    Going to see if this gathers any interest. ;)
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  2. Holy Shart. This thing sounds amazingly fun! I'm not sure how good I'll be at it though. What should I do for werewolf form? make a new sheet and put bonuses? IDK.

    Name: Ahzera Blackpaw

    Alias: Jacoby Darlson, but his old name is lost to the ages.

    Age: 16?

    Class: Bloodmancer. Like a mage, but uses blood instead of mana, or spells. They can still learn low level spells, but usually they are forced to create their own. This practice is frowned upon, since it seems unholy.

    Level: 1

    Combat Mode: Magic Melee, this is a rather strange thing, however. I could coat my weapon in blood, stab you with it, then control yours.

    Core Ability: Lycanthropy.
    +2 to strength and agility for three turns while suffering equal penalties to intelligence and willpower, for three turns.

    Weapon: A staff, it seems to be a thick branch from a lemon tree, and covered in wicked looking thorns. The said thorns are coated in a layer of lemon juice. I can hit people with it and it hurts.

    Appearance: Blonde hair with brown roots. Broad shouldered, and kind of heavily built. Evenly muscled, and covered in small white scars. His right hand is covered by a dark red glove. The clothes on him are as follows; Dark jeans, white t-shirt, and a unbuttoned blue plaid overshirt.

    Wolf Appearance: Right paw is entirely black, and slightly transparent. His tail is fox-like, in the sense the tip is pure white to contrast against the dark red fur. He also has a small white horizontal line across his forehead. The rest of him is dark red, with other small white streaks periodically.

    History: Pain ain't a strange thing. You'll come into the world with pain, and leave it with pain too. Pain isn't something I'm not used to, quite the contrary. I've dealt with a constant pain all my life, then, it ended. I died to a werewolf. Sadly, that same damn werewolf decided to attempt to revieve me. As you could guess by my luck, he failed. I was revieved, but not in the conventional sense. I was brought back as a spirit clinging to a dying body. My said body got taken by other spirits, and demons, so I had to defend my own corpse. A few of the demons I defeated, and beat into submission, the rest of the interlopers were... dealt with. Only time I don't hear spirits and devils knocking on my head's door is when I give in to the wolf. My past ain't important now, I don't remember much. Hell, I barely recall my name. Maybe other people can fill me in, maybe not. Who knows.

    Theme Song: Rucks Theme, from Bastion

    Character Statistics:

    Hit Points: 10

    Strength: 14

    Agility: 11

    Intelligence: 12

    Willpower: 10

    Vigor: 12
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  3. Sorry I didn't notice this yesterday, but we've conversed via PM. I'll post my CS here in a few. Thanks for your interest (and I love your avatar)

    Name: -

    Alias: Peace Hayder

    Age: Fourteen

    Class: Hyper Blader. Focusing on close quarters combat, a Hyper Blader places emphasis on agility coupled with devastating attacks from a two-handed sword. Though lacking in physical defense and offensive magical abilities, the Hyper Blader increases their combat effectiveness by casting simple buffs on themselves and allies.

    Level: 1

    Combat Mode: Physical Melee

    Core Ability: Subconscious-Space Manipulator; Capable of folding and entering the plane of existence created by subconscious human desires, Peace is able to instantaneously travel between points through Sub-Space, as well as store and retrieve items in localized pocket dimensions. Opening Sub-Space rifts takes little time, but a great deal of precision. Often, hasty teleportations will leave her in an unplanned location. This ability is draining on the physical form as well as the mind, requiring careful utilization. Has a cooldown of two posts.

    image (open)
    Dense Battlefang. A Phsyical type, two-handed sword that is the standard for a beginner Hyper Blader. The sword is much heavier than it looks and is capable of absorbing heavy Physical Melee strikes, if used to defend. Incapable of blocking Magic type attacks and Energy type attacks seem to pass right through it.

    Image (open)

    History: Tired of observing the suffering in the world as a Nobody, Peace created an alternative persona for herself (and a custom class) during her summer break. Leaving her name and previous appearance behind, she has taken the announcement of the F.S.N Summer Tourney's grand prize to heart and has resolved to let nothing stand in her way.

