My School's Most Popular Guy is... A Vampire! (w/F

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    As the Summer Break sadly ended, the start of a new school year on Ryoo High School finally began. This morning was a very beautiful and sunny one, with clear and blue skies. The students of Ryoo High School, a really famous and popular school on all Japan were heading to the school on foot and through a sidewalk. They were all happy encountering with those friends they haven't saw during the break and talking about everything they did on the summer. That was nothing from the ordinary, but to some people, that was something really annoying, especially when they blocked their way. After all, some of the teenagers wasn't accostumed yet to wake up early in the morning, so they were a bit grumpy and cranky.

    Ryoo High School was located right in the middle of a big city of Japan. It was practically an enourmous terrain with big buildings belonging to the 10th, 11th and 12th classrooms, the Main Building, the Library, the Gym and the Infirmary, the Cafeteria and Lunchroom, and other buildings. There were also lot of greenary around and there was a beautiful cherry blossoms tree right in the middle of the school. That location was the most frequented by the students and there's even a rumor that, if two over kissed under the sakura flowers, their love life will be really happy. So say it's true, but there were a few skeptic people too.

    The sakura tree wasn't the only hot subject amoung the students. There's one that's definitely the most hot and always talk topic: the popular boys and girls of the school. Every and secretly, the students made a contest for choose the most popular guy and girl of the school. The person lucky enough to win that tittle earn a really lot of respect and the admiration almost all of the students of the school. But sure, be even nominated wasn't that easy and those with a really low life were practicaly ignored. The cruelty of the high school days was really hard. There was one guy that mysteriously won the contest: Ryunosuke Aisaka.

    "The Royal Dragon", how almost everyone called him due to that his name actualy means "dragon" in Japanese and because he was actually a rich person. Not only that. He was also really handsome and almost every girl dreamt of been with him or at least him talking or noticing them. Many have dared to confesse their feelings for him, but he coldly reject them, telling them that they weren't good enough for him. That's the worse turn on on a guy: thinking that he's better and superior that anyone else. Still, his fangirl were totally lyal and followed him anyways. This is definitely something that only made his sassy atttude only grow. Ah, but there was a secret that he was keeping from anyone. A secret that, if revealed, would ruin him and his "world" forever.

    On the 10th grade building, Ryunosuke was walking through a hallways towards the locker's area. A bunch of girls were following him from behind, gasping with awe and delightment. "Oh, Ryu-sama, please, have a date with me!" "Senpai, notice me!" "Let me take you a picture, Ryu-kun!" Ryunosuke just chuckled with a sassy smirk, loving the way he had them practically on his knees. "Ladies, ladies, please... I have a class to go", he said as he stopped walking and turned around to face them, his red and short hair flapping in slow motion and his face sparkling with perfection and handsomeness. He was 6 feet tall, so the girls gasped with excitement and looked up at him. "What about if we talk about this in the Lunchtime, mmh?" They quickly nodded in agreement and began to walk away, laughing and giggling.

    Some boys that were nearby the hallway glared at him with jelously. Ryunosuke just ignored them and laugh at their faces. He continue his way towards the lockers, putting his hands on his pockets.
  2. Mizuki Hamasaki was so late. Then again she was always late so it may as well have been a perpetual state of being. There was really no good excuse for it. She always got up on time. Something always just seemed to happen. Her bike tired deflated, the toaster broke, the too fat cat got stuck in the fence again. Even though she was late she biked to school at an almost leisurely pace. Another strange thing about Mizuki. No matter how late she was, no matter how close she cut it, she always managed to get to school on time.

    If anyone asked, she liked to tell them that she'd sold her soul to the devil for great greats and the ability to never be late. Not many people asked. Her friends were limited to a quiet manga junkie and a girl whose only interests were gossiping about her classmates and complaining about her lack of a love life. None of them had much in common, so it was strange that Mizuki was friends with them. Opposites attract, she guessed.

    She arrived at school (unsurprisingly) on time. In fact she was a bit early. Her cellphone buzzed, probably her friends looking for her, but she ignored it. She would see them first period anyway. She was in a stormy mood that morning. She bought a carton of milk from the cafeteria and chugged it in one sip. That would have to do for breakfast. She wasn't in the mood for company so she might as well head to her locker now.

