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    [My New Parents Are Vampires Signups]

    Dear Journal,

    It's been a few months since I went home with my new parents. They're nice enough but... they're kind of strange. You know, if being vampires is meant to just be -strange- and not mindblowingly scary. And believe me, I was scared at first. Who wouldn't be after finding out you've been adopted by vampires? In the beginning I thought they were going to keep my as a living snackbar. But it seems like they really just wanted a kid. I'm even supposed to call them Mom and Dad. (Like that's going to happen.)

    Since being here I've discovered that there's a whole universe of weird things out there. You know how something strange might happen and then you rationalize it with a totally logical explanation? Because it just had to be your imagination, right? Well, it wasn't your imagination. There are vampires and ghosts and werewolves and all kinds of stuff.

    I kind of wish I never found out. You can't really go back once you do.

    And now my new vampire parents are throwing me a coming out party. I already know people in town, this is slow public torture.

    If I ran away from home, do you think they're like dogs and their chase instinct would be triggered?

    "Jennaaaaaa~! You'll be late for your own party, sweetpea!" There went the sing-song voice of Miranda Jones. Vampire Mom.

    Jenna slammed her journal closed and quickly stuffed it in to the drawer of her vanity table. The set was antique, much like the rest of the furniture in the old house. The place hadn't originally belonged to the Joneses, but Jenna was pretty sure they owned it for a long time. It was drafty, dusty, and completely creepy. At least all the rooms Miranda hadn't bustled through and redecorated yet. Jenna's own room had a fresh coat of soft pink wallpaper on the walls. She hated pink!

    "Jeeeeeeennaaaaaaaaa! You don't have eternity!" Jenna could hear the giggling that followed the joke and rolled her eyes. Miranda was bubbly, cheerful, and sweet to the point of painful extremes.

    Well, better to show her face now than never.

    Jenna left her room, shuffling down the hall as slowly as she could get away with. Music was wafting up the stairs. Peppy pop songs that didn't seem to match the somber decor of the house. Jenna tugged down her skirt trying to cover up her legs a little better. The mini dress was another choice of Miranda's something 'young and cute!' was how she described it. A perfect outfit for a party. Jenna just wasn't sure how she was going to bend or sit down without showing her underwear to the whole town.

    "There you are sweetie. Wow! Yes! That blue was the perfect color. Aw, you chose the flats instead of the heels? Never mind, lets go!" Miranda linked her arm with Jenna's, leading the girl down the hall and to the giant stair case. Now the music was much louder. The lighting for the main floor had been dimmed and it looked like there were glow sticks and other neon style shiny things. Apparently vampires loved club-themed parties. No doubt another choice of Miranda's. Casey Jones never seemed to tell the woman no about anything, even when it was obvious he disliked the idea.

    Jenna wanted to turn around and run back to her room, but forced a smile on her face. As weird as her new parents could be, they really WERE trying. The least she could do was roll with it.

    So at the bottom of the steps when Miranda detached herself from Jenna's arm and went bouncing through a crowd of people cheerfully chirping about her new teenage daughter, Jenna remained standing. No fleeing back to her room, or to a nice closet, or to the basement. She tugged her skirt down again, and tried desperately not to look awkward in front of a crowd of strangers. Where were the people she knew!?
  2. Rayne smirked as she saw Jenna standing there awkwardly. She had just walked in and was pointed in the direction of the party. The house was old and it smelled musty. The lingering scent of death was in the air. It only made sense since vampires lived here. Walking up to her best friend the raven haired girl stood next to her. Folding her arms across her chest Rayne took in Jenna's appearance. She couldn't help the emotions that were burning through her body. Jenna looked stunning in the dress she wore. Clenching her jaw Rayne looked into the crowd, she tried her best to ignore the loudness of the music.

    "It looks good on you don't worry." She smiled and met her friends eyes.

