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  1. Hello,

    I've been having some issues with my Out of Character roleplay thread, Before The Dawn [OOC].

    Several times now, it has been edited (either by a bug or a staff member), with the same effect: each time, the [OOC] tag is dropped from the title and it also removes the 'OPEN SIGNUPS' prefix from the forum interface for around ~24hrs. Each time, I simply edit my thread again to replace the [OOC] tag.

    This time, the same has happened; except now my 'rules' tab and its contents have been completely deleted. This has annoyed me as I'm going to have to rewrite the whole thing, and I'm beginning to question why this is happening and would appreciate if someone were able to help me with this.

    Many thanks.

    All the best,
    - Raja
  2. We actually don't want members naming their threads [OOC] or things like that, which is probably why it keeps happening. Moderators should be checking the history if they've seen the issue on that thread before, but it could be multiple people picking up on it over the course of some time.

    As to the rest of your concerns, I believe this is a @Diana thing. :o
  3. Thanks for your reply; but why on Earth would you not want members to include [OOC] and [IC] in the titles of their threads? It makes it easy for people to differentiate between the threads in the Watched Threads interface.
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  4. This. You have no idea how much it confuses me when I get notifications from both the IC thread and OOC thread named the same thing and having no clue which is which. The OOC and IC tags just make it easier :/
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  5. That's something Diana should be able to answer; unfortunately, all I know is that it's the SOP right now. Sorry. <3
  6. Thank you. Hopefully @Diana is around to answer.
  7. Wait, I never had a problem with my OOC tag being removed o.0 Other than when the updates were added.
  8. I'm in several roleplays that use OOC and IC tags in their titles, which is why it comes as such a surprise to me that these are apparently disallowed.
  9. Honestly, this comes across as a more of a personal preference than actual rule, which means the mod who is editing your post might be over stepping their authority. I'm going to look into this real quick.
  10. No, this is actually a @Diana thing, that she explicitly announced in the mod forum.
  11. I did look at the rules after it happened for the second time, as I assumed if there was a staff member behind the edits there would be a reason behind it. As far as I could tell, there was no mention of disallowing IC and OOC tags in titles, which is what led me to believe it was potentially a bug and gave me basis to continue 'unediting' my post.

    Now, I've learned from this thread that it's some sort of rule. Kind of an annoying one in my own opinion; aren't there more important things to be moderating than what someone is naming their own thread? It surely should be a matter of preference; I don't understand how it could possibly affect anyone other than the players involved, and I know that my own players and circle of friends here on Iwaku like to have the tags.
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  12. Like I said, I have no idea why. All I know is since the new update, we've been told, CVs and Staff alike, that Diana wants those tags trimmed. :s
  13. I understand. Thank you for all of your help; I appreciate that this was not your doing.
  14. But I'm not seeing officially announced any where :/ And if this rule isn't being explicitly enforced else where, that's a problem.

    And yeah, I just checked too. No where in the public forums is it stated tags are not allowed. I know there were taken off when when the update was made but never have I had a problem when adding them in afterward. I can even do one better: I asked a mod to put that tag in my thread. Granted it was an offical request because my mobile did a glitch thing and wouldn't let me edit my thread for a second, and I ended up putting it in myself when it passed, but in the end, I wasn't told I couldn't do it or it wasn't allowed. Something isn't adding up here.
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  15. Unfortunately, I cannot link you to the original post in question because it is in the mod forum, but I can assure you — and I just double-checked to be sure — this is a moderation job we've been assigned. If a CV or Staffer added such a tag to your roleplay, they did so in ignorance of Diana's updated mod guide.
  16. I don't suspect any foul play, as exciting as that would have been. I'm not known enough amongst the wider Iwaku community for a staff member to have a vendetta against me; I tend to roleplay mainly with friends who introduced me to the site.

    I think this can safely be attributed to a misunderstanding and a lack of communication. But if we are indeed not allowed to use the tags, I would like some sort of explanation as to why, because to me it seems silly to tell people what they can and cannot name the threads they've worked hard on. As GMs, we should be able to run our projects the way we wish, so long as we aren't interfering with anyone else.
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  17. I don't think it's so much that you're not allowed to (which is why there's no announcement of this change in policy) as Diana just wants us CVs and Staffers to be converting threads.

    If it keeps happening over and over again, it's probably because the mods are lining up and noticing your thread's tags without realizing it's happened before. This isn't the first complaint we've had, but there still hasn't been a response from the administrators on this subject. :s
  18. Are you sure this was a permanent arrangement and not just something to make converting threads to the new update easier? Because Diana is pretty good at keeping us up to date on stuff like this.
  19. She's even better at keeping the Staff and CVs up to date, usually. :s
  20. Thank you for being so transparent. I think the best thing is to await an explanation from Diana; if not even the staff members know what is going on, then surely one is due. I'm sure this issue can be resolved with some communication.
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