My Obession (Needing A Male)

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  1. So I have been watching a lot of shows about stalking and now I want to do an role play based on that.
    I was thinking my character is in school (High school or just starting college) and is coming home to little things on her porch, notes, packages, flowers etc. She also has a feeling of being watch all the time though she just shakes it off. Thinking that it is just one of her friends playing a trick on her.

    I was thinking that the guy could be human or either a demon or angel. Maybe he is an angel who is sent to guard her and somehow his feelings get twisted or is a demon and she just catches his eye. Also I was thinking he kidnaps her and holds her against her will.

    We can disscus this further if you are interested, just message me!
  2. Interested but a bit busy right now will message later