    As she approached her locker, she was submerged in a cesspool of cooing woman. They were all talking at once, following someone. She caught a glimpse of red hair and scowled. Of course. Did he think that this was a runway, not a school? She put in her combination and pulled out her books for first hour, slamming her locker so hard that the boy leaning on the lockers a few feet away from her turned to look. When he saw her expression he quickly hurried off. She pushed her way through the crowd of girls, annoyed. He was creating traffic blocks now, too. She finally emerged from the sea of giggling and cheap phone accessories and sulked off to her first period class. She gave off the vibe of 'don't talk to me' almost palpably.
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  3. Ryunosuke took out the books of his first and second period. As he closed his locker, which had some hearts stickers and notes made from his fangirls, he chuckled and turned to his right, his heair moving with him and some sparkles coming out. Nobody knew why that sometimes happens, but it's not that his followers were against it neither. Just when he was about to go to his first classroom, he heard the heavy smack of a locker and a male that quickly pass him by, kind of afraid of somebody. That caught Ryunosuke attention, so he turned to his left and looked at the lockers. That's when he noticed Mizuki with a not so happy expression. Ryunosuke knew who she was, because, believe it or not, she's one of the girls which some of his male friends talk about frequently. It's not their fault, though. She was actually a pretty girl.

    Some of Ryunosuke's fangirls that stayed behind with him noticed that he was looking way too long at Misuki. They frowned and batted their eyes at Mizuki while she passed them by, literally fighting her way through the crowd of girls. Ryunosuke actually laughed for real this time and shook his head, kind of amoused by Mizuki. The girls growled with jelously and already hating Mizuki even when they didn't knew her at all. They gathered together and began to whisper things between them, looking once in a while at Mizuki. Ryunosuke looked at themk and sighed, beginning to walk a few steps behind Mizuki. After all, he was on the same class as Mizuki.

    "Mizuki Hamasaki, huh...? Even her name is pretty..." Ryunosuke began to thought as he looked at Mizuki's back. He was with a slight smirk, his left hand inside of one of his pockets while his books were between his arm and his right hand was bellow his chin. His scarlet eyes glistened a bit as some sunshine came across the windows on the right side of the hallway. On the left side, there were the first five classrooms that belong to the first groups of 10th grade. In total, there were 12 groups (Ryunosuke belonging to 10-6, which was on the second floor). This high school, even when some people don't think so, was in fact really big.

    After tired of just walking behind her, Ryunosuke slowly began to quicken his pace for pass by Mizuki or at least be on her side. He was to entertain himself, so what would be better than teassing her for a while? He chuckled with a mischivious tone and in a few seconds, he was now besides her, looking at their way. He was a tall man, so when he looked at her, he had to tilt his head down for have a better look at Mizuki. "Why the serious face so early in the morning, Mizuki-san?" he asked her, breaking the silence. His voice was soft, but really mainly. "Someone pretty like you shouldn't be like that".
  4. Intentionally oblivious to the people around her, Mizuki walked away from the little fan-club meeting. Her hair was up in it's usual bun and as she walked she haphazardly shoved a spare pencil into it. After a moment she became aware of a presence hovering next to her. She turned expecting one of her friends, but was instead met with crimson eyes. She jerked away from the eye contact with a scowl.

    "The Royal Dragon" as some liked to call him, was an idol in the school. Girls and guys alike vied for his attention and favor. Everyone wanted to be seen with him, to be his friend or to date him. His locker was always bursting with chocolates and cards on Valentine's day. On She quickened pace, scowling down at her shoes? Maybe if she walked a little faster he would go away? No such luck. He was still there when she turned her head to look. "Why are you so sparkly so early in the morning, Aisaka-san?" She snarked. She ignored his insincere flattery. He did it to every girl in the school, and it didn't really mean much of anything.