    Overworld Theme: Video
    Battle Theme: Video

    Stats (open)

    Character Statistics:
    Rolls: Stats
    Hit Points

    Hit Points: 14

    Strength: 13 (+1)

    Agility: 12 (+1)

    Intelligence: 9

    Willpower: 8 (-1)

    Regeneration: 12 (+1)

    Skills (open)

    Skill Name: Crimson Flicker
    Level Obtained: 1
    Defense Type: Physical Melee
    Element Type: -.
    Effect: Instantaneously creates a hazy crimson nimbus around the target's body, shielding for one half of Physical Melee type damage for 1 post. Cooldown of two posts.
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  4. Looking for a couple more folk. If I don't get any more interest, m'gonna go ahead and start the thread tomorrow. Sorry for the holdup, JakeTDragon.
  5. Ah, no problem. I'm happy to wait. :oD
  6. I'm going to try to get a CS up by the end of today.
  7. Awesome! Welcome aboard!

    And thanks for your patience, Jake, I appreciate it ^^
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  8. Hello, Sleep! Definitely interested.

    Name: Sarah Goldsmith
    Alias: Hazard Star
    Age: Fifteen
    Class: Volatile Mage - A class of damage dealers, they wallow in destruction and mayhem. What makes the class volatile however is how their skills affect foes & allies alike, while harming foes their destructive skills lend their allies a hand. This class has no healing skills and is often called suicidal for their mix of long & close range combat, however they flourish in groups.
    Combat Mode: Magic Ranged/Melee
    Core Ability: Melt– Star is able to melt into her surroundings, becoming invisible and undetectable to even magic or technology.
    Weapon: N/A.

    Star is a rather average height at 5’6, she is not rail thin and does not care that she is not model material. Her hair has been bleached and dyed beyond regonition, looking like an artist splashed paint onto a canvas, streaks of this and that color sit side by side twisting up into her dark roots. She’s cut her hair to be as layered as possible, the longest strands curling around under her chin. Sitting in her round, somewhat plump face are a pair of bright blue eyes that Star takes a lot of pride in though framing them are a pair of purple glasses that she really should only wear for reading but she never seems to take them off. Her style of clothing is what some might call “tomboy”, baggy jackets and long pants over her plain t-shirs.
    History: N/A
    Catch Phrase: "Catch phrase? Those are really not my thing. Why would I want to be stuck with the same string of words attached to my name day in and out?"

    Over World Theme - Throwing Fire
    Battle Theme - You're next
    Stats (open)

    Hit Points
    Stat Points

    Hit Points: 14
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 14(+2)
    Intelligence: 15 (+2)
    Willpower: 10
    Vigor: 12(+1)

    Skills (open)

    Skill Name: Chaos Blast
    Level Obtained: 1
    Damage Type: Magic Ranged
    Element Type: Dark
    Effect: Casts an orb of dark energy that when hits the foe explodes outwards, may damage up to two other foes at ¼ damage. Has one post cool down.

    Skill Name: Inferno's Rage

    Level Obtained: Locked
    Damage Type: Magic Melee

    Element Type: Fire
    Effect: ???
    Skill Name: Air Step
    Level Obtained: Locked
    Support Type: Instant

    Element Type: Air
    Effect: ???

    Skill Name: Pumpkin Feast
    Level Obtained: Locked
    Damage Type: ???

    Element Type: ???
    Effect: ???

    Name: David Archer

    Alias: N/A

    Age: Fifteen

    Class: Nobody

    Level: 0

    Combat Mode: N/A

    Core Ability: Reflection of The Heart – The heart is an ever changing thing, as is this ability. It reflects whatever kind of psyche the wielder has. For David, currently, it manifests itself as a shield to guard him and only him.

    Weapon: N/A


    History: David grew up in a city across the country and has only recently moved to Bridge city with his mother. The reason for the move was due to David, actually though he dislikes talking about that or anything to do with his old life and school. So far the boy doesn't like Bridge city too much, and finds the amount of non-nobodies to be…unsettling.

    Catch Phrase: “Go away”

    Theme -
    Battle Theme -
    ??? - Night Of Fate

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  9. Daze! You made it! I'm so happy!
  10. Well, since it's not just you and me any more, sleep, how about using this page to also approve spells and skills? I feel that having them checked out beforehand would be good, it would root out the op ones, and probably leave the characters with really cool spells/skills!
  11. No worries, Jake. I've been checking over abilities and skills. If I have any problems, I'll inform the player via PM. For now, everything looks legit. Anyone here can post their intended skills before they level up so they can be approved; I'd prefer that, actually.
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  12. Enoch (open)

    Name: Minato Shibua

    Alias: Enoch Xerxies Orion

    Age: 15

    Class: Yojimbo- A physical class focused on overwhelming and exhausting the opponent with pure speed and an unending barrage of attacks. They almost always duel-wield, so they can apply more pressure to their opponent. They always strive to get the first blow in a fight. A Yojimbo's focus speed on speed leaves them lacking Vigor, so they can not take many hits before falling.

