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    As the Summer Break sadly ended, the start of a new school year on Ryoo High School finally began. This morning was a very beautiful and sunny one, with clear and blue skies. The students of Ryoo High School, a really famous and popular school on all Japan were heading to the school on foot and through a sidewalk. They were all happy encountering with those friends they haven't seen during the break and talking about everything they did in the summer. That was nothing from the ordinary, but to some people, that was something really annoying, especially when they blocked their way. After all, some of the teenagers weren't accustomed yet to wake up early in the morning, so they were a bit grumpy and cranky.

    Ryoo High School was located right in the middle of a big city in Japan. It was practically an enormous terrain with big buildings belonging to the 10th, 11th and 12th classrooms, the Main Building, the Library, the Gym and the Infirmary, the Cafeteria, and Lunchroom, and other buildings. There were also a lot of greenery around and there was a beautiful cherry blossoms tree right in the middle of the school. That location was the most frequented by the students and there's even a rumor that, if two lovers kiss under the sakura flowers, their love life will be really happy. Some say it was true, but there were a few skeptic people too.

    The sakura tree wasn't the only hot subject among the students. There's one that's definitely the hottest and always the hot topic: the popular boys and girls of the school. Every month, the students secretly made a contest for choosing the most popular guy and girl of the school. The person lucky enough to win that title earned a lot of reputation and the admiration of almost all of the students of the school. But sure, been even nominated wasn't that easy and those with a really low life were practically ignored. The cruelty of the high school days was really hard. There was one guy that always won the contest: Ryunosuke Aisaka.

    "The Royal Dragon", how almost everyone called him due to that his name actually means "dragon" in Japanese and because he was actually a rich person. Not only that but also was really handsome and almost every girl dreamt of been with him or at least talk or be noticed by him. Many have dared to confess their feelings for him, but he coldly rejects them, telling them that they weren't good enough for him. That's the worse turn-off on a guy: thinking that he's better and superior that anyone else. Still, his fangirls were totally loyal and followed him anyways. This is definitely something that only made his sassy attitude grow. Ah, but there was a secret that he was keeping from anyone. A secret that, if revealed, would ruin him and his "world" forever.

    On the 10th grade building, Ryunosuke was walking through hallways, heading towards the locker's area. A bunch of girls was following him from behind, gasping with awe and delight. "Oh, Ryu-sama, please, have a date with me!", "Senpai, notice me!", "Let me take you a picture, Ryu-kun!" Ryunosuke just chuckled with a sassy smirk, loving the way he had them practically on their knees. "Ladies, ladies, please... I have a class to go," he said as he stopped walking and turned around to face them, his red and short hair flapping in slow motion and his face sparkling with perfection and handsomeness. He was 6 feet tall, so the girls gasped with excitement and looked up at him. "What about if we talk about this in the Lunchtime, mmh?" They quickly nodded in agreement and began to walk away, laughing and giggling.

    Some boys that were nearby the hallway glared at him with jealousy. Ryunosuke just ignored them and laugh at their faces. He continued his way towards the lockers, putting his hands in his pockets.

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  2. "Lizzy, honey! Before you go, can you take that ham-steak out of the freezer and put it in the sink to thaw?"

    An aggravated sigh escaped the young neko girl as she had a hand on the door already. "Yeah mom!" She hollered back up the stairs and did what she was asked to do. This was shaping up to be a standard morning, but with today being her first day of school this year, one could say that she was feeling a bit pressed for time. "I'm leaving! Bye! Love you!" She hollered again as she made her way back to the door.

    "Don't forget your lunch! It's in the fridge!"

    Once again turning on the heels of her boots, Lizzy turned back to the refrigerator and grabbed the supermarket bag that was sitting on the shelf, as well as a grape juice box. "Alright, this time I'm gone! Thanks mom!" She hollered back up the stairs before heading to the door again.

    "Do you have your backpack?"

    The neko rolled her eyes. "Yeah mom." She hollered back up the stairs, a bit of an annoyed tone in her voice.

    "What about the keys?"