    She caught sight of her friends down the hall. Mai was caught in some long and winded rant, waving her hands around dramatically. If you squinted closely enough, you could see the hearts in her eyes. She had one arm linked through Natsumi's, presumably to keep the smaller girl from falling over while she walked. Walking while reading was one of her most common habits. Unfortunately she was also pretty bad at it. She stopped abruptly, a few feet from where her friends were standing in the open door to an outside courtyard. People veered around her. "What do you want?"
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  5. Ryunosuke chuckled a bit after seeing the cold reaction of Mizuki. Not for nothing they call her the "Tsundere Princess". He sighed and acted with a kind of innocent expression, looking away with a hurt face. "Mizuki-san, you don't have to be that cold with me", he began to say making a sad face. "Neither be that formal with me. You can call me with my name. After all, we're on the same class, right?" He slowly looked back at her, his face sparkling while making an innnocent expression. On someone's others point of view, this whole scene looked like if Mizuki was bullying Ryunosuke while he tried to be nice with her. Some students that passed by sent some death glares to Mizuki, falling on Ryunosuke's acting. Their eyes sparkled once with and a black aura come out of them.

    Ryunosuke noticed that, so inside of him, he was laughing mischiviously. "As expected from the "Tsundre Princess"... Looks like it will be really had to tease her..." he thought and slowly looked at her with a bright smile. "Look,I know it may look weird and all, but I'm actually looking foreward to be your friend". He nodded and once she stopped besides the door that lead to the courtyard, he stepped closer to her and leaned his face towards hers. He stopped just a few inches from her face and grinned widely, locking his red eyes with her beautiful blue eyes. "I know you will go now with your friends, but I'm expecting to see you again in our Science class, Mi-zu-ki-chan". He said her name in syllables and chuckled a bit before standing straight. Then, he looked through the glass of the door and glared at Mizuki's friends, especially at Mai. He smirked a bit and waved his hand a her while blinking his right eye at her. He only wanted to tease her too.

    After that, he turned to his right and began to walk away, placing his hand on his pocket. "See you later then, my "Tsundere Princess", he said while walking away, obviously referring to Mizuki. He didn't knew if she knows people call her like that or not, but he bet that actually would pissed her more than she was.
  6. As they talked she noticed passing students glaring at her. What the hell was their problem? She sent them a look to communicate this, and the majority of them looked away. Some however kept on glaring. A face suddenly filled her vision. A bit of heat came to her cheeks as she gazed up at him. Why was he so freakishly tall? Ryunosuke then waved straight at her friends. The nerve!

    She took an immediate step back, almost hitting the wall. What did he just call her? She would show him tsundere when her foot was up his- her thought trailed off as he stepped back from her. He called out a cheeky goodbye using that dumb nickname, and then wandered into the crowd. Her friends were watching in astonishment from the courtyard. Natsumi had even looked up from her manga. Mizuki would have to tell them to pick their jaws up off the ground.

    Mai made frantic gestures for her to come over, and she rolled her eyes. The one time she was early, and now they wanted to make her late. She walked over, gripping her books like a shield. The more outgoing of the two was all over her in a second. "What were you doing talking to Ryunosuke Aisaka? He's the most popular guy in school! What did you even talk about?" Mai hissed, grasping on to Mizuki's arm. She winced. The girl had a brutal grip for such a delicate looking person. Her short hair was stylishly coiffed, and as always looking good was her friend's main concern.

    She pulled her arm away with a wince. "Nothing. He wanted to try his dumb charm act on me. That's all." When she saw the girl's expression she groaned. "It was nothing, Mai. He's just angry that I don't follow him around like a love sick puppet. Like every other girl in this school seems to." She scoffed. "What's so special about that jerk anyways?"
    Mai made a face, and Natsumi was already back to reading, having lost interest in the conversation.

    "What's so special? Well for one he's sooo handsome! And mysterious! Nobody knows who he is. Some people say he comes from a royal family or that he's the son of a Yakuza boss." Mai trailed off. "I don't know why you hate him so much anyways, he's so nice to everybody!" They started walking to class as the talked, both instinctively reaching out a hand to grab Natsumi. The short girl gave them a sheepish smile.

