"My only way to protect you."

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  1. The Plot: He was protective. He was sweet. He actually cared. You never, ever left his sight. You drove him slowly into paranoia. What if you got hurt, he thought. What if someone stole you away from him? One day, he locked you in a room, never intending to let you out. It was his only way to keep in control. You begged, and pleaded. He just thought this was his way of saying, "I love you." He babies you, but keeping you in chains. You have to earn his trust. You can't run, or else he'll hurt you. You have no idea how long you'll be trapped. Or when he'll come to his senses.

    This is a RL plot. I'll only do 1x1 for this plot.

    Semi-literate Someone who writes complete sentences, uses punctuation and description. (1 - 2 paragraphs)
    Must be able to play to play a insane person
    NO One-Liners!

    I would prefer playing the girl. But I'm cool with playing the guy.

    I do have this plot in the Mature side of the site. So if you want it steamier, wander on over there.
  2. I'll join you! I've not done too much male rping (as I am a girl myself) but I guess it would be a challenge. I don't mind... I'll play either.
  3. I can do a yandere character (those who act super sweet caring and nice but then turn coo coo and start doing crazy very very aggressive crazy stuff)
    I am also good at doing males, or at least id like to think so... um..