    A hand immediately went to her pockets, and a growl of frustration escaped her. She quickly bolted up the stairs up to the third floor of the tightly packed house, ducking into her room and snatching the keys from her nightstand. She hastily shoved them into her pocket and rushed out the door, almost certain that she was running late. Her pace a solid jog, the young woman was glad she put her hair up in a pony tail today, because it was hot and icky. She wore a thick black headband that hid her ears, and the baggy sweatshirt she wore was easy to hide her tail under. Her style leaned more towards the comfy side than the desperate for a boyfriend side. Not that she really had time to pursue a decent guy. She was nearly certain that decent guys didn't exist.

    Speaking of assholes, Liz spotted the school's over glorified idiot heading into the 10th grade building. Her and her small group of guy friends would often follow the red headed buffoon at a distance and make a mockery of his antics. Unfortunately, she had more pressing matters to attend to. She went to her locker in the 12th grade building and let out an annoyed sigh as she found one of the school's it couples making out in front of her locker. "Come on, move your asses, I didn't wake up this morning just to see you sucking each others faces all damn day." She grumbled, the two of them pausing when she approached and quickly scurrying away.

    With morning classes being such a bore, lunch was a welcome reprieve from the first day drawl that all the teachers went through. "Yo, Eliza! Over here! Saved you a seat." A smile appeared on her face for the first time that day when she saw her buddy Mako flag her down. His somewhat long black hair was dyed blue at the ends, certainly matching his bright personality. "So how was your summer, darlin'?" He asked as he stuffed a handful of chips into his mouth.

    "Same old same old. I was supposed to go help Anna get moved into her new apartment last week, but she called it off." She explained as she sat down and began to go through the bag her mom packed her. "Son of a bitch!" She muttered softly. "I'll be right back, need to grab a fork." She stated as she quickly stood up and made her way over to one of the condiment stations. Grabbing the necessary plastic item, she quickly turned on her heel and crashed into some tall guy. She jumped back in surprise, landing with absolute grace, flat on her ass. Glaring up at none other than the red headed asshole, she got her fighting words ready. "You just scared the shit out of me!" She snapped at him.
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  3. Ryunosuke didn't felt anything when the Neko girl bumped into him. He realized what just happened when she angrily yelled at him. Turning around, Ryunosuke looked down at her and scoffed, grinning with a mischievous expression. "Oh, did you just bumped into my amazingly strong body, Thumbelina?" he asked her and chuckled while looking away. "Well, feel lucky then. Not everyone encounters such great opportunity." Suddenly, the alarm of his black watch began to beep, making the Royal Dragon lift his right wrist to look at the time. "Um... If you excuse me, I have to attend something important." Just like that and without apologizing, Ryunosuke turned around and began to head out of the room, reaching for a silver pouch in his right pocket.

    Once outside, he leaned his back on the wall next to the door of his classroom and snapped open his pouch with a straw. Closing his eyes and with a smile, Ryunosuke began to sip a red and thick liquid that came from the pouch. It neither looked like fruit punch or any kind of juice. While enjoying his drink, a girl with a straight silver hair came out from the room and stopped in front of him. Crossing her arms, she looked up at Ryunosuke, her scarlet eyes glistening. "You shouldn't be drinking that so close to everyone," she said and Ryunosuke opened his eyes, his dilatated pupils returning to normal. As he looked at her, he pulled out the straw from his mouth. "If I didn't, I probably would have lost control of myself, Rose" he replied and didn't seem to realize he has a red drop on his lower lip. Rose sighed and stepped closer to him, cupping his right cheek with her right hand for wipe off the droplet with her thumb. "Make sure that the first thing you do from tomorrow morning is drinking from that pouch, idiot," she said before lowering her hand for lick her thumb.

    Ryunosuke narrowed his eyes while looking at her and nodded before looking away and proceeding to finish his pouch. "You should get in there or else everyone will think that we're doing lewd stuff like the twelve graders." Rose scoffed and smirked before turning around for whip her hair. "That would be like a dream coming true, my dear," she said and Ryunosuke began to cough, almost choking. Then, he quickly glared at Rose, blushing. "Stop joking like that, baka! There's no way that's happening between you and me. Not even in a parallel world." Rose laughed and shrugged before heading inside.