    "He's not nice, not really. He goes around flattering people to get them to like him and do things for him, but he doesn't really mean them. It's all just talk. He's manipulative." She insisted as they climbed the stairs. That sent the girl off into another long speech and Mizuki just tuned her out. They went into the classroom and sat down. Mai in front of her and Natsumi behind her. They were just in time, as the bell chimed. The students lingering around their friends desks or standing in the doorway all sat down.
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  7. As the of the school rang, announcing the start of classes, Ryunosuke stopped in front of the door of the his classroom. The door was closed, so nobody knew he was there, drinking a weird silver plastic pouch that had written with a black marker "B+". After finishing his drink or whatever what that, he sighed with relief and threw the empty pouch on a small trash can that was besides the door. Then, he fixed his clean and neat uniform, made his usual sassy smile and opened the door. "Ohaiyo, minna!" he said out loud, raising his right hand as he stepped inside and looked at everyone. Everyone batted their eyes at him and the girls gasped and even shriek with excitement as the great "Royal Dragon" finally arrive with his always kind and nice attitude. Some girls quickly get up of their chairs and rushed towards Ryunosuke, one of them bumping with Mizuki's right arm and didn't even stopped for apologizing.

    Ryunosuke chuckled and stopped in front of the class, looking down at the girls for talk to them. His fans didn't only consist of girls. There were also some boys that really respected him and admired him way too much. They thought he was like a god for having that many girls literally under his feet. They wanted to be like him one day. "Ugh, get off him right now, bunch of stalkers". The girls that were talking with Ryunosuke widden their eyes and quickly stepped away from him, looking down at the floor with nervous expressions. From the chair in the middle of the classroom, Rosebelle, the most popular, beautiful and practically most wanted amoung guys, stood up. She was a pretty tall girl with a stunning pink straight and long hair that reach her to her hips. Her eyes were a light shade of pink and her skin was a perfect tone of cinnamon. Her body was all fit and her breats, even when she was on 10th grade, were big and voluptous. She was like a dream girl took out from a Covergirl magazine.

    She walked towards Ryunosuke with a slight smirk, her arms crossed. As she stopped in front of him, she gave a death glare at the girls, whom quickly eeked and walked to their seats. Ryunosuke sighed and rolled his eyes, stretching a bit and giving a slight yawn. A girl wearing glasses and that was sat behind Natsuki quickly took out her phone and take him a picture. She giggled dumbly, her cheeks all pink and some stream coming out from her mouth. Rosebelle looked to her right and looked at the girl with a frown, her eyes glistening on a threaten way. The girl eeked and quickly hide behind Natsumi. "I see you're getting more popular, Ryu-kun", she said and turned her head to look up at him. "It really, really annoys me seeing so many desperate girls around you".

    Ryunosuke chuckled and looked down at her with a grin. He sighed a bit and shrugged. "It's not my fault I'm that handsome and popular for them, Rosebelle", he replied and Rosebell pouted, stompping her right foot on the floor. "No, no, no! Call me Rose-chan..." Ryunosuke laughed and nodded, lightly patting the top of her head. "Jai, jai... If that makes Rose-chan happy, then I'll do it".
  8. When Ryunosuke came in a flurry of activity erupted, like they were all gathered to see him and not go to class. Everyone who had just sat down jumped back up, with the exception of a few people, herself included. And even the people still sitting were watching, even if they pretended they weren't. Suddenly, like she was parting the red sea, Rosebelle stood and strode right up to him. As if she owned him or something. How sad for her. There was something about the girl she just didn't like, but Mizuki couldn't quite place her finger on it. She didn't tend to be one of those girls who hated on other girls. Rosebelle was pretty and she stayed out of Mizuki's way. So what was it about the girl that just set her off?

    She watched as they flirted, Rosebelle stomping her foot and saying something about what he should call her. He patted her on the head like she was a four year old or something. She turned tapped on Mai's shoulder a made a gagging motion. Mai gave her a scolding look but broke down into laughter after a few seconds. Unable to watch their ridiculous interactions any more, Mizuki turned back to her school work. The teacher still wasn't here yet so she may as well get tomorrow's homework done early while she waited for class to start.

    She heard Natsuki's quiet whisper behind her and turned surprised. "Are you coming over tonight? My brother is doing a séance, he has a ouija board and everything!" Mizuki bit her lip to hold back a laugh. Mizuki's brother, who was in the class above them, considered himself a hardcore spiritualist. He often bragged about his ability to communicate with ghosts and such. Natsuki had sort of gotten sucked up in the whole thing when he'd made her attend a séance and they had supposedly heard clicking inside the walls. Mizuki had made a 1000 yen bet that it was nothing more than a mouse. Even if she didn't believe in ghosts, hanging out with the siblings was always fun. They fed her too, so that was a benefit. "Mai is coming too!"

