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  1. Hostage x Kidnapper

    Character B heads out to a party with his companions, enjoying the festive night of (insert holiday or special event). there at the party, he meets Character A. The young man is charming, and rather seductive, easily convincing Character B to join him in a heated night, how can one deny such an offer when already impaired? Character A, managing to lure Character B, fulfills his promise and gives him a night to remember, but then - he doesn't. Everything goes black, was there something in his drink? When Character B awakens he finds himself captive, held in the hands of a crazed person, a person who fully intends to make Character B his slave and possibly, his meal. Though, Character A has more than just lust and pain in store for Character B for he has plans on making the young captive man his assistant.

    I would prefer to be character A.

    This will include:
    Non consensual acts
    Force and violence
    Possible gore
    Submissive top (hostage ) & extremely dominant bottom (kidnapper) ▲

    Send a PM or message me on this thread if you're interested!​
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  2. I'm interested in this
  3. Also interested, in case you don't mind doing the same plot with multiple people
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