    A minute after her, Ryunosuke came inside, throwing his empty pouch in a trash can right in front of the entrance. Then, he heads toward his seat that was right beside the girl that bumped into him.
  4. "You should of punched him, Liz. It might not have been the smart thing, since he has a few inches on you and popular jerks like him are always bristling for a fight, but," Mako paused in his rambling to take a long sip of his juice box, "at least I'd catch it on video and we'd be YouTube famous." A laugh escaped the male before he began to eat his sandwich.

    "You can be as famous as you want, I don't want that kind of mind numbing life. Fame and popularity? More like a brain eating disease." A small snort of laughter escaped Liz as she felt several odd looks come her way. "And here comes one of the afflicted now. The poor soul." Her voice dropped low and held a sarcastic edge to it as she saw none other than that damn redhead coming towards them.

    A mischievous grin spread on Mako's face as Ryunosuke sat down next to Eliza. "Well, aren't we just honored to have The Royal Dragon sitting with us on this fine summer day." He practically swooned, leaning back in his seat and gently resting the back of his hand against his forehead.

    A round of whole hearted laughter escaped Liz as she looked over at her best friend. "Well, Ryu, I'm glad you could find time in your busy schedule to humor us lowlives." A sly grin soon took over her features as her brown eyes fixed on the redhead. "I don't believe we got to finish our conversation back there. I had a good remark for that lucky bit, too. Mako, what did I say?" She asked, her gaze flicking lazily back to her friend.

    "How he should consider himself lucky because most guys wind up getting a black eye and a broken sense of dignity after scaring you?" Mako recited it boredly, sitting up and examining his well kept nails before sliding his gaze back to Ryu. "She's still pissed about that whole incident by the condiment station, by the way." He flashed a cheery smile towards The Royal Dragon.

    "Oh, and if I'm Thumbelina, then you must be that pesky infatuated toad." With a cold and prideful smirk, Liz turned her attention to the leftovers her mom had packed her for lunch.
  5. Ryunosuke laughed after hearing Mako and Liz trying to intimidate him and teasing him. Instead of been pissed off like Liz, Ryunosuke simply looked down at her and shrugged. "Hey, who said that toads were that bad?" he said and looked away, moving his red hair aside. "Girls just need to kiss me and te beauty from within will come out like me." Ryunosuke was referring to that famous fairytale called "The princess and the Frog". He was doing it kind of wrong, but he didn't mind at all. He expected them to understand what he meant, realizing they weren't that brainless. "Also, I'm not scared neither intimidated of you." He turned his head to face again Liz, looking down at her eyes with a smirk. "I know how to defend myself from little bullies like you and blabbers like your dear friend."

    Ryunosuke knew he was close to really piss off Liz more than she already was and that she could attack him at the most unexpected moment. He already knew who she was after hearing rumors from his friends. One of them said that she was like an angry cat that scratches the face of those that piss her off. Ryunosuke scoffed after remembering that and looked at her face, waiting for her next move. "It's funny how she actually resembles an adorable cat expression," he thought.
  6. "Well, I'm going into acting, so I guess being a blabber is a compliment." Mako laughed a bit, before turning his attention back to his food. Ryu was either trying to push Lizzy past her boiling point or actually a victim of that fame brain munching disease. Either way, he wasn't going to stick around and bask in the aftermath. "Well, Toma and Aoko are waiting for me in the theater room. Sionara." He spoke easily enough, gathering up his things and excusing himself from the table.

    Eliza waved goodbye to her friend as he left the table. "Now, how did the topic of intimidation come up? We were just joking around." Her voice came out a bit quieter as a scowl soon appeared on her face. She checked in her lunch bag for something, frustration causing her brows to furrow. Her gaze flicked back up to the empty spot her friend left at the table. "That little fucker stole my juice." She muttered, her rather condescending joking mood deflated at this new development.

    She was really looking forward to that juice box too. That was mostly why she felt so sullen now. She lightly rested her head in the palm of her hand, poking at her lunch without much appetite. Her gaze flashed back to the redhead that was still sitting next to her. "Get out of here, would ya? Hop along little toad." She spoke coldly, straightening up once more.
  7. Ryunosuke shrugged with a grin and stood up before taking out a dollar from his pocket. "You can buy a drink in the Cafeteria," he said and put the dollar on the table, right in front of Eliza. "No need to thank me neither repay me later. I'm just doing a daily good deed." With that, Ryunosuke put his hands in his pockets and turned around, walking away with short cool steps. A few girl that looked at him gasped with excitement and quickly began to follow him, asking him for his phone number or a picture with them. "Calm down, ladies. There's enough Ryunosuke for all of you, okay?"