    "Sure, sure. I'll come. But only if I can work on my homework." She warned. Natsuki nodded very seriously, having never really been good at telling the difference between a serious and joking Mizuki.
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  9. After a while, Ryunosuke looked over at Rosebelle's lips and noticed something on them. He sighed and shook his head with a grin before leaning towards her right ear. "You have "something" on your lower lip", he whispered to her ear. Rosebelle narrowed her eyes, not getting what he meant. Then, she widden her eyes and quickly took out her powder makeup and opened it for look at her lips n the mirror. She gasped and quickly licked her lip, a hint of blush on her cheeks. "S-Since you saw me with "that"...?" she asked, looking at herself once again in the mirror. Ryunosuke shrugged. "I just noticed that now, but I don't think someone actually noticed it", he replied before passing her by and walking towards the bak of the classroom. His seat was the last in the last row of the classroom, right besides a window.

    He had to pass besides Mizuki and her friends, so while walking through, he looked over at Mizuki and stopped besides her. He grinned widely and turned completely to face her. "Well, hello again, Mizuki-chan!" he said and raised his right hand at her. He noticed she was making the homework of tomorrow, so he leaned his face on her work a bit with his eyes widen a bit. "Eeeh... You're doing tomorrow's work? That's not fun at all, Mizuki-chan. You shouldn't be that responsible or hurry what supposed to be done tomorrow".

    The girls that sat nearby Mizuki's seat gasped with awe as Ryunosuke called her with "-chan" and leaned that close to her as if they knew each other from a long time. The girl with glasses that sat behind Natsumi peeked her head above her right shoulder with a bright smile, some stream coming out from her face as he stare at Rynosuke. "S-Senpai, notice me..." she whispered with a shy and adorable voice. Rosebelle, curious by the gasped of the grl, closed her powder makeup and turned around with narrowed eyes. After seeing Ryunosuke so close to Mizuki, she gasped and her eyes widden like an a pair of owl's eyes. She was all shocked and couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing.

    "R-R-Ryunosuke Aisaka, what's the meaning of that!?" she asked him out loud with a really angry tone. She growled and stompped her way towards him, giving a death glare at Mizuki. She definitely declare her as her nemesis, even when Mizuki obviusly didn't had a single hint of interest in Ryunosuke. Ryunosuke widden his eyes a bit and lifted his head from Mizuki's work. He looked at Rosebelle while blinking a couple of times, confused. "Huh...? Why you sound so angry, Rosebelle Suzuki?" As she stopped besides him, she growled again, stompping her right foot twice, angry. "How many time I told you to call me Rose-chan!?"
  10. Mizuki balked, startled by his familiarness. Mai turned in her seat with a shocked expression. Mizuki knew that she would have to go over every single detail of her (not) relationship with Ryunosuke later. She set down her pencil and said "Mizuki-san, if you don't mind. And some of us care about our education." She turned to go back to her work, when Rosebelle stormed over. Oh great. She sunk back into her seat, wishing she could just disappear. All eyes were now on them.

    Rosebelle glared at her like she was making a move on the red headed boy. As if. Mizuki wanted nothing to do with handsome annoying boy. To prove her point, she scooted her chair over a few feet. Everyone in class was still watching like this was a TV show. Or a car crash. To make matters worse, Ryunosuke didn't even seem to understand why she was mad. What an idiot.

    She tried reasoning with Rosebelle. "Rosebelle san, listen I want nothing to do with him. Nothing at all. Don't even worry about it." She said. She felt a little mean with all the emphasis she had put on nothing, but she wanted to get her message across loud and clear. Where the heck was the teacher anyways?
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  11. Ryunosuke stood straight and looked at how Mizuki scooted her chair away from him as if he was a plague to avoid at all costs. he also noticed her emphasis on "I don't want nothing to do with this guy". He scoffed with a small smile and for the first time, he felt a bit hurt by somebody which actually seemed to hate him. But sure, he didn't let that to be seen. He fake a smile and nodded, looking at Mizuki and her friends. "Sorry for bothering you, girls..." he said and turned to his right, walking towards his seat. He also ignored completely Rosebelle, obviously letting her know he was upset with her for go all crazy over Mizuki for a reason he couldn't understand.