    Rayne was dressed in a pair of black skinnies, black doc's her leather jacket and a simple band tank top under her jacket. She was never one to dress too fancy. Motioning towards the crowd Rayne chuckled. "That's a lot of people I've never seen before...or just haven't paid attention to." Another glance at Jenna. "Shall we head into the sea of unknown people or...?" She questioned eyebrow raised.
  3. Ted sat up as Jenna bounded down the steps. He had come to the party early. Two hours early. He'd set all his watches to different times, so he didn't really know what the time was. The network told him it was 0000, but thats because they don't actually scale time. They don't even use numbers, really. He wondered if he should talk to Jenna. No, wrong time. Of course it was the wrong time, it was 0000. What was he thinking about again?
  4. Rando and Bethany were running late. "But I don't know anybody!" said Rando in protest "Oh come now, don't be a child! I don't know anybody either!" Bethany yelled back while putting on her makeup. "We are going to live for eternity! I think I should be allowed to act like a child!" Rando responded. After a few more moments of pointless arguing Rando was dragged outside by Beth. "Guard the house, understand?" she said to Squissy, who was coiled around the coat rack, as per usual the serpentiel let out a sound combining a squawk with a hiss to make his distinctive sound "Squiss!" Rando got up and dusted himself off, he rolled his eyes and the two of them made their way to the "Jones" household, it was only a few doors down the street. Bethany entered first and immediately went to greet people. Rando however had another problem Despite there being little to no wind outside, the Door wouldn't stay shut. So Rando had to fight with the door for the next twenty minutes
  5. "Nicole. Elle. Gates. You are not going to the party and that's final." Michael Gates said with the tone of finality. Nicole opened her mouth to come up with more excuses but he cut her off with a wave of his callused hand. "It is not safe in this town, and that god forbidden house is the center of it all." Nicole felt the whine building her chest. "Daaaaad. Seriously? Do you want me to go my entire life without any friends?" Nicole didn't wait for a reply before she started to complain some more. "That's it isn't it? You want me to die alone!" With a dramatic pearl clutch she started listing how many types of loneliness she would go through. Like if they ever came to visit her, they would find her cold dead body under all the cats she owned.

    "Michael, honey, maybe we should let her go. It would be good for her to find out what this town's status is." Reese Gates said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder. Nicole's eyes lit up and her face changed instantly from mournful and solemn to energetic and excited. "Yes! Like Recon Daddy! Come on pleeeeeeease?" Both her and her mother watched Micahel's reactions. The grave finality in his steely eyes began to fade slowly. Come on, Come on... annnnd... YES! Michael sighed and Nicole let out a loud whoop before she dashed past a few unpacked boxes to her room. Reese smiled at her husband and said softly, "She is a teenager darling, let her live a little before she turns 18. Remember how we were?" Michael smiled and put his hand over his wife's.

    Meanwhile Nicole had begun to blare Lana Del Rey from her stereo system in her room. There were four different dresses that she had begun looking at. Clasping her chin she stared down each one of the dresses and finally narrowed it down to two. Just then her huge black lab burst into her room and tackled her with his full weight. "Noodle! Down boy! Down!" When the overexcited, overgrown puppy finally sat down tail wagging Nicole smiled. "Alright I am going to a party and I cant decide." She pointed to each dress in turn. "The cute blue and orange or the... Sexy black and purple." Noodle turned to where she pointed and just barked happily. Scratching behind his ears she grinned, "You are absolutely right Noodle, blue and orange it is."

    Taking a look at herself in the mirror after finally getting dressed, she grinned. The blue full skirt with tulle was a nice contrast to the retro orange belted top, she grabbed a pair of her favorite deer earrings and popped them in. "Nicooole, are you ready honey?" She heard her mother's soprano ring out from down stairs, probably the kitchen. Applying an even shade of coral to her nicely shaped lips she called out, "Yeah! Just a second!" Nicole rushed around looking for her tan pumps that pretty much went with everything. When she finally found them she grabbed her party clutch throwing in her lip gloss, and began sliding the heels on all while rushing down the stairs. When she hoped over the last two bottom steps, she nearly lost her balance and plowed into her dad. "Whoa there Nic, slow down." Nicole smiled sheepishly trying to hide her excitement. She knew how her dad felt about her going into a pit of snakes, even if she didn't think of them as snakes. Kissing her dad's cheek she took a step back and spun. "How do I look?" Michael smiled his thinned lip grimace. "Like shark bait." Cocking her head she narrowed her eyes and punched him in the shoulder. "Ha Ha, you should have been a comedian. You giving up your stakes and crossbow for a microphone any time soon?"

    Nicole flew through the door, and slung open their Pontiac's door, the interior smelled like vanilla and roses. It had a calming effect on Nicole's pounding heart, she turned and saw her mother smiling. "What? Do I have something in my teeth?" Nicole then went on to pull down the vanity as she checked for any rogue spinach or lettuce that might have gotten wedged in her teeth. "No honey, you just look so beautiful." Nicole groaned and rolled her eyes. "Mooom, seriously? I know that already! Come on! I am going to be late!" Laughing Reese pulled from the drive way and they were on their way to the Joneses place.

