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Hey there everyone! I'm The Little Demon but you can call me Meg. My real name is Meggan, but I prefer Meg or Meggie. I'm a really big fan of supernatural and Harry Potter. I'm a Senior in high school, sometimes I get busy do I'll message you if this were to happen.

What I'm looking for:

1. I just want to have someone who I can relate to. I mean what's a roleplay without some communication from the players.

2. Someone who is flexible with their length. I'm really trying to get my post length up at the moment I can do maybe a paragraph.

What I'll do:

1. I'll do MXF, MXM, or FXF but really prefer MXF that's just what I am most comfortable with. I prefer female roles

2. A paragraph is about the limit I just wanna get where I can write more than that so hopefully you won't mind helping me.

I double


Vampire X Human

Vampire X Vampire

Werewolf X Werewolf

Werewolf X Human

Prince/Princess X Knight

Prince/Princess X Servant (craving)

Ghost X psychic

Ghost X Human (Craving)

Ghost X Ghost

Runaway X Orphan

Orphan X Orphan

Superstar X Fan (Craving)


Princess Dairies (WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!)

How to Train Your Dragon


Supernatural (MAJOR Craving)

Harry Potter (includes Fantastic Beasts and where to find them)(MAJOR Craving) We don't have to do the same era

Hunger Games


Rise of the Guardians

Anything Disney

Avatar the last Airbender(MAJOR Craving!)

Here is a sample of my writing: (This is for you to see before hand what I write like)
The young woman walked into the tavern looking around, hmm the majority of these men look drunk. I don't think that many of them are what the king would want but we'll see. She would come into town every so often but that was seldom of her own free will. This time she came into town looking for a job. She went and sat at the bar pulling her crimson hood off of her head. She looked at the bartender she put a gold piece down "Whiskey please sir."

She looked at the other people in the pub and shrugged her shoulders, before picking up the glass and quickly downing it. She looked around pulling her bow to her lap. Her dark eyes scanned the room, she wasn't the only person that was from out of town. That was a good thing. "Excuse me sir is there a place where I can stay tonight?" She asked the bartender who nodded and pointed up stairs. "We also serve as a hotel the price will be 4 gold pieces for the night miss. " She nodded and handed him the four gold pieces, before standing and looking around the pub once more.
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I'm interested in rping one of these mostly the Werewolf X Werewolf, rise of the guardians, or the harry potter rp if you still want
Pm me? We can do whichever one you would like
Hi there,

From your list, I'd be interested in any of these.

Vampire X Human

Vampire X Vampire

Werewolf X Werewolf

Werewolf X Human

Prince/Princess X Knight

Prince/Princess X Servant

Avatar the last Airbender {I'd only like to play an OC, fine with you playing cannon though}

Pm me if you're interested :D