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Kyrah was astounded...and angry at the same time. That man had the nerve...the gall to say that to her. That man was her long time boyfriend...Keith Anders. He had told her that she wasn't good enough, she wasn't pretty enough. Finally today he broke things off; even after she had hope things would fix themselves. But they didn' made her angry but sad at the same time. Angry he had not said anything sooner, but sad because of what he had told her. She sighed, running her fingers though her naturally bright, auburn colored hair. Kyrah looked into the mirror, her bright, icy blue eyes reflecting back as she fixed her hair. A sigh escaped her lips. That man was a waste of time anyways. The girl turned off the bathroom light and walked out into the streets, walking towards her car. Her keys to her car jingling in her hand. She was a busy woman of the world now, a decent paying job helped pay for her apartment and food for the month.

She climbed into the car, shutting the door behind her. Kyrah needed a man in her life, a decent one. He didn't have to be a prince, nor charming, but both of those traits seemed to avoid her these days. All the men in her life seemed to be controlling freaks. They all seemed so sure that she not try to make a name for herself in the world. All she wanted was a man who wasn't controlling. Was it too much to ask? Not even a good man, but a man who gave her a bit of freedom. Perhaps she needed to take a break from it. Being single for awhile would probably benefit her before she jumped back into the dating pool. Kyrah started the car and turned the key in the ignition. The feeble piece of junk rumbled to life, and she pulled away from the curb. As she did...something flashed across her vision. The woman shook her head, dismissing it.

As she approached work, The red head's long flowing hair bounced at her shoulders as someone came into her path. She slammed on the breaks, her heart rate increasing as she did. What was it that she had hit...or almost hit? What was going on? Kyrah looked around in amazement...and shock as she saw nothing. The woman caught her breath and continued on till she reached the station she worked at as a secretary, awnsering 911 calls. Again there was an spooky, pitch black preasance; she felt it and saw it out of the corner of her eye, sitting down at her desk. Kyrah must have been seeing was not like her...she didn't feel like herself but there was a feeling, deep down, something was going to happen. The lady didn't know what, but she had a feeling her life was going to change...
The dark figure, ghost, spirit, what ever it really was could not have been man. But it had eyes that glowed of crystal blue and hair of long black ink. It flowed and stained it's image into the minds of people who could glimpse at him. He was fast, too fast for human sight. It would burn into the back of your mind like a blur, something to strike fear, make you wary and confused. He targeted those weaker than him. But he wasn't looking for a fight, he was looking for something else.

The sound of metal scraping would cut deep into everyone's mind's within an earshot. A big grin slowly formed to the cheeks on his face. His skin still hot to the touch, but his hands were turning cold. He was swift, following after a sparrow as he cut in front of the young woman's car. The sight of her caused him to leave his marking to find her later. Out his demonic hands sharpened into claws, something black and almost dirty. The Earth has still clung to his hands after trying to claw his way back into hell.

The metal curled, sparks lit up his bright eyes to a ghostly shimmer. He watched her for what seemed like hours to him. The fear slowly forming on her face, then at the peak of fear it melted into confusion. Such strong expressions. She was lively and he wanted it. The marks left behind on the hood of her car were deep and almost cut at important wires.

He made the second attempt to get her attention, leaving the sparrow to fly free. But it seemed to a missed chance because she wouldn't accept the sight of him running into her field of view. It boiled his blood that she was blind to something as great as him, as wonderful and powerful as he was. He growled, locking all focus onto the bouncy read head. With hair the flows like soft fires but burns into his mind like a hot bolt of lighting.

"That was fast..." He grinned finally, thinking that this was the chance he got kicked out of hell for.
Kyrah couldn't get this morning out of her head. The Metallic scraping sound rang in her ears, the scratches on her car were undeniable. But...She hadn't hit anything! Nothing was making sense, but when did her life make sense as of late? She sighed, the feeling of eye on her back, she was groing used to but her eyes gathered nothing. Kyrah would stand up and shout, her fear turning a bit into irrtation. Finally, lunch time rolled around and she grabbed her bag, throwing a quick scowl in the direction she felt the eyes coming from. With that she went back out to her car only to find...MORE DAMAGE?! She growled outloud in irritation.

"You-You think I'm made of money?! I don't have time for this! Whoever is making my life a living hell today just stop!"