    Level: 1

    Combat Mode: Physical Melee
    Core Ability: Quinque-obsignatis illusio- Enoch makes two illusions of himself. These illusions disperse if they are hit, hit the opponent, or or after one minute has elapsed. They are able to deal 1/4 of Enoch's basic attack damage to the opponent if they hit them.
    Khakkhara (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Weapon: Khakkhara- a short, metal staff meant for prayer. Not physical powerful, but the noise created when the rings jingle distracts enemies, making them want to focus on the staff, and not the wielder.
    Katana (open)


    Katana- just a regular katana. Fast, but fragile.

    Appearance (open)


    The Khakkhara is collapsible, so Enoch stores it in his jacket. He wears the Katana on his belt.

    History: Born to a family of Yojimbo's. However, nobody in his family has ever done well in the F.S.N. Enoch is determined to restore his disgraced family's name, and show the Bridge city the power of the Yojimbo.

    Personality: “If there's a wall in our way then we smash it down! If there isn't a path, then we carve one ourselves!” This quote exemplifies Enoch. He is go-getter, a man of indomitable spirit. When he decides to do something, only death will stop him. As such, he's extremely stubborn. He is also easily excitable. He always talks about “Fighting spirit.” according to him, “Fighting is much more than a physical or mental phenomenon. It's a clash of two spirit's.Whoever's spirit burns brighter, that's the one who will win!”

    Theme songs:
    Theme (open)

    Battle! (open)

    Fanfare (open)

    Character Statistics:

    Hit Points: 13

    Strength: 12 (+1)

    Agility: 15 (+2)

    Intelligence: 9

    Willpower: 10

    Vigor: 6 (- 2)

    Skills (open)

    Skill Name:Spirit Strike
    Level Obtained: 1
    Defense Type: Physical Melee
    Element Type: none

    Effect: The user puts his spirit's power into his weapon, adding 1/3 of the users Willpower to the damage. (that's 3 for right now). Three post cool down.

    Aether (open)

    Name: Alice Sukki

    Alias: Aether Gaea

    Age: 15

    Class: Shaman- Shaman's are spell casters that focus on Wind and Fire magics. A shaman can wreak havoc on a far away foe, but they have trouble is a close-quarters match up. As such, they try to finish an opponent before they can get to close.

    Level: 1

    Combat Mode: Magic Ranged

    Core Ability: Breath of Blight- Aether breath's out a trail of blight flame. If the opponent is hit from the flame, they are cursed, and take 1 point of damage for three posts. Has a four post cool down.
    Crescent Staff (open)

    Weapon: [​IMG]

    A staff imbued with the powers of wind and fire.

    Apperance (open)
    She usually wears short shorts and a teal, over sized sweater. Her hair is black, but she dyes it pink. Her eyes are green

    History: Aether was born to a human mother and demon father. Her family moved to Bridge city when she was five. She was always a fan of F.S.N., watching the fights when ever she could. Now, she's decided to join the F.S.N. and see how see does.

    Personality: Aether is quite and reserved. She seems meek, and is easily scared. In battle, However, she becomes like a different person. She becomes filled with blood lust and a want to burn her foes to the ground.
    Theme (open)

    Battle! (open)

    Character Statistics:

    Hit Points: 13

    Strength: 9

    Agility: 15 (+2)

    Intelligence: 15 (+2)

    Willpower: 10

    Vigor: 14 (+2)
    Skills (open)

    Skill Name:Blowback
    Level Obtained: 1
    Defense Type:Magic Ranged
    Element Type: Wind

    Effect: The caster releases a ring of compressed air, blowing foes back. However, this skill deal's no damage. Two post cool down.

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  13. Looks good, Diomedes. Sent you a PM with my one concern.

    Working on another character for myself.

    Name: Ryobi Tsunoda

    Alias: -

    Age: 15

    Class: Chain Reaver: Focusing on a balance between several types of combat, varying between magical ranged, physical ranged, physical melee and magical melee, all linked together by the use of a living weapon. Ryobi is precise in his attacks, but lacks heavily in defense; relying on blinding speed to avoid foes.

