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  1. Hi, I've got a few Role-play Ideas. Some I had for a long time and some new.

    1. The inferno games
    • About : like you could of guessed the idea came from the movie/novel the hunger games. now my idea is that it would be a inter galactic battle arena. there are 12 planet(could more or less). each planet chooses 6 warrior(who,which and how they choose counts on the planet) to fight to the death.( now the planets will be created by people except earth)
    • How many player needed : 6 minimum / 24 maximum
    2. The devils maze
    • About : now the idea came from the movie/novel maze my ideas is to give it a re do and make it better. now my ideas is that the rp will be focus on surviving. now the maze will be bigger and bigger. now my idea is in each maze there should be like 5 different groups . trying to surviving and figuring mystery/riddles/puzzle and trying to get out of the maze. now my ideas is there being a lot a lot of other maze. like a maze after a maze and after a maze
    • How many player needed : 2 minimum / 10 maximum

    3. Amazons island
    • About : a ship wrecks on an uncharted island . but there is more to this island then they think. the island is ruled by fierce female amazons warriors and mythical creatures . now the survivor must survive the island and find a way out
    • How many player needed : 2 minimum / 10 maximum
    4. True justice
    About : a young girl get kidnapped . her father/ mother goes to the guard to help them find his young daughter but they don't help him as he have noting to offer them. a guard fell bad for him/her and with his/ her help. they go out to find his/her daughter. ( medieval era )

    how many players : 2 minimum / 6 maximum
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  2. I like the Amazon Idea! I have always wanted to do one
  3. what is the true justice idea? from all the ideas i like the inferno games
  4. Private message me please :).

    true just is an rp about father/mother trying to find his daughter with a help of female/male guard. and about the inferno games. well we need 5 more to be able lto start it. share it with your friends
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