    "Er. Meh. Gerd. Mom, this place looks so COOL!" Nicole felt like Noodle, if she had a tail it would have all but destroyed the car. Reese parked in the front of the house and looked to her daughter, a sort of seriousness in her eyes. "Nicole. Listen to me. If anything happens, you send that emergency text message and get out. Do you understand?" Nicole bit her lip, her mom sure had a way of raining on her parade. "Yes ma'am." Reese nodded firmly and glanced out the window, "Now, go have fun." Nicole didn't need to be told twice. Jumping out of the car she waved goodbye to the trunk of the pontiac and faced the massive house. Lights were on in most of the rooms, and there were a few party lights strung up outside. Nicole noted a few exits and even a few weapons. "Alright Nikki, lets do this." Heels clicking aga'inst the pavement, she walked up the steps. Before opening the door she let down her hair that was still patially damp from her shower. Her dirty blonde waves fell nicely over her shoulders. "Perfect." Nicole then knocked on the door, not exactly sure if she should just walk in or not. Nicole was prepared for anything... even though she had forgotten her phone.
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  6. Destroyed jeans just as his 'peers' described it as 'fashionable', a V-line shirt to give himself the more of a casual look and a jacket over it. Eros felt ready to show himself in front of humanity. He always was, but now he was sure that he wouldn't fall out of the boat with his clothes. Of course the toga he wore centuries ago was much more comfortable, lighter and easier to wear, however, he couldn't be walking around in it now and besides; the moths had long since eaten up the fabric that he once wore. Saddening, however it was reality. He couldn't expect leaving it hanging around for hundred of years would do any good to its condition. To the other side, it reeked of the old times and that was another reason why Eros didn't wear it. It made him smell like antique.

    There was one thing that kept unchanged. No matter what time he entered and or how the 'ideal' changed of the world, Eros never lost the attention of these surrounding him. Like a young deer, curious and innocent they would trail their eyes after him. Some would be wondering who he was, others might be blushing at the thought of what happened last night. Inside of their dreams of course. He had to keep his vitality up and to do so he needed life energy from the humans. In order to do so Eros had to visit them inside of their dreams and of course as expected from an incubus; he would give them a pleasurable time so that he could take their breath away without their notice. Literally. Nothing wrong with it, he found. After all he gave them something in return by taking a few hours, days or perhaps years from life. Humanity was fleeting anyway, so what did it matter if ones life became shorter with a pesky three years? No, Eros found no guilt in taking that away.

    Yes, these blushing faces he passed by were the evidence that he had done his job last night. No one who had an idea and no one who would bother to think of it as odd. After all he was the very desirable hotshot of the town and he loved the role. It made him feel better about himself, perhaps if it was possible, fall in love with himself even more than before. However, that aside; he was returning to school, graduation year. Or so he was supposed to be a senior this year. Of course at this point he had graduated many times from schools. He had seen many school systems, experienced how it changed to what it was today. He had his fair share of school parties and dates, here and there a little fling to brag about, but in overall Eros thought that he was doing a pretty good job at being a 'normal student'. Just that it was easier for him to fool around with a face like his. That was of no matter, what mattered now was that a new prey came into sight. More than one. Fresh faces he hadn't noticed before, but they were attracting attention as people were staring or talking to them. Maybe that he could show them a 'pleasant' time later on? A smile crossed his lips, already making up an appointment of two inside of his mind. Tonight might be a busy night for the dreams of the innocent.
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  7. Jae Sun was cowering in a corner. Well okay, he wasn't cowering. Not really. Well he kind of was. If you count turning his body 90 degrees away from the person he wanted to see the most, as cowering. And who exactly was causing him to cower?

    Jenna Jones. The most beautiful girl on the planet. She was gorgeous in every way shape or form, mind and emotion. Well he wasn't too sure about mind and emotion as he had never really had a conversation with her before. Sure he had spoken to her, but it was always about something completely stupid like 'Oh hey can i borrow a pencil' or 'Nice shoes'. And of course even those moments were ruined by the hideous stutter that always made an appearance when she was around. He was a 92 year old dragon for crying out loud and he couldn't manage to say a complete sentence to a human?