She was almost so frustrated that if she didn't clench her teeth tears would have dripped down her cheeks. Kyrah fixed her long fiery hair and leaned against her car, thinking how much she would have to pay the mechanic to fix this. It looked like she wasn't going anywhere for lunch...she might as well just get back to work. The woman sighed and after a few moments pushed away from the car, pulling her cellphone from her pocket. The redhead started to dial the mechanic as she started back towards the building. What was next? Could this get any worse?
Perched on an unlit lamppost, he watched her weep about her car. He didn't understand the reason that she cried, or what worth these tech items had. He hardly understood it, and he hardly even cared. All he cared about was tracking her down. At the very least she knew he was real, she saw the evidence of the damage he could do without even making an effort. He was not to be messed with.

He figured she would come without a fight. Fear was a wonderful thing and he would gladly take advantage of it.

"Get moving!" He yelled, knowing she was unable to hear him. He was growing impatient and clicked his claws on the metal of the post. The vibrations moved down and back up, echoing. He wanted her to get back in the car and go home. Chatting to someone with that contraption wasn't something he was willing to wait for.

He hopped down, helping himself to the situation. Obviously he'd have to help move things along if he was to get anywhere by the end of the night. The surface was boring and torturing little birds wasn't worth while. He approached her, standing in front of her. His crystal blue eyes piercing into her's as he reached for her phone. He brushed her red mane back and knocked her hand away. His hands slithered around the phone and crushed it in his palm, the plastic cracking in her ear.

"You're coming with me, and I will not wait a minute longer." He spoke.
The next thing Kyrah knew some stranger snatched her phone from her hands and crushed it. Her muscles twitched in irritation as she looked up at him, growling to herself. What she saw she was amazed with...this man was...drop dead gorgeous. Kyrah couldn't help but stare for a few moments before continuing on.

"You..." She motioned to her car and now crushed cellphone. "First you break my car and now my Cellphone!! Where do you plan on getting the money to fix those?! I don't care who you are or what you can do, I'm not going anywhere with a creep like you."

Her frustsration with men was all coming out at once. She stepped so close to him her skin brushed against his. It was a curious thing...his skin was very...warm? Kyrah's eyes flashed in utter annoyance.

"You listen here creep. I've had it with men! I"m done being pushed around and bossed about by them! If you want to be a jerk go hit on some other girl who wants to be bossed about. There are plently of desperate women who would kiss your feet and beg to be in your preasance. I'm not one of them now beat it."

She scowled and pushed past him to go back inside. Kyrah probably would have been more frightened of him but she could not sense that he wasn't human...
He chuckled the whole time she yelled at him. The young woman only being fuelled by her frustration and possible fear. He found it rather delicious, she finally noticed him. It sent him wild that she would confront him like that. He would have let his mind wander to her skin, but she started to walk away.

"Wait a minute, you have no choice." He grabbed her aggressively and pinned her to the wall. "I told you that you're coming with me." He spoke in her ear now, his breath hot and turned moist on her neck. "I don't plan on paying you back. In hell we have no use for silly objects. Cell phones decay the mind and ruin your grammar." He pulled his face away from her ear, looking at her firmly. "Come willingly or I'll drag you back down."
She was rather suprised as the man grabbed her agressivly by the wrist and pinned her against the wall. Kyrah listened as he spoke. He was speaking into her one ear, so close to her she could feel his hot breath against her neck. She shivered a bit, trying her best not to let him notice. He was attractive but he didn''t need to know that. The man was already drowning himself in his own ego. Then all of a sudden she heard him say hell...he was from hell...? A grin started to spread across her lips till it made a big smile and broke into a laugh.

"Y-Your from hell?!" She laughed. "Yeah, likely story if your from Hell then I'm the tooth fairy!"

For some reason she knew she should be afraid but she wasn't. This guy was insane.

"Did you just escape from the looney bin or something? I mean I believe in heaven and Hell but come on, only the dead go there."

She pulled away just enough to look him in the face.

"Such a waste of an imaginaton. Go put it to use somewhere else buddy, no one in thier right mind wants to go to hell."

Kyrah wiggled from his grip and slipped out of his arms. She gripped the door to the building, taking a step inside. Was this crazy day ever going to end?
He growled, "I am not to be laughed at." An explosion appeared behind him. He had completely destroyed her car. "You can walk home tonight." He smirked. Behind him the smoke had built with the flames. The sound of the fire department was only a few blocks away. "I will cause more destruction until you follow me." He threatened.

