My Roommate is a Witch! (OOC)

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My Roommate is a Witch!
Takumi was walking home from school when the usual group of girls approached him. So Takumi, have you considered my offer yet? Sakura, the ring leader of the small group. She was probably the most popular girl in the school, both for looks and contributions to the school. She is 5 foot ten, a little shorter than Takumi; and she's slim, athletic, and did I already mention insanely popular? She has black hair and green eyes, which accent her tan skin well. She also has large... assets, which she uses in an attempt to entice Takumi, but it never works. I'm sorry, didn't I already say no? Takumi was not the most talkative or boastful person, so he couldn't stand being rude. Takumi stands at precisely 6 feet tall, and he has an average build for a runner; slim, fast, and light on his feet. His brown hair and eyes make him quite unique, but his most accented feature would be the gray tips of each hair on his head.
Takumi always had good grades, and it was only when he joined the running team that he became officially popular. However, he had caught Sakura's attention, which sealed the deal for Takumi's popularity. Takumi manages to avoid being drawn into a relationship with Sakura, but she makes most of her "offers" in public to boost her popularity. In fact, Sakura does not actually see Takumi as a boyfriend, but just another way to get more popular. Every time Takumi refuses, Sakura is the apparent victim, and Takumi is a cold hearted boy who rejects Sakura for the heck of it. Takumi doesn't mind though, this makes the other girls afraid to ask him, and so the less girls on his mind, the better.
You did, but I wanted to make sure that you weren't just nervous around me. You aren't nervous around me, are you? Sakura presses herself against his arm when she asks this, so that his arm was in her bosom, but he did not care. No, I'm not nervous, but I am humbled that you would take such interest in me. Sakura scoffs lightly and pushes herself off of Takumi. Well then, will you date me? I would really enjoy having the company of a person like you. Takumi raises his eyebrow and walks by Sakura, throwing a hand up over his shoulder. Then you should get looking, there aren't many like me, so good luck! Sakura huffs and walks away with her lackeys in tow.
Takumi sighs in relief, glad to be away from their company. He would never date her, because he could never feel for her. Not like he felt for Rachael, an American transfer student. Rachael had Japanese lineage, her grandfather was Japanese, and he was the only one that would take such a shy girl after her parents died. Rachael moved to Tokyo about 5 years ago, and she is a shrine maiden now, which fits her well. She is 14 now, and lucky that she was able to learn Japanese at a young age. Takumi was only a year older than her, and he hadn't had the courage to talk to her. That is until he found out that she was being bullied, then he offered her his protection and company. Now they had gotten to know each other, but Takumi still couldn't ask Rachael out.
Takumi took a deep breath and opened the door to his home. He had almost gotten up the courage to ask her until... Hello Takumi!!! He got a new roommate. The roommate jumped up and leap hugged Takumi, knocking him to the ground. Manama, would you please get up? You're crushing me.
It was a rainy Thursday afternoon, and Takumi had gone to the store for grocery shopping when he heard meowing under the bridge he had to walk across. There was a cat stuck on a wooden platform that was very rickety, and the water had gotten high. There was no way a cat would be able to get out of a situation like that, so Takumi rolled up his shorts a bit more and jumped down into the water that was barely below waist high. Takumi approached the cat and it was reluctant to let him carry her at first, but the platform shook again and it jumped into his arms. Takumi then carried the cat to the shore and took off his jacket. He had a feeling it might be cold, but with his umbrella, he didn't need it after all. He dried off the cat with his jacket and set it on a dry spot of land, then sat down under his umbrella with it until the rain stopped.
Takumi closed his umbrella, retrieved his jacket, and began walking. After about ten steps, Takumi turned around to see that the cat was following him. He did not mind, and when he reached the house, he even bent down to pet it a bit before going inside. After about an hour later, his mother came home. "Hey Takumi, did you feed this cat something? I tried to shoo it away, but it just sat and stared at me." Takumi gulped and went downstairs. He explained what happened with the cat to his mother, and she smiled. "Well no wonder it won't go away, it probably thinks that you saved it's life. I think that you should keep it." Takumi gulped and nodded, opening the door and letting the cat inside. "There is some spare cat food I found in the basement, probably from the last owner. You can feed the cat that until you can afford some better food for it." Takumi groaned You mean you aren't going to help me with this at all? The mother shook her head, and after some silence, Takumi nodded and went to find a bowl to put some food and water in.
That night, as Takumi lie in his bed, the cat jumped up onto his chest and curled up into a ball to fall asleep. Takumi grinned a bit before laying his head back down and falling back to sleep. When Takumi wakes in the morning, he takes a deep breath of... a girl's hair? Takumi opens his eyes and sees a girl lying on his bed, which should not be happening. Takumi tries his best not to freak out as he shakes this mysterious girl a bit to wake her. She lifts her head and has cross eyes as she looks at him for a moment, but after rubbing them for a moment, they return to normal. The girl smiles and rolls directly on top of him so they are face to face. Hey Takumi, thanks for saving me yesterday, I didn't have enough energy to transform back into a human. She smiles at him, and when he doesn't answer, looks at him curiously before something seems to tick. Oh right, I forgot to tell you my name! *cough cough* My name is Manama Osutaka, and I'm your new cat, to your mother's knowledge. In reality, I'm a witch that was in search of a new home, until I found you that is! Takumi remains shocked, and apparently it shows on his face, because Manama gets onto her knees and looks down on him with her arms folded in front of her. Sorry, I know that this must seem a little weird, but I really don't have anywhere else to go back to. Can I please stay here with you as my new master? I can grant you wishes if you'd like! As Manama says this, she accidentally rubs up against Takumi a little too sensually, making him blush. Can I please, um, get dressed? At this Manama blushes and jumps up to her feet and bows repeatedly to Takumi in apology. Sorry, I didn't know, I'll leave for a moment! Takumi sighs, It's fine, I was under a blanket, so you didn't know. Manama nods and poofs back into a cat and walks quickly out of the room. Takumi then gets up and dresses in his school uniform, opening the door more once he is done. Manama comes in and poofs into a human, closing the door behind her.
Manama, on the other hand, is not properly dressed for anything but a model shoot. She has a black braw that barely covers her lady parts and black underpants that would leave most men fantasizing about what lies underneath. Her brown hair and piercing amber eyes don't leave much for question, even if her pupils are slits. Lastly, her skin is smooth and bright, as well as being nicely tanned, mainly because most of her skin is always showing. Say Takumi, I've been wanting to repay you for your kindness yesterday, and you don't seem to mind that I'm a witch. Manama says this as she advances on Takumi, swaying her hips seductively and pushing him back onto his bed despite his quiet protests. I can give you as many wishes as you want, but what I want to know now is, do you want to- Takumi covers her mouth and flips her over so that he is on top. Stay here, I need to go get something. Manama rolls her eyes and nods, so Takumi runs out of the room. A few moments later, her comes back with some of his mother's clothing. Put these on, someone might me looking. There is a man with a sex offender record around here, and if he sees you like that, who knows what might happen. Manama is surprised by this and quickly puts on the clothes that Takumi provided. Speaking of clothes, you are looking very neat, what's the occasion? Takumi looks up at her, than reaches over and picks up his backpack. It's my school uniform, and today is Friday, so I have to go to school. Manama stops as she attempts to put on the shoe Takumi provided and gives a sly grin. Ooh, a whole weekend alone with you sounds like it'll be fun. Takumi raises an eyebrow at this, but turns and walks to the front door. If you get tired of cat food, feel free to eat some of the other food we have, but don't eat too much, or my mom will get suspicious. Manama gives a firm face and one solid nod. Right!
Takumi sighs at the memory of yesterday as Manama stands and walks to the kitchen as Takumi stands back up. Yep, that's just great. With Manama as my roommate and pet now, there's no way I can get enough time in for a date with Rachael. So much for building up my courage...
This is where the RP starts. There are at least 3 spots I want filled in:

