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  1. Some Request Ideas

    Introduction :

    I’m actually posting up this thread because I cannot seem to find Roleplayers that are intent on playing these roles with me, so the best kind of thing that came into my head is to post them up in a request thread. I’ve posted up my methods or roleplaying quite a few times now but now that I’m posting up this thread I’ll go through everything once again, it’s no problem for me.
    Methods I roleplay with :
    Are the following :
    • By PM’s
    • By Threads
    • By e-mail
      Pairings I’m aiming for at the moment :
    • Teacher/Student
    • Vampire/Slave
    • Psychologist/Patient
    • Med/Patient
    • Master/Slave ( in a modern day setting)
    • Lelouch/OOC
    • Draco/OOC and or OOC/OOC in a Hogwarts setting, and an entirely different generation where the environment stays as it is but the characters are created almost as new. Can be an ongoing series if you like as well.
      My non-negotiable terms in roleplay :
      -Extreme bdsm
      -Brutal Torture scenes related to sex
      -Toilet play
      Note : I’ll include something if I've forgotten anything in particular
      Themes I go for :
    • Mind play
    • Light Bondage
    • Teasing
    • S/M themes
    • Non-Con
    • Sexual tension
    • Psychological Trauma and possible past or present abuse
    • Mild Violence
    • Whatever else you are willing to suggest to me.
    • Additional Notes :
      In the pairings I’ve mentioned above, I’m requesting for Roleplayers to play the roles of;
      -A teacher
      -A psychologist/A doctor ( only if you know what you're doing finding this pairing has proved me more than difficult) :P
      -A Vampire Lord
      -A Master ( details will be specified in the plots if you are to take up that role)
      -Out of character roles in the fandoms mentioned.
      Requirements :
    • That you create your own character and the notes before moving on to the role-plays, I believe that it gives a writer more incentive to actually commit themselves to the story rather than a me giving you planned out characters and names, it just spoils the fun and creativity level.
    • That you are a little bit plot driven and the story isn’t just paragraphs full of sex scenes.
    • That you are dedicated

    Conclusion :
    As for plots, I do have plot ideas I would gladly submit to you if you’re willing to take up any of these roles. The idea of me not actually posting up my plot ideas on this thread is....
    I do not wish to feel disspointed for posting up my plot ideas and not getting responses desired, so since I’ve mentioned most of what I would like within an RP, all you need to do is PM me, besides I’m more than willing to hear your ideas in the matter as well!
    One thing you must consider before is that if you wish to discontinue an RP with me, I would appreciate if I were warned beforehand. People just seem to ‘dissapear’ with no trace or warning and it’s frustrating. I usually give my Roleplayer up to 15/20 days chance to respond after that I consider you uninterested in the RP, unless you have a real valid reason for your sudden absence and might discontinue it completely.

    Thank you very much for reading this thread and I look forward to hear from all of you

    Vold3mortia :)
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