His features were shadowed by the hot flames. But he let her go, he let her be for now. He knew how to hunt for what he wanted. She could try to run all she want, laugh until her lungs burst, but he would be around the corner. Kon knew he would claim what he wanted and what he needed to return home. The night would be useful to his advantage. "Go finish your last day at work, say goodbye to your friends. You will not need them."

Outside of her home, he lurked. He was once again annoyed from having to wait. But this was a good place to strike, a place where no one would watch or see him.
Her eyes widened as her car exploded. She turned her head and looked at him. Kyrah's eyes narrowed.

"I'm staying here, keeping my job, keeping my friends so you just get lost. I don't know who you are but you don't have any right to control my life."

Kyrah huffed and went back inside, finnishing her day at work. Finally she went home, walked to be exsact. Today had to have been a dream, there was no way it could have happened. She pushed opened the front door and went upstairs, carefully pulling off her clothes. Kyrah enjoyed the hot shower. It seemed to melt away the events of the day. She would go to bed, wake up and find things as they should be. Afterwards she pulled her hair back, going to bed after pulling on a silky night gown. It was a bit small for her but it was comfortable and it showed off her figure well. With a sigh she fell back into her king sized bed, closing her eyes. But yet she wasn't comfortable...she could still feel eyes on her. It was him, the creep from before.

"Go away!" she called out loud enough she knew that he heard her.
His eyes softened to the night that surrounded his face. It shadowed everything. The city was not very well lit up in residential areas. He found it easy to hide and to see. He didn't need to block out the harsh light of the sun. He was used to the occasional bright glow from melting rocks, but nothing stronger.

He watched her, his desire became similar to that of thirst. He licked his lips, his hands twitching. He found himself unable to wait any more. He took this chance as she opened her window.

"Got ya." He lunged at her and tackled her to the ground. He pinned her to the soft carpet. Kon wanted to watch her struggle for a moment before he spoke. "Did you say goodbye to your friends?" Kon's smile grew wide and his eyes flickered with excitement. "I told you to come willingly. You're only making it more exciting for me."

He then got up off of her, folding his wings behind his back and long hair. "So what do you say?"
Kyrah sighed after she heard no response and got up, opening the window. BIG MISTAKE. As soon as she did the man came lunging in though the window, tackling her to the ground. She winced as they hit the floor. Kyrah looked up at him, seeing his eyes flicker in excitement. It would only excite him more for her to struggle so she didn't. The red head just stared at him with a blank expression.

"No I didn't cause I'm not going anywhere."

He got off her and she watched as he folded his wings behind his back and long, intriging hair. Kyrah sat up as the demon asked the question. She got up and sat on the side of her bed, looking at him in confusion.

"What do you mean...what do you say...?" her head tilted a bit.
He frowned and flicked her on the forehead. "You're no so bright are ya." He grumbled and a hole started to crumble through the floor boards. "What do you say to going willingly?" He smiled finally, getting a little closer to her. "I will drag you in if I have to." His smile turned evil and he crept even closer.

He then circled around her. "I didn't get a good look at you. I just saw that pretty face from the car window. You're lovely, perfect for me. Hopefully your personality can keep up with my demands though." He gently pulled at a lock of her hair and locked eyes with her. His breath was hot as he chuckled. "You don't even need to try with beauty."

The hole got a little larger, creating pressure on her to choose. He pulled away from her, the smell of hell was inviting him back in. The warmth, the darkness and all the critters he could eat. "Come on, you'll like it. I hear humans hate winter anyway. This place is like summer all year round."
She jumped to her feet. Now her house?! Her muscles twitched again in irritation.

"And you just can't take a hint can you?! Go away. I"m not going with you!"

He started to circle around here, eyeing her. It almost made her sick. She was about to say something when he approached her. His breathe may have been hot but it sent shivers down her spine. The man took a lock of her hair and a breathe caught in her throat. Kyrah just looked up at him in his amazing eyes as he told her she didn't even have to try to be beautiful. It wasn't the first time she had heard those words but it still flattered her none the less. Kyrah looked down as the giant hole in her floorboards, listening to him.

"I-I happen to adore winters now leave me be...I don't want to go to hell thanks!" She pulled her head back, not looking at the handsome man.

A light blush came across her lips as she went back into the freezing night. Trying to escape this mans grip, there had to be somewhere to hide from him...right..?!
He let her go, adding a little drama to the scene. From her pulling so hard she would fall back to the ground or just stumble a few steps. He wanted to let her run.

