My Sisters' Babysister

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  1. Damion was having a good day. He had finished his paper for his class and he still had three days left to do it. Today, he was also starting his part time job of babysitting. It was going to be a little more time consuming than some babysitting jobs. The parents were very busy people of three kids and the two he was going to look after were female twins. The parents did not trust the older daughter to look after them. Supposedly, she had been irresponsible so they could not trust her with the kids.

    He had already met and talked with the parents on a dinner. They decided that going out away from the children and other daughter would be best to start out with. Today, he would start the job officially. Something about the address was really familiar. He could not identify it even after he arrived at the house. Something about the whole street was familiar. He walked knocked on the door and waited for an answer looking at the time. Luckily, he was a minute early.
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  2. Her sisters were at it again.... Messing with her. She loved these twins but god, theyre just too much. But, she could handle them, so she was slightly annoyed by the fact that they were hiring a babysitter.

    "Alyssa, don't go in my makeup kit..." She said lazily, she just woke up because her sisters and her were having a slumber party, which meant that they teamed up on her in the pillow fights and everything.

    She turned around to look for the other trouble maker and saw her in the kitchen making cereal. "Aliyah!! Are you wearing mom's heels?!" She yelled as the little girl just ran away half tripping.

    As she heard a knock, Alyssa ran down the stairs saying "I got it! I got it!" And the little girl opened the door looking up at the stranger with her beady green eyes and... A whole bunch of makeup on her face. "Are you our babysitter?" She asked as Aliyah, came behind her hiding, but her being seven inches taller. "Candy... Who's this?" Aliyah said as Candy got up, her hair in a mess and her eyes half asleep.

    She yawned and said "Let him in guys, he's the babysitter" she didn't have the full view of his face, but as she rubbed her eyes, she scooted the twins away, blocking the entrance.
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  3. Damion waited at the door a moment. He expected the parents to answer it, but instead of the girls answered it. Before he could get out a word the second one appeared and then the third. They said a few things and he left listened smiling. They were a cute bunch. The little one's were cute in a childish way, and from what he could see the eldest was cute in a much different way. Then he saw the girls face. It was so very familiar. "You seem very familiar. Have we met before?" he asked her. He wanted to know why everything was so familiar.
  4. "Hmm?" She rubbed her eyes so that she could see the babysitter's face clearly. Once she did she thought for a second, before her eyes widening "You..." But before she could finish what she was saying, her parents were all dressed up and ready to go. They squeezed through the entrance "Okay Damion, don't forget to feed the dog and make sure the girls take a shower." Her mom said "Including the big one" Candy elbowed her mom and said "Okay okay sho!!" She pushed both her parents out the door into the driveway and came back to the babysitter, pushing him in. "I remember you!" She tried "Your the one who started the party!! Ugh!" She yelled remembering how much trouble she got into
  5. When she said that he started the party, he remembered why this place was so familiar and why she was also. There had been a party here that he attended. "Wait? I didn't start the party. It was already here. I just made it interesting," he defended himself. He didn't understand why she accusing him of starting it. He felt kind of nervous. This was a job he really needed and a party that a dumb girl dragged him to was about to ruin it.
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