    As Ryunosuke was out of sight, Rose appeared beside Eliza. She looked down at the Neko girl with a serious expression, her arms crossed. "I've heard you've been messing with Ryu-kun, little pest," she said, frowning with annoyance. "A lowlife like you should know her place better." She spotted the dollar Ryunosuke left for Eliza and scoffed, snatching it with her right hand. She guessed that he gave it to Eliza because she probably forgot something for her lunch, but was kind of pissed off anyways. Ryunosuke hasn't done something like that for her. "You don't deserve this."
  8. Eliza blinked when Ryu gave her a dollar, not at all expecting him to do something like that. She didn't say anything as he walked away, turning her attention to the dollar in front of her. A chill ran down her spine once she was temporarily alone. Trouble, the supernatural oh shit kind that actually registered with her. Her gaze flicked up, a cool and calm expression on her face. "A lowlife like me, huh?" A cold chuckle escaped her. "Sounds like I have nothing to lose, when you put it that way."

    She stood up when the girl took the dollar, though she didn't do anything aggressive. She merely packed up the remainder of her lunch, picked up her backpack, and turned to face the silver haired girl with a casual smirk. Nekos didn't live forever. They weren't gifted extraordinary strength and unbelievable speed. But, they had strong noses. She had smelled blood on Ryu's breath, or one of those artificial substitutes. And judging by the whole passive aggressive act of this red eyed girl, she was a bloodsucker too. Suppressing the urge to ask how a vampire gives a blowjob, it would seem that leaving the lunchroom crowd and its strictly vanilla audience was the best method of not being a smart ass. "Go on, take your blood money, Snaggletooth." She whispered as she walked past the girl, not afraid to hint about her knowledge.
  9. Rose scoffed after hearing such a lame insult, but seeing the stupid smirk on Eliza's face, that totally annoyed her. clicking her tongue and when she turned around for leave, Rose quickly grabbed her by her backpack and pulled her like if she was nothing, slamming her back against a wall that was beside her. Everything happened so quick that Eliza probably didn't realize what the fuck just happened. Rose smirked and stood in front of her, looking down at her and feeling superior. "Okay, here's the thing, little bitch: I know what you are," she began to say, crossing her arms. "It's more than obvious than a simple human cannot get the stinky scent that a stray cat like you emit, but sadly for you, I'm not human. You also probably realized that as well, but I don't care."

    Taking a breath, Rose put her hand on the wall, right above Eliza's head. Then, she did a quick push, making a small crater with some cracks around. "I could easily get rid of you, but unfortunately, I'm not allowed because that may cause other troubles around here. So, yeah, you can have the privilege to feel lucky. I'm going to let you go with this simple warning: leave Ryunosuke fucking alone. I hope you could understand that, guessing that you aren't that stupid." Rose blinked and smiled, tilting her head to her right and looking right at Eliza's eyes. "Did I made myself clear, mmh? Or you want me to explain you another way?"
  10. A surprised noise escaped Liz as she was yanked back against the wall. She listened with a clear scowl on her face as the vampire went about talking down her kind, blah blah blah, threat threat threat. "I'd recommend you pass that warning onto Ryu, then. I didn't invite him to come sit with us." She put on a casual smirk once more, her brown gaze confidently meeting the red glare. This little conflict had captured the attention of a few individuals in the lunchroom.

    "Now, sweetheart, you're causing a scene. So either you can kiss me and make this intimate position self explanatory or you can back off and let me go on my merry way." She was a neko with nerves of steel as she kept a cool and confident tone with the domineering vampire standing over her. She wasn't sure how well the kiss would go, considering that it would be the first time that fangs were an actual threat mid-kiss. Hopefully the vampire wasn't into that sort of stuff.
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  11. After hearing Eliza's kind of lewd reply, Rose widened her eyes with a scowl, blushing faintly and quickly backing away from her. "Yeah, right, as if something like that were to happen," she said and clicked her tongue before turning around. She crossed her arms, glaring at the unnecessary bystanders, the males having pervert expressions as they already began to have sexual fantasies about Eliza and Rose doing lewd stuff. "You heard me well with those big ears you're hiding under that ugly headband, so I don't need to repeat what I said."

