My reaction when I come back here...

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  1. [​IMG]
    Tell me what happened, while I was gone playing Battlefield Hardline and Dying Light and trying to pass my geo class.
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  2. The locks on all of the asylum cells broke and all of security died. The crazy now control Iwaku and there are fires everywhere.
  3. Yep. We are all lose, and We're coming for you. Dun dun duuuuun.
  4. But in all seriousness...ALOT has changed and I can't quite explain it. Insanity is the only word I can find to explain all of this fast motion changes with Iwaku as a whole.
  5. Just a normal day. Move forwards folk, nothing more to see here, or anywhere else in the general chat. :3
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  6. Welcome to the new Empire.


    Won't you join us?
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  7. Gwazi.
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  8. Nothing has changed.

    There is no subversive cult.

    There is no revolution.

    All is well.

    Diana is watching you.
  9. Everything has changed, now give me cheese or i shall eat all the cookies on Iwaku.
  10. Again, I just say blame Gwazi.
  11. Yes, blame him. *scuffles away*
  12. I have enlightened this forum to a new age of glory.

    You people should have brought me here months ago, we'd be so much better off if I had gotten here sooner. :3
  13. A number of unfunny topics were conceived.

    Most of them were engineered by a single unfunny individual.
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  15. It's a phase, we get these periods of shitposting and insanity, and then people remember that Iwaku has an Insanity thread, and that no one shitposter is any better/funnier/more important than any other shitposter, and it dies back down to people behaving like humans.

  16. This time shall be different. For this time there is a revolution in the workings.
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  17. The general discussion became a daycare.
  18. you mean it wasnt before?
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  20. Tell that to the weather. It snowed last night here. :[
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