    Level: 1

    Combat Mode: Physical ranged/melee, Magic ranged/melee.

    Core Ability: "Living Weapon 'Gleipnir'". Bound to Ryobi through cabalistic rituals, the living weapon Gleipnir is an ubreakable chain summoned through a magical circle. This weapon does not require a wielder to direct it and acts on the whims of the user, rather than their action. From the magical circle, it has a maximum range of thirty yards; and bears a serpentine head at the end of the chain. It can grapple opponents and nearby objects with relative ease, allowing Ryobi to move himself toward an enemy or pull an enemy toward himself. Gleipnir's summoning point originates from a tattoo on the back of Ryobi's hand. While it has no cooldown, Gleipnir can inflict no damage directly; unless a Chain Reaver skill specifically states so.

    Weapon: A variety of mundane knives. Most commonly uses butterfly knives for close combat and throwing knives for his ranged attacks. They are hidden in his sleeves, on his waist and one in each shoe. While it is possible for him to run out, it is a rare occassion.


    History: Ryobi has always been something of a snake in the grass, manipulating his way through life and utilizing his Core Ability for his own gain for quite some time. It only seemed natural for him to design his own class to enter the F.S.N tournament. That isn't his only goal, but it's the only one he'll own up to. Most of his past is a secret, meaning he simply won't talk about it.

    Catch Phrase: "Ahahaha!"

    Overworld Theme: Video
    Battle Theme: To be decided.

    stats (open)
    Character Statistics: Stat Roll
    HP Roll

    Hit Points: 12

    Strength: 9

    Agility: 13 (+1)

    Intelligence: 12 (+1)

    Willpower: 10

    Vigor: 9

    Skills (open)
    Skill Name: Viper's Step
    Level Obtained: 1
    Attack Type: Physical Ranged
    Element Type: Darkness
    Effect: Throws three knives at an opponent during a backwards leap. Each knife must be rolled for, to hit, and deals 1d3 damage. Cooldown of three posts.
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  14. I wonder to see how Enoch would face off against Ryobi Tsunoda. Both focus on speed over defense, so it would be cool to see who would win.
  15. I shall begin works on a character! This is intriguing...

    I must ask about the Devices section of combat style though. Could you please explain?
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  16. Devices are just pieces of technology, though they can be rather impressive, that some people use in place of other, more esoteric forces. So it'd be things like, these are just examples, a personal shield generator or some kind of fancy healing discus. Welcome, by the way!

    Diomedes: Oooo, we'll have to make that happen.
  17. Liara Elemia (open)

    Alias: ----

    Age: 15

    Class: Technician - A Technician doesn't rely solely on their tech, but instead uses it to enhance their natural ability, making their energy far more versatile than most energy users. t.

    Level: 1

    Combat Mode: Energy Melee/Devices

    Core Ability: "Combat Drone" Liara calls a drone that acts as either a weapon or a shield based on the situation. Its fires Energy Shots on offense, and on defense it creates an Energy Shield. Energy attacks to this shield strengthen it, by overcharging it. Magic is blocked effectively, and ranged attacks deflect from it. However it is severally weak against Physical Melee attacks. An uncharged shield would shatter at a sword swing

    Weapon: Liara has created a device that can focus her own energy into shockwaves. These can be fired at a distance, but loose potency the further they go, so Liara tends to get up close in fights, or rather let the enemy get close to her. She mainly counter attacks, rather than pursuing her opponent.

    History: Liara was never one to enjoy using her skills in combat. When she could, she would tinker with objects, making all sorts of little inventions. Eventually she was able to create a working drone. From their she kept building off of it. Eventually it became adept in combat situations. She had no idea how it happened. In fact all of her recent inventions were combat oriented. This derived from a deep desire to actually take part in the F.S.N tournament. She began training in hand to hand to utilize her new inventions.

    Theme Song - Yoi no Hoshi

    Battle Theme - Stargazer

    Hit Points - 12

    • Strength - 11
    • Agility - 6 (-2)
    • Intelligence - 9
    • Willpower - 13(+1)
    • Vigor - 10
    Hit Points

    • Level obtained: 1
      Attack Type: Energy Melee
      Element Type: Electric
      Effect: Liara charges up a mass of electricity in her hand, which she releases upon her next punch, dealing the normal damage of her attack. This stuns the target for a few seconds, leaving them vulnerable, making the next attack deal 1d4 more damage.
      Cooldown: 2 posts

    Tokaia Kazumi (open)


    Alias: Kaze no Seishin(Spirit of the Wind... I think...)

