My Take Away From Age of Ultron [SPOILERS]

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  1. When Vision was all "oooo I am not JARVIS, I am not Ultron" I was really disappointed he didn't say "I am Jarltron."
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  2. [​IMG]
    That line though xD I shall never look at Pinocchio the same way again x.x
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  3. I love how the movie totally made fun of the reference too by playing Pinocchio's voice at the end of the "There are no strings on me" scene. :P

    And that moment Vision just hands Thor Mjolnir, trying to be nice but having no idea what he just did, and the look on Thors face. XD
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    the ENTIRE theatre went WHOAAAAH
  5. Thor being beat by a guy born yesterday. :P
  6. the fact that we have a new avengers line up
  7. I hope they make some movies for those individual avengers. :3
  8. ultron speaking in buffyspeak
  9. I really enjoyed Ultron as a villain. He was a sass master.
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