    Rosebelle get his message, so she opened her mouth with a kind of ofended expression. "Ryu-kun, I'm talking to you, so look at me", she said as she gripped tightly her hands into fists. As she didn't recieved any attention from Ryunosuke, she stompped her right foor on the floor. "Damn it, Ryunosuke! Don't you dare to ignore me!" She was now pissed and totally hurt, but Ryunosuke didn't mind at all anyways. Instead, he just sat of his seat and leaned back, crossing his arms. Rosebelle glared at him and just when she was about to walk towardshim, the teacher arrived at the room. "Ohayo, minna..." she said with a small smile. The poor teacher had a really tired expression and some bags under her eyes. She yawned widely and stood in front of a podium.

    "Suziki-san, can you please sit down?" The teacher, which name was Suzumiya Mitsuki, scotted tightly her scientist coat. Rosebelle growled angrily and turned around. Just when she was about to go to er seat, she looked over at Mizuki with a really pissed expression. Her pink eyes shone with an odd shade of red and her pupils dilatated. Mizuki could be the only one noticing that, because she was close to her. After a couple of seconds, Rosebelle clicked her tongue and go to her seat, her hair flapping behind her.
  12. She watched Ryunosuke walk away, feeling just the slightest bit bad. Sure she wanted him to leave her alone, but maybe she had been too mean? She shook it off. He would be fine, he didn't even look that upset. He was just finally taking a hint. Mai gave her a 'we'll talk later' glare, and turned around. So her actions had not earned her the Mai stamp of approval. Hmm. Ryunosuke and Rosebelle got into another fight as they walked to their seats. Or at least Rosebelle tried to fight him while the 'Royal Dragon' just ignored her.

    Finally the teacher showed up and Mizuki breathed a sigh of relief. She could get back to her work and away from this drama. As she reached for her textbook, Rosebelle turned to glare at her again. Mizuki blinked in confusion as the girl's eyes turned a strange red color, and her pupils expanded rapidly. She shook her head. Kids and their drugs. Or maybe just a trick of the light? Who knew.

    She took her normal studious notes and hurried out as soon as the period ended, not really wanting to talk to anyone. Natsuki let her go without comment, but Mai hurried after her. "Hey! Mitzuki-chan!" She yelled. Mitzuki tried to outwalk her, but Mai had long legs and determination. She caught up soon enough. "What is wrong with you?" Mai demanded.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." She said, winding through the ridiculous amount of kids in the hallway. Where had they all even come from?

    "Sure you don't. Suuuure." Mai kept up with her stride as they went down the stairs and out onto the lawn. "You were so rude to him! I really don't see why you don't like him."

    "I just wanted him to leave me alone!"

    "Why? He such a cool guy. And nice too! And sure, maybe he flatters people falsely sometimes but that's no reason to crucify him. It makes people happy" Mitzuki just rolled her eyes. Mai grabbed her arm again. "You know I'm right. You should apologize." She walked away without waiting for a response and Mitzuki growled. Why did her friend choose now to start caring about others. "If you become his friend, we might finally be popular!" Of course.
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  13. As the first period finally ended (which felt like an eternity thanks to the long talk of Suzumiya about her lame lack of love life), Ryunosuke packed his things on his backpack and slowly walked towards the exit, placing his hands on his pockets. Rosebelle quickly glared at him and stood up for block his way. "Ryunosuke, please, let's talk about what happened", she said, stopping him by placing her hands on his chest. She looked up at him with a kind of sad and hurt expression for his cold and mean attitude, something that was weird on him. But that also meant he was really mad with her and didn't want anything to do with her for now. He sighed with annoyance and looked down at her with a slight frown, clicking his tongue. "We don't have anithing to talk, Rosebelle", he replied with a cold tone. "Now, can you please get the hell out of my way? I have places to go, you know?"