    Age: 16

    Class: Samurai - Samurai train body, mind, and spirit, making them versatile, and adaptable to many situations. While their attacks mainly land into the Physical category, they can use their energy and magic to support them in their attacks, and defenses.

    Level: 1

    Combat Type: Physical Melee/Energy Ranged

    Core Ability: Bushido - Through heavy training, and immense discipline, Tokaia can focus on a certain stat to increase it temporarily, but this take twice the amount from another stat. (example, if he wanted to increase agility by 2 he would reduce vigor by 4) This remains until his next move.

    Weapon: Zefā no Ejji(Zephyr's Edge... I hope...) - A Katana whose steel has a strange green hue. It has a peculiar effect on the surrounding air, so it nearly hides the blade, as it is swung.

    History: Tokaia comes from a long line of swordsmen. His predecessors developed his fighting style. However his grandfather was killed long before he could teach his own Father. Tokaia had no teacher in the way of the sword. His family was actually quite relieved. Tokaia, though wished for this training. One night he ran from home one day in search of a teacher. He found one in his great grandmother. He trained tirelessly until her death. One her death bed, she told him she had taught all she could. Now he must learn on his own. This is Tokaia's ultimate goal.

    Themes later

    • Hit Points - 15
    • Strength - 12(+1)
    • Agility - 12(+1)
    • Intelligence - 10
    • Willpower - 11
    • Vigor - 12(+1)

    Hit Points

    • Level Learned: 1
      Attack Type: Physical Melee
      Element: Wind
      Effect: Tokaia speeds his strike through the power of the wind, dealing conevtional damage, but much more difficult to protect ones self from it. Making it ignore 1d6 of damage protection
      Cool Down: 3 posts

    Katherine of the Midnight Veil (open)

    Name: Kathrine(Kathy) Exandria

    Alias: Kathrine of the Midnight Veil

    Age: 15

    Class: Summoner - Summoners hate to get their hands dirty, so they tend to let their pets do it for them. They can have up to two summons at a time, or a single Ultimate Summon. Each Summoner has their own Ultimate Summon, however it normally takes years to master this, so many Summoners never accomplish this goal. However they lack in defense and strength as they leave that up to their summons. She can not attack while she has attacking summons.

    Combat Type: Magical Ranged. Summons vary

    Core Ability: Summoner's Link - Depending on the Summon, Katherine gets a +2 stat bonus in that summons best stat.

    Weapon: A simple birch staff that has pink and purple feathers hanging off of it. Of course the real weapon is the minions

    History: Kathrine grew up in a family who found an interest in the ruins of ancient times. Kathy was forced to follow, but she never did enjoy these trips really. On one particular trip, she found a book. This book was not all good. Of course none are to say the book was truly evil. Kathrine read, and absorbed the knowledge of those before her. The knowledge to call upon spirits and creatures, and of the like. She began practicing. It was wondrous. All these servants willing to do her bidding, and all she had to do call their name. She could live like a queen, and began calling herself as such. Needless to say her parents were a little concerned.
    Catch Phrase: "Come forth, and do the bidding of your Master!"

    Theme - Mystic Pendulum

    Battle Theme - Sky of Twilight


    • Hp - 10
    • Strength - 8(-1)
    • Agility - 9
    • Intelligence - 16(+3)
    • Willpower - 10
    • Vigor - 9
    Hit Points
    • Level Learned: 1
      Attack Type: Physical Melee
      Element: N/A
      Effect: Kathrine summons an axe-wielding minion to attack for her. It has a stat roll of 5 2d3's with strength always the strongest, and intelligence the lowest.(Direct order it STR, VGR, AGI, WIL, INT) and an HP roll of 2d4(Maximum of two summons) Attacking a Summon takes an attack phase
      Cool Down: 2 posts

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  18. O'Possum, you get a positive modifier for every two points above ten, and a negative modifier for every two points below ten. So, your stats modifiers are

    Strength - 11 = 0

    Agility - 6 = -2

    Intelligence – 9 = 0

    Willpower - 13 = + 1

    Vigor - 10 = 0
  19. Rather bad comparative to everyone else. Oh the amount of bad luck is unreal.
  20. Maybe your like an onion knight? They start of weak, but become super powerful if you train them.
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