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  1. Well as much as I am sad to write this, I am leaving Iwaku. I love this site and the people I have role played with and I apologize for leaving threads open and not finished, but I have two kids. One who just started school today and the other who is 18 months old, along with college and trying to juggle it all. I love role playing and I will miss quite a few of you here and for those who never had the chance to roleplay with me, I'm sorry and I hope you all understand that life is more important than roleplaying for me, though like I said I will miss you all, I know I am making the right decision and I would really like to keep in touch with some of you as well if you'd like to as well. if you would like to keep in touch with me, feel free to email me there.

    Again I am sorry,
    Happy roleplaying to everyone else and I will miss you all so so much. <3 XD *snuggles everyone*
  2. I hope you have a fun life though my emails are basically nothing but spam that gets #rekt so I can't communicate so I hope you have a nice life!
  3. Good luck with everything.
  4. Another person I'm never going to see again

  5. I would apologize again, but some of us have a reality that is far more important than this site, so I shall not and good luck with your life. It was nice roleplaying with you regardless. I hold no grudges so if you would like to, then feel free, it bothers me not. Have a great day
  6. I will misses you! Good luck with what you have to do. *sad face*
  7. Take care! As a single mom, I totally understand. You never know where paths will lead, though :] Maybe you can join again, one day! Until then, I hope everything works out for you :goodvibes:
Thread Status:
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