"Go a head, run. Make shit worse for yourself." He growled, flashing sharp teeth. It was hard to tell if he's angry, amused, or just willing to toy with her. He was treating her like an easy to obtain object. Regardless of how hard she fought, he could pick her up any moment and toss her into the hole that lay in her bedroom.

Smoke and steam started to rise from the hole as the sound of falling rocks his the circular walls. Some more wood and carpet burned away as it was growing larger.

"Any moment your whole house will be consumed until the person the whole is meant for crawls in. I suggest you move on to the next level of your life to save a few others." He chuckled and watched her run.

He gave her enough time to get out of the house. He laughed at the idea of her running around outside like a mad woman. The best part of it al she was in that skimpy outfit. He licked his lips and flicked his tongue, tasting the air, taking in the scent of a woman. He could have just sniffed her out like a dog, but he felt the creepy touch was needed. It was a very stereotypical demon thing to do, no wonder why they did it. He thought. He wasn't the first one to hop out of hell and drag back in a female.

He took off out through her window, breaking it and getting glass everywhere. He was pissed so he was willing to cause destruction. The glass had cut him up a little but it didn't slow him down. His wings sliced through the damp night as he slipped between the clouds. He had a great aerial. He came down hard like an eagle as he looped his arms under her. He picked her up off the ground and stole her back to her home. If she screamed he would only be more rough with dragging her back, he thought.

((Sorry for forcing your character to run, just want to add some excitement. If you don't like the idea of me controlling your character you can ignore the last bit of my post. :) ))
He let her go and she stumbled back a few steps, catching herself on the dresser. She looked back up at him as he flashed his sharp teeth. Kyrah couldn't read his emotions. She bit her lip, backing away towards the door as she watched her floor slowly, slowly crumbling away into the depths of the hell. She swallowed the lump in her throat, glancing at the doorknob then back to him as he spoke. As soon as he told her to run she did. She was out of here! There was no way the woman was going to get dragged down in to Hell!

She made it out into the yard, and down the street. Kyrah squeezed her eyes shut and just ran. Getting as far away from the house was what needed to be done. Next thing she heard was a loud shatter of glass and her eyes flew open. The red head turned her head as she ran, the demon had taken to the skys. Her heart began to race and her lungs screamed for air. Kyrah began to panic and when she did she tripped. The woman prepared to hit the ground she felt hot arms around her, swooping her up. She looked up at him, shaking in fear and exaustion. Finally she broke. Pounding her fist against his chest, biting back frustated tears.

"What do you want?!"
"Fine want to wrestle with me, I'll give you what you want." Kon growled at her. Quickly, he grew tired of all the hassle she gave him. He closed his wings and landed on his feet. He threw her to the ground and got in her face.

"You know what I want? I told you want I want. You do come to hell with me willingly!" He finally pinned her. "Putting up a fight like this will only make it harder for you. I suggest you listen."

He then picked her up off the ground and pulled her by her arm, letting her wrestle all she wanted. He was going to give her the walk of shame, showing her off to her neighbourhood. He smirked at how embarrassed she may get, being half naked as she was. He guided her back to her home to show her how quickly the hole would grow.

"I want to go back home, and I need a bride for that." He had begone to snarl at her and pointed towards her house. "And your home will be destroyed and slowly everyone will be sucked into hell."

He started to pull her closer to the dark vortex that he called home. He'll heartlessly throw her in if she screams, or even fights him again. But finally he spoke.

"I don't care if you run away after I claim you as my bride. If you find your way to the surface, you're free to go. i won't stop you..." He really didn't think she was worth this trouble at this point in time. Regardless of how attractive she was and how much he wanted a strong bride, he apparently wanted obedience a lot more.

Her house began to crack under the weight of the hole growing. Rocks were no longer the only thing you could hear falling into it. Groaning began from the foundation. The larger the hole became, the hungrier it got.
She was trembling as the demon got into her face, as much as she hated to admit it, he was breaking her down. He had pinned her to the ground, his features handsome but at the same time harsh. She didn't want to go to hell...Well, who did? Kyrah nodded as he said she better listen and he got back to his feet. Then the man roughly pulled her to her feet, pulling her along by her arm. The woman , shaking, came along. It was embarressing. The red head was scantily dressed and now everyone in her neighborhood would know what she wore to bed. But the lady quickly learned she had much, much more to worry about. The hole was beginning to slowly eat everything around it. The man said he wanted to go home but needed a bride. Her bright eyes widend and she looked up at him but he just pulled her closer to the hole.