    The remaining students in the classroom widden their eyes a bit and looked at them with awe. Even the teacher lazily looked over at them and some people that were in the hallway peeked their heads through the doors. It was like seeing a good school drama. Rosebelle looked down with a really hurt expression and slowly stepped aside. Her eyes slowly filled with tears, but he was trying really hard for not let them fell from them. Ryunosuke noticed she was about to cry, but simple continued on his way out of the classroom. Even when he most of the time he only enjoyed teasing people, he really hate to act like a really mean and cold villain. As Ryunsuke left the room, Rosebelle slowly sat on her seat again and covered her face with her hands, tearing up and crying silently. Her friends quickly rushed to her for console, telling her that everything would be alright at the end of the day.

    Ryunosuke knew he reputation would be afected by that, but he didn't mind that at all. If he was mad, he would let everybody know it. He was that type of person that sometimes show his emotion no matter what people say. He made a quick stop on his locker for drop his books before continue his way towards the Cafeteria. On his way, he sighed deeply and shook his head a bit, trying to just forget about everything before. "Just move on... She will be alright in a bit", he thought with a nod, trying to believe that. "She's just making a drama for get some attention. She's like that, always living her life like if she was a drama actress". With that said, he scoffed and smirked a bit. "That reminds me of someone I really know..." He chuckled with himself, obviously referring to himself.

    It took him a couple of minutes to reach the Cafeteria. Like always, just when he put a foot on that place, a significant flood of girls rushed towards him and began to talk to him at the same time, some hearts on their eyes and gasping with delightment. He stopped walking and sighed with a smile, a drop of sweat on his forehead. He was used to this, but it was getting a bit annoying and really exaperatting. He sometimes wishes to be all alone for a whole day.
  14. As Mizuki's walked to class, she decided to take a detour to the cafeteria. Sometimes they would give out new foods they were testing for lunch in between class. They often made people sick... but free was free. Unfortunately Ryunosuke and his group of fangirls was already in the cafeteria when she arrived. She cursed, hurrying over to grab one of the little samples off the 'try me' platter. Hopefully he would not see her? She looked over a second later. He'd seen her. She flailed a bit, ducking behind a ridiculously tall boy who had the beginnings of a moustache. Was this giant even in high school?

    She slowly weaved through the crowd to get back outside. It was time to head to her next class anyways. She was not ready to talk to him yet. Eventually she would just... not right now. She would have to apologize or Mai would be moody about it for at least a week. Mizuki just didn't want to listen to the girl's overly dramatic sighs of disappointment every day. She didn't care about Ryunosuke or anything. She almost tripped over a kid moping in the corner. Presumably she hadn't gotten Ryunosuke's autograph. The girl gave her a dirty look and Mizuki shot it right back. Stupid fangirls. Finally she reached the cafeteria doors.
  15. Just like she saw Ryunosuke on the cafeteria, he also noticed Mizuki coming inside for her daily 'try it for free' sample. It may look a bit creepy, but Ryunosuke actually secretely spied on Mizuki once in a while and he knew she comes to the cafeteria most of the times to get oe of those sample that didn't taste that good most of the times. He saw how she tried to sneakily get out of the place with the help of a tall guy and he chuckled. He shook his head and looked at his girls, apologizing for having toleave. They quickly shook their heads and said it was alright. After all, he may still on his classes periods.

    After saying goodbye, Ryunosuke quickly walked towards Mizuki and once she was in front of the doors, he quickly grabbed her right wrist. "Ah, Mizuki-chan, it's really odd seeing you here", he said with a slight grin, faking that he didn't knew she visit the cafeteria at this time of the day. "After all that you told me about be responsable with school work and such, I thought you would be on Math class right now". He lightly pulled her closer to him and away from the door, grinning a bit more.
  16. Mizuki startled when Ryunosuke appeared out of nowhere. So close to freedom... and yet so far. "Yeah, well I was just heading there now. Very important, as you can imagine. Got to go!" She stepped towards the door, but Ryunosuke gently pulled her back. She stared down at his arm, surprised. In fact almost everything he did seemed to surprise her. He was smiling at her and she gulped. Might as well get this out of the way.

    "So, uh, Aisaka-san... I may have been a bit ru-" Mizuki made a strangled sound and cut off abruptly. "I overre-" She couldn't finish that sentence either damn it. Finally she just said "You can call me Mizuki-chan if you want. I don't really care. Not that that makes us friends or anything!" She interjected hurriedly. The warning bell rang.