    With that said, Rose began to leave, giving a death glare to anyone that was on her way, immediately scaring them off. As she was out of sight, some students quickly walked toward Liz, asking her if she was alright. She was so small, fragile and defenseless in their eyes, so they thought that she had a really bad time trying to handle Rose.
  12. Eliza watched as Rose stormed off with a completely satisfied grin on her face. Unfortunately, it would seem that her rather violent reputation had suffered a severe blow as several people came up to her asking if she was alright. "Of course I am. Did you guys see how flustered she got? I wish I got that on video!" She laughed off the little scene, trying her best to save her colder side. "I didn't think she was that straight, but damn!" Another round of laughter escaped her, and her audience soon returned to their seats.

    Lightly brushing off her sweatshirt, she straightened up and began to make her way to the theater room. The bell rang just before she reached the cafeteria doors. Off to class once again, then. With that change in course, she put her lunch bag in her locker and quietly made her way throughout the remainder of the day. It seemed like everyone had heard about the little skirmish in the lunch room. Finally she reached her band class, the last class of the day. And hopefully a peaceful one. She pulled out a small instrument case from her backpack and carefully cleaned her piccolo. It was a silver color with blue keys. She put her little instrument on the music stand and fished out her music folder from her bag and placed the overflowing thing on her stand.

    Band was the only class where she rarely payed attention to her classmates. She pulled out the sheet music to Time's Scar and got into playing position, sitting up straight with a cold glare settled on the paper. She took a deep breath and began to play, slipping into the zone as she could hear the background of the song playing in the back of her mind.
  13. Sadly for Eliza, Ryunosuke had the same school schedule like her. When she arrived at the theater, Ryunosuke was already there. He was sitting in the middle chairs, taking out a beautiful polished silver flute that had red keys. He also took out notes sheet that the class will practice today. "Time's Scar by Chrono Cross, huh?" he thought as he put the sheet on a stand in front of him before sitting straight. Lifting his flute in the proper manner, Ryunosuke placed his lips on the nuzzle with his eyes fixed on the sheet and began to play the first notes. While playing the flute, Ryunosuke was a totally different person. With such a solemn expression and deep concentration, it was hard to believe that he was an egocentric jokester.

    At the correct time, other instruments joined the play, creating a beautiful symphony that caught the attention to some students that were outside the theater. They looked at them through the windows of the doors, smiling brightly as the enjoyed the relaxing music. As the last notes ended, the students outside cheered and clapped in unison, making the orchestra smile proudly. "Excellent performance, class," said the teacher, nodding with a smile. "Not even a single note was played wrong. Like always, our Ryunosuke here did an outstanding job playing that flute. As expected from someone that's been playing it since 4 years old." When Ryunosuke smiled proudly, everybody looked at him, clapping and praising him for his natural talent.

    "Also, let's not forget about Ms. Tilling," said the teacher after a while, looking at Eliza. "She did a good job playing that piccolo as well. I loved it! It was like hearing a unique bird tweeting a beautiful melody." A few students clapped, looking at Eliza with a smile and saying a few praises from afar, afraid that she would hit them if they get too close. Ryunosuke sighed and clapped a few times, realizing Eliza actually did a good job with her piccolo, but of course, he thought that he was the best of them all.
  14. Clapping for Ryu was something done out of respect for the musical talent, not out of his popularity. Eliza put on a small smile as she was praised for her piccolo skills. Though she was inwardly dreading the idea that she had band with Ryunosuke, at least they could draw in a crowd. The complete bright side to this was that it would seam that her reputation had been restored. Her gaze flicked back to her music sheets.