"B-Bride...? But If you...Claim me as your bride and leave then Technically I'm not really...your bride..." It was the first thing she had said to him that wasn't forceful or angry.

In fact there was something in his tine of voice that was now a bit different. Kyrah bit her lip and sighed, looking down at the cracking earth.

"Fine, whatever...What's the use huh? I'm going to Hell weather I go willingly or not...Why do you need a bride to go home anyways...?"

As she waited for his awnser she didn't even flinch as her house gave way to the hole. She just looked back at the demon, strait into his eyes.
"That is only true, if you can get out. And that's not likely." He spoke and started to push her even closer to the gaping hole. It was growing more hungry as she was stalling with trying to converse with him. Then his mind sprung to life with that one question.

"Why do you need a bride to go home...." He repeated. It was such a simple question but it sent his lions on fire and his cravings to max. "Shut it." He breathed, licking her face. "If you don't know how your own traditional marriages work, then you'll have to figure this one out. You're in for a treat." He shuttered and slithered away from her. The vixen was able to drive him insane without even trying. "Get in that damn hole, already."

He heartlessly pushed her in and jumped in after her. He wasn't going to miss out on this chance to return home. He was confused on weather he even wanted the woman or just what she could offer him in the way of an heir. His wings spread out far to take in the air currents and make his decent slower. He took in the scent of hell as he savoured it. He eventually did catch his prize from having a tragic end on the ground. He took her chin in his hand and forced her to look up. "Don't wander away dressed like that. Wait until I give you proper clothing. Walking around like that, you'll just be asking to be made a gift to another demon. Female demons around here are just as vicious, and will give you to their husband." He kissed her cheek.

He let her go rather gently when they landed, shading her from the eyes of prying eyes. Hungry and needy, they wanted to know who their knew queen would be.
Kyrah wanted to fight it, she didn't want to go to Hell but it wasn't like the woman had much of a choice now. The question she asked was so simple but it seemed to offend the demon. She knew because he told her so shut up. Then he did something totally unexpected. He leaned forwards and licked her on the face. Her whole face went a billion different shades of red. It felt strange for the man to be doing that but somehow it didn't feel...wrong. He spoke again but his words evaded her until he ordered her ruthlessly into the hole.

With those words he shoved her forwards and Kyrah went tumbling into the dark, all consuming hole. A shreik escaped her lips and she fell into what felt like nothingness. After a bit of falling she could see a ground stedily and quickly approaching. The red head prepaired for impact but was caught as A scent that could only be associated with Hell surrounded her. As she caught her breathe she was forced to look up into the eyes of the man who had brought her here. He warned her not to wander off and she was going to trust a demon, there was no one else to trust here...She nodded and flushed a bit at how gently he set her to the ground. Kyrah definitly didn't expect that gentleness in a man who had treated her so roughly before.

The woman blushed even brighter as he kissed her cheek. She looked away so he couldn't see her become so embarresed. Carefully he lead her on, protectivly shading her eyes.
Flames were high and hot in hell. They seem to grow even higher as their way for welcoming back the prince. Wails and moaning were loud and demons lurked, watching the prince. They did not dare to step near but they were leering at his new prize. Bushes and any forestry was bare and fragile. Dust kicked up in the dry wind, blinding eyes of those who were eager in moving fast.

He brought her upon a large palace, twisted in appearance. Long rugs hung off walls and large symbols of hidden tales of war with heaven. They also told of the rare chances hell won. The prince picked up his speed and swiftly moved into his room before going to meet his father. Kon had pulled her in close, and smile.

"Do not be frightful. He is just an old man now, his powers are gone. Right now he's just a... hood ordainment as you'd say." He let her go rather gently and pulled open his closet doors. He had missed this room, being without it for quite some time. He had not been home in years after starting his search in hell.

"What could I give you..." He muttered to himself. "I have nothing feminine." He seemed rather disappointed with his selection. He gave up for now, being in a rush he pulled down something similar to a male human dress shirt and look black dress pants. "Here, you may be swimming in them. But they're suitable for running away in."

After taking a good look at her it bothered him a little that he said she was free to runaway, he wanted to keep her. He thought, maybe he should have tried harder into convincing her. He shrugged though and let her have the clothing. "I'll be back in a bit."

He did eventually come back and it looked like had spoken to someone. His mind was else where and he was a little distracted. "You look cute." Kon snickered, enjoying the tomboyish look his little prize was sporting for him. "Are you ready to mean the seat warmer?" He spoke of his father with bitter words but with a confusingly sarcastic tone.