My return!

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  1. H-Hello there! Once again...

    My name is BraveSoul, but mostly people just stick to Brave since they get lazy with saying the whole thing. I've made this account... Probably early this year in January, then forgot all about it. And here I am, making an account and not realizing that I have one already! cx

    Since it's been a while, I just wanted to explain that I am not new to roleplaying! I've been doing it for about seven years now. Either way, it feels good to be back. Hopefully I'll make some new friends. BYE!~ :D
  2. Welcome back!
  3. Welcome back to Iwaku! A lot has changed, so make sure to explore a bit :P
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Brave!! ♥♥
  5. Welcome (back) to Iwaku, Brave! Happy roleplaying. If you need help with anything or just want to chat you can send a message my way.
  6. Welcome back!
  7. Welcome, Brave! =D I'm glad you came back. Are you finding everything ok?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.