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  1. So you fine folks keep asking me what I want to rp. Its harder for me to think of them put on the spot like that. So here is a few that I would like to rp and a few of my own rules. ^_^

    Harry Potter


    Piper x OC
    Pheobe x OC

    Nightmare Before Christmas
    Sally x Jack
    Jack x OC

    Kikyo x Kagome
    Kikyo x Inuyasha
    Kagome x Inuyasha
    Kagome x Koga
    Koga x Inuyasha
    Kagome x Sesshomaru
    Miroku x Sango
    (This could go on and on...some sort of Inuyasha character pairing to make a long story short.)

    Sailor Moon
    Rini (older) x OC

    Last of Us
    Elly x OC
    Joel x OC

    Other pairings
    Mermaid (or man) x Elf
    Sun x Moon (personified of course)
    Angel x "lost cause"
    Anthro (furry, half animal half human. Whatever the acceptable term is.)
    Knight x Maiden
    Witch x Witch Hunter
    Cowboy x Cowgirl
    Student x College Tutor
    Rock Star x High School Heart
    Sherriff x Criminal
    Maid x Ceo

    Open to suggestion. Really
    If you have a weird or out there plot you wanna try, but are kinda scared to ask about shoot me a pm about it.
    What I don't do
    Foot fetishes
    Bugs. Spiders....creepy crawlies of that nature.

    As for roles I'm up for playing. I don't mind played male or female or futa or trans or whatever else!

    ~Da RULES~
    1. If at any time you choose you don't want to continue the rp tell me.
    2. I like smut but I like a story as well.
    3. I have a job I may not always be able to post right away be patient wirh me. I will let you know if it is going to be more than a day to post.
    4. I am not good put on the spot with OCs. I am picky about my characters and I need time. Please be patient.
    5. I am not a drill instructor when it comea to post length and grammar and spelling. I make plenty of mistakes. I do ask that you try. I don't want to get a head ache trying to decode something. Ok. I lied I am a little anal when it comes to your and you're, there, they're and their, and to, too and two. I wont snap your head off for little things but if you keep making mistakes over and over I will correct you. Just give me a little effort ok?

    Finally quantity does not = quality. I am pretty adaptable. I ask that your post contain more than a few sentences but you don't have to write a book in one post. If you want to that's great. My post may not be as long as yours if you write a crap ton but I'll try to make it as long as I can.

    Open to ideas guys. Lemme know whatcha wanna do!

    Also this could go without saying but if you want a romantic rp you must be an adult.
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  2. Hi! I would LOVE to partake in a Harry Potter OC x OC RP with you.
  3. I would be interested in a Jack x OC. Preferably with you playing Jack.

    If not then a Walking Dead OC x OC is fine by me.
  4. Updated
  5. What might your interest be when it comes to completely original characters and story?
  6. I dont know if you even WATCH this show, but (cowers) Steven Universe? (cringes and cowers harder, waiting for the troller hate)
  7. @Viktor's Evolutionary Breakthrough No I don't watch Steven Universe. that's a cartoon network show right? And I see you are a blue star. So if you want some sort of romance you should look elsewhere.

    @Kakumei what were you thinking of? I'm a pretty open person.
  8. Would you be interested in doing a KogaxOOC rp?
  9. I would love to RP with you. You have so many pairings I would love to do.
  10. I wouldn't mind doing the student x tutor, if you are interested.
  11. Certainly! ^_^ pm me
  12. I'm listening~.
  13. I have this "plot" type of thing here if you wanna try it. Though really, I would prefer to stick with any original characters.

    You can pick from any of mine if you like, assuming you are interested at all.
  14. @Kakumei that sounds interesting! Feek free to shoot me a pm to work something out!
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