Takumi [ME]
You can be other characters that get involved in the story in your own way, like the popular Sakura Sanuka that wants Takumi for herself, or maybe you could even be the sarcastic mother that gets slightly suspicious when she finds that the cat may not be all that normal. Or, if you'd like, you can make a custom character that gets involved by other means.

(Note, if you are Sakura, I will be giving you important plot points and twists that I had originally been thinking of, since my plan was to have Sakura as my secondary character that would come along and muck things up a bit.)

Here are the different character outlines:

Name: Takumi
Age: 15
M/F: Male
Personality: Takumi is a kind person and tries not to offend people.
Background: Takumi grew up in Tokyo with his mother and father, and is currently a high school student in Hoshorou High. Takumi's father is currently on a business trip for an investigation of Japanese intelligence in the U.S. Takumi's mother works as an artist for an animations company, so she makes good money. As for Takumi, he has a part time job as a waiter at Sensei Sushi, so he makes a decent amount of money.
Appearance: Read above.

Name: Rachael
Age: 14
M/F: Female
Personality: Rachael is shy and not very talkative, but attempts to make friends when things get a little awkward.
Background: Rachael was raised in a small town in California, and had a simple life with her mother and father. Her mother was very sweet and gentle, and the father was strict, but he still cared about Rachael as his daughter. They had decided that, in celebration of Rachael's good grades, they would go to a place called Lagoon. They had a good few days staying in a hotel and riding the amazing roller-coasters, but on the way back to their home town, they were caught in the midst of an attack. The bridge they were crossing was blown up, and there were people running amok. Someone saved Rachael, but her parents were caught in the explosion and were later declared dead. Rachael was almost sent to an orphanage then, but her grandfather, Kerimono Osumota, took her before that could happen. The peace of the shrine where they lived had allowed Rachael to get over her fear of something like that happening again, and she rarely has nightmares anymore.
Appearance: Rachael is about 5 foot 4, and she has a very small body with few curves to speak of. She has white skin and blue eyes, along with blond hair that matches her well. She usually wears the school's clothing, but she does wear her public clothes at times.

Name: Manama
Age: 17
M/F: Female
Personality: Manama is very seductive, but she is also playful and childish at times, like a cat. :3
Background: Manama doesn't have a background that's very noteworthy. She was raised much like her brothers and sisters in a place detached from the world, and once they reach 16, they are sent to earth to live out their lives there. She hasn't seen anyone she recognizes from that magical place, but she doesn't mind. Now she has Takumi as her master!
Appearance: Read above.​

Not many rules other than these few here:
1. Stick to a realistic setting. We are on this earth, and last time I checked, there was nobody shooting fireballs on the news. The only exception to this would be Manama, but she can't do any actual magic, she makes use of working charms and enchanted items.
2. No sexually explicit scenes in the RP. If you have something like that, take it to a private thread. We need to keep this RP at least T for teen. You can, however, use innuendo to get your point across without going into detail.
3. No changing the general plot. This story mainly revolves around Takumi trying to date Rachael without anyone knowing about Manama. If you turn the spotlight onto your character for a moment, that's fine, but no disrupting the balance of this story. If you did that, there wouldn't be much of a story left.

Takumi [ME]
Rachael [OPEN]
Manama [OPEN]
Sakura [OPEN]
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