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  1. Yay!
    I was debating on whether to post my Art here or not, But why not share my Art with all of you wonderful Role players!

    There mostly all my characters :)

    I have several pictures of this character!

    Get Ready for my Anthro Art! :D (No worries it's not dirty o.o')
    vvvvvThese two aren't my characters, just my art.vvvvv
    ....Really hating the background to this one...-.-' what was I thinking?

    Feral animals..>.< I'm going overboard now...
    Last one!

    Welp! It's over! I'm sorry you had to look at this Horrible Art...BUT I'm evil!!
    Muahahaha!....No really I hope it's not that bad @.@
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  2. Your work is very expressive! I especially like your lighting style and abstract designs; they're very pleasing to the eye. :3
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  3. I'm glad you like my Art =^.^=
  4. Of course! I hope you plan to make more the future. :3
  5. I will most likely make more and post them on this thread :)
  6. Wonderful! I'll be sure to keep an eye out. :D
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  7. Moon.Png

    Yay more art, I wasn't sure if I should just edit the original post...In the end I decided I'd just post more art this way!~



    Calla's Human form.png ....Hands....Hate me....