    "That's the warning bell!" She yelped, like he didn't know. She pulled away from his immediately. "Sorry Aisaka-san I have to go to class!" She sprinted off without waiting for a response, sending students scattering out of her wake. What had she been thinking? She was never late! She would not start being late now just because of stupid Ryunosuke Aisaka. Although, she was just a little bit happy that he didn't hate her. Because now Mai would leave her alone. Like she always did, Mizuki made it to class just in time.
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  17. Just when he was about to tell her something, the damn school bell interrupted him. He sighed with annoyance and slowly watched how Mizuki just ran away, hurrying to her second class ater saying that it was alright if he call her "Mizuki-chan". He also noticed she was like trying to say something, like in some way trying to apology for something. He stood stright while placing his hands on his pockets, chuckling a bit and slowly looking at the floor with a realy amoused expression. "Ah, you really are a interesting girl, Mizuki-chan", mumbled and smirked slighty. "Way too interesting... You really caught my whole attention. So, I will really find more about it even if is by force..." After that said, he began to walk out of the cafeteria and head towards the Math class on his own slow pass. After all, Math the subject he hated the most and the one he didn't understood a crap. He believed that math were a really unecessary class and that they won't help him on his life. That was a really, really worng statement, beause Math were practically everywhere.

    Lovv-san was already explaining some of his class material to the students that were on the classroom. Ryunosuke and Mizuki's seats were the only ones empty. Luvv-san noticed it, but he thought they were abscent this day. "So, if x=6, the equation here is simple. We simply have to change..." The male teacher was stood in front of a chalkboard, making some notes with a chalk on it. The students were paying lot of attetion, writting down everything the teacher wrote in the board.
  18. When Mizuki burst into class, everyone noticed. Though everyone mostly looked surprised, a few people snickered. She glared to shut them up. "Mizuki san, you aren't the kind of student to be late to a class." The teacher scolded. She shook her head immediately and dropped into her seat, searching for her math notebook. She would have to talk with the teacher after class so this wouldn't ruin her attendance record. She stopped to pull her hair up, because it was starting to ignore her by falling in her face. Everyone's eyes were still on her and she flushed a bit.

    "Sorry sensei. It won't happen again." She and the class suddenly looked over at Ryunosuke, who had just come in. Lucking he drew everyone's attention to him. Quite a few excited people called out greetings and asked why he was late. "Ever again." She muttered, turning to the notes on the chalkboard and copying them down. After a few chaotic moments, the teacher was able to calm his students down. Mizuki let herself sink into math. It was straight-forward and easy and there were no people or emotions or anything involved. Just her and numbers.
  19. Ryunosuke chuckled and greeted his fangirls with his always fakish kind and humble expressing, smiling to them. After the teacher told them to take seats Ryunosuke walked towards his usual seat on the back of the last row, right besides a window. Even if he didn't came to class, no one had ever dared to take that seat. It was consider a total offense to Ryunosuke's fangirls, but no one knew exactly if Ryunosuke also felt offended or upset by that. As he walked towards his seat, eh stopped by Mizuki's seat and looked down at her with a grin. He blinked his right eye at her with a seductive expression, just for tease her, and hand her a piece of paper, perfectly folded two times.

    Those students that saw that gasped with awe and looked at themselves with shock. Not awaiting for an answer or reply, Ryunosue proceeded to his seat. Once he sat down, he tool out his notebook and red mechanic pencil for act like if he would take some notes and pay attention to teh class.
  20. Mizuki flushed as all eyes in class, again turned to her. A quiet murmur ripped through the room. The teacher was starting to get annoyed. She clenched the note in her palm but refused to open it. Had Ryonuske just winked at her? He was doing this on purpose, damn it. When most everyone had turned back to the lesson and she was sure the teacher wasn't looking, Mizuki turned in her chair to face the redheaded boy.

    Grabbing and holding his gaze with her own, she slowly ripped the paper right down the middle, then doubled it up and ripped it again. Smirking, Mizuki let the pieces fall to the floor. Two could play this game. Mizuki turned around, and began to take studious notes. She had missed a little bit from the start of the class but it wasn't too hard to figure out what was going on. She had figured it out enough, even working ahead of the teacher a bit.
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