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    ".... I can't do it anymore... she's innocence..." Kyle Walker, a young hand some man with a normal live until you hit his occupation, his a high level mercenary hired by the government to kill invalid data and his job is to clean this invalid data. Invalid data are data which were discard by the government as they are the threat of reigning to be the next leader. Government has monopolized their position since 126 years ago specifically the day of a new generation, January 1 2031 people around the globe decided to reunite their country into one and make country became a city instead of country and USA has been their leader since then. Each people were injected a micro chip in their skull to act as a GPS or all of their data. Once their data gone, no one will know where they went or their identity beside knowing the invalid directly. Kyle was one of them but he was too late as the government has crushed data file away making stranger doesn't know him without him telling it. Many said that Invalid are the lowest of the low but they aren't, they're the saviour of the city, they hold the key of this fake peaceful world create by government. Kyle can't do anything as he want to regain his data as her lover were amnesia and doesn't recognize her but at the same time he can't kill an invalid... especially when he was right in front of her.
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