    Another joy of band was that most people didn't have the time to talk. With silent focus on the music, it seemed like the class period flew by. When the bell rang, Liz was quick to pack up her things. She was one of the first people to leave the room, in hopes of avoiding Ryu. Not like she was scared of the threats made by the little snaggletooth, but she had a long list of errands to run and chores to do, and was determined to not waste any of her precious time humoring an egotistical blood sucker. She pulled her Lizzy-do list out from her pocket and made her way to her locker in order to grab her lunch bag.
  15. Seeing Eliza exiting the theater in a hurry, Ryunosuke quickly packed up his things as well and proceed to leave as well, trying to catch up with her and ignoring the incoming crowd of people that were on their way to surround him and praise him for his skills once again. That wasn't something that he complained about, thought, but surprisingly, hearing the amazing piccolo skills of Eliza made him get interested in her, not in a romantic way, of course. As he exited the place, he narrowed his eyes as he didn't saw Eliza. "Well, damn," he said, looking from left to right. "This girl really know how to use a pair of quick feet." Sighing, Ryunosuke began to guess which way went and decide to go to his right, concluding that it was the path most people take after leaving a place.

    Walking through the hallway, Ryunosuke scanned his surrounding with his scarlet eyes, searching like a security bot for Eliza. Luckily for him, he spotted her in the lockers area and before she could leave once again, he rushed toward her, pushing a student that was on his way. "Hey, um... You," he said and stopped for a few seconds, trying to remember what was her name. "Eliza...! Yeah, hold on a minute."

    As he made his way toward the Neko girl, this unexpected scene quickly caught the attention of almost everyone that was around. Some fangirls from Ryunosuke gasped with shock, wondering what him, the almighty Royal Dragon, has to do with such a lowlife girl like Eliza. This would probably be top trending on Facebook tomorrow and created a lot of rumors around the girls.
  16. Eliza shouldered her bag and closed her locker, ready to go and get all of her outside chores done before going inside and getting the standard verbal requests from her mom. A flat glare settled upon Ryunosuke as he told her to hold on a minute. "Walk and talk, Ryu. I have places to be and a lot of shit to do." She spoke bluntly as she began to cut her way through the crowd that he always seemed to gather. She honestly couldn't imagine why he felt the express desire to talk to her all the sudden.

    She pulled her list of chores out of her pocket and tried to figure out a decent plan to get it all done in an efficient way. After all, she did not want to go back and forth doing all this crap. She briefly debated recruiting Mako to help out, but he would probably have his hands full helping out at his parents' shop. The joys of school screwing up schedules. The neko, to be as blunt as possible, did not care if Ryunosuke was keeping up with her or not. Her first priority was to get her chores done in order to avoid an angry mother.
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  17. Stopping in front of her, Ryunosuke sighed deeply, feeling a bit tired after walking too fast. Believe it or not, this big guy with an athletic body wasn't accostumed to that kind of things. He always go on his own pace, always avoiding the excessive use of energy. It's surprising how he managed to handle the P.E. class. Wiping off some sweat from his forehead with his right sleeve, Ryunosuke looked down at Eliza with a smile. "You really have some quick legs, Roadrunner," he said, breathing deeply for catch his air. Then, he grinned and looked back at her. "Anyways, I just want to congrat you again for playing that piccolo so gracefully. You probably think that it isn't the big deal, but it is for me, everything related to music instruments it's that big deal."

    After saying that, Ryunosuke took out a folded flyer from his right pocket and began to unfold it. "I don't know if you know about this, but Mr. Stone told us that there's gonna be a small classical symphony competition this next week," he said and after unfolding the flyer, he show it to Eliza. There's was a colorful image about two people playing a violin and a flute on a stage while facing a crowd. In big, bold and black letters is was written: "Ryoo High School's 67th Classic Symphony Duo Competition". Ryunosuke siled and looked back at Eliza. "After seeing how good you are with the piccolo, I was wondering if you could band up with me. It's going to be fun and I'm really optimistic that we're going to nail this. What do you say?"
  18. Eliza let out a mildly frustrated sigh when he blocked her way. Upon hearing his compliment about her playing, she felt a bit suspicious. "Well, what-" She paused suddenly, realizing that she was actually considering it for a second. "No! I do not have the time for that." She stated after a beat, a bit of a frustrated tone tinting her voice. "Now, I need to get going, otherwise I'll be late with all the other shit I have to do today." She lightly stepped around him and walked off at a somewhat quick pace.

    Her gaze flicked to the small, cheap black watch she had on her wrist. Her timing was good for right now, but she knew her luck and was counting on something to happen that would set her back. If she was late to pick up the dry cleaning from Mrs. Helvecter, then she'd hear about it from the old banshee and, considering that Nekos had sensitive ears, that would not be an enjoyable experience. And then there were still the freaking chores. The last thing she wanted was to be up until ten cleaning the Tilling Family Inn. And then of course Leone would pester her to practice with him if he was around and in good form to do so.

    So, one could say that Liz was very busy. She really had no time to spend messing around with Ryu outside of school, and really didn't want to get caught in his drama cloud. He had only sat next to her at lunch today and some whacky vampire chick had a lovely discussion with her over it. Again the alternative lewd joke material flashed through her mind, a cold and mischievous smirk appearing on her face. Maybe hanging around Ryu just to piss her off would be fun, if only for a week. And besides, she needed something fun to do other than getting Mako and the gang as fucked up as possible. Theater kids always know how to party, but it gets old fast.
  19. Hearing Eliza's rejecting the offer wasn't something Ryunosuke expect to happen. He blinked with a sad and confusion expression as he listened to Eliza's explanation of why she didn't want to band with him. Before he could have the chance to say something in protest, she stepped around him and leave immediately. Totally upset, Ryunosuke pout and quickly turned around, looking at Eliza from behind. "She's really wrong if she thinks I will happily accept a 'No' as an answer," he thought and scoffed, folding back the flyer before returning it to his right pocket. "I'll right, she said that she was way too 'busy' for this, but I bet that was just an excuse. She must be still pissed because of what happened in the lunchtime." Chuckling, Ryunosuke stood straight, fixed his backpack that was hanging from his right shoulder and began to secretly follow Eliza. "In that case, I just need to follow her and find the perfect moment to ask her again. She probably going to suspect that I've been stalking her, but I just act like if I found her by 'coincidence'.

    And so, following his creepy stalker plan, Ryunosuke proceed to secretly follow Eliza from a safe distance, looking at his surrounding for a spot to hide just in case she decides to look behind her.
  20. Eliza hurried along, heading off to the market in order to get some veggies to go with the hamsteak for tonight. Once she arrived at the market, she frowned slightly. It would seem that she hadn't beaten the afternoon crowd this time around, and it seemed especially crowded today. There was a large red and white tent set up in the middle of the marketplace. She didn't recall there being a circus in town. Shrugging it off, she went on her way, carefully moving through the crowds to get to a certain stall.

    "If it isn't the youngest Miss Tilling!" Eliza smiled upon reaching Miss Sedonna's stall. The woman was tall and wiry in build, with a mass of frizzy black hair that fell down to her waist. She wore a long purple sun dress and a black apron over it. "Annabet was just here yesterday. She's working at that Dark Cirque that set itself up over there." She gestured over to the large tent.

    "A Dark Cirque?" Liz repeated, her brows furrowing at the thought. "Why not call it a circus?"

    "It isn't a circus, deary. It's where not so human individuals show off their abilities under the guise of human performers in rediculously good costumes." Ms. Sedonna explained in a very quiet voice, leaning in to whisper in the young neko's ear.

    "Huh. What's her act?" Liz asked curiously, her attention snapping back to the woman.

    "She's doing the trapeze and high wire acts. It's pretty amazing. But anyways, you came to pick up your mother's order, correct?" Ms. Sedonna didn't wait for a response before hurrying to the back of her stall and grabbing two bags filled with various vegetables. "Here you go, the best of the best just for you Lizzy. Your mother already paid for them."

    Eliza took the bags with a cheery smile. "Thanks Miss Sedonna, I'll see you next week!" She turned and continued on her way, heading to the dry cleaners next. Or, more correctly, the alley next to the dry cleaners. Xiao's Dry Cleaning was haunted by a screaming banshee named Arabella Helvecter. And when she wasn't busy scaring the shit out of those horrible individuals who use the large machines to wash a small load of socks and undergarments, she enjoyed doing the dry cleaning for the Tilling Family Inn. She enjoyed it so much that she did it for free, but if you kept her waiting, you would get an earful about it. And currently Eliza was running late.
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