    So now he was staring at a vase, and not in the direction that Jenna currently was, because he was mentally bashing himself in the head for even attending the event.

  8. Paige Morelli

    Paige slipped on a neatly pressed floral dress. The sheer outer layer brushed lazily at her knees while the opaque inner layer creeped only slightly above. Her red hair tousled in a low-key manner and her lips glistened like freshly picked apples.

    As she approached her front door she scooped up a cellophane wrapped wine bottle, which read "2008 Didier Dagueneau Silex", a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, her nose twitched with a tinge of anxiety.
    Bringing wine to the host and hostess is such a cliche, she thought in her head. She looked around haphazardly, as if the solution would simply present itself. And what do you know, it did. Paige flitted over to her freshly picked arrangement of roses and plucked out a rose with snow white petals. She slipped its stem neatly into the wine packaging and was on her way.

    She entered the Jones' house and was surprised to see such a large group of people buzzing about. She twisted and turned through the crowd, trying to protect her host and hostess' present. Finally she spotted Miranda Jones bounding bubbly down the staircase, her new daughter trailing after her. She reached out to touch Miranda's arm among the throng of people.

    "Miss Miranda," she called out, "for you." Paige pressed the wrapped wine bottle and rose towards her.
  9. Wilo.jpg

    Watching from the top of the stair, childishly bending her knees to observe from between the railing. Hollow eyes looked over the room at the faces and the activities. Conversations swan in and out as Wilo fixated on one to the next. Heads turning to see Jenna's entrance.

    "It looks good on you don't worry."

    Ghostly lips curled into a small smile as Rayne reassured Jenna into the flow of the room.

    "Miss Miranda, for you."

    Sounded the voice of Paige, Wilo searched for Miranda Jones in the melting room that began to fill with life. Beginning to pace back and forth, a tiny hand sliding along the old wooden railing that looked down on the entire room.

    Jae sun stuck to his corner, as Bethany could be seen from the window dragging Rando along the sidewalk. Large Blue eyes shifted while wilo Perched herself like the watching crow that she examined from her windows every morning.
    Taking in the Faces, seeing them without being seen, this child had become far too comfortable in the company of the living. Finally she was restless, skipping down the steps to follow Paige with her bottle of wine for the Misses.

    Excitement overfloweth her cup as she chased after Paige's heels. Little giggles escaped into the ears of none for the little ghost to happily be herself without a care. In her reckless abandon, she skipped right through Paige to continue skipping her silent circles. Happiness leaked from Wilo and began to fill the room, So many faces, hundreds of thoughts, and a million questions.

  10. The steady beat of music thrummed in the background, a heavy bass with electronic notes not created by any one instrument. Such things were a marvel in their own right, but it would not serve anyone to dwell on the fact that humans had created new sounds, something from nothing, with their own hands. Someone has used their flitting time to make that, someone to perfect it, someone to record it... but no, he had to stop getting so distracted with her idle thoughts or he'd never end up with a glass of punch. He really wanted something to drink.

    Pressing his way through the patches of people standing clustered and talking or, more dangerously, doing what she could only assume was a new sort of dance wherein they flailed wildly and very nearly rammed an elbow into his face, Enki wound her way through the room. The bright sticks of light were mesmerizing and he had to look away, reminded of the fluorescent plants that had once guided him as he walked for days through forests. He had to control his own thoughts, not slip into memories. That was how one slept again.

    Finally, success. A table laid out with a bowl of ruby red liquid and several small cups stacked nearly next to it. It looks crisp and refreshing, especially for a throat so parched as Enki's, so she ladled the liquid into a cup and began to greedily down its contents. After having drained the entire glass, it dawned on him to have a look around and perhaps even socialize. Parties had always been fun, no matter when or where the party had been, the excitement was nearly palpable and the crush of bodies and music with alcohol and the high of danger and attention was almost as addictive to Enki as the other participants found it, even when he wasn't participating.

    A nearby face caught Enki's eye. This boy was familiar. They could socialize and Enki could confidently say that he knew him, or at least of him. This is someone of whom other people whispered about now and then, too, in Enki's classes so he actually knew a little bit more than nothing. With this confidently in mind, Enki approached the boy with a wide smile.

    "Oh, you're Eros, right?"
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  11. When no one had answered her knocking she had just opened the door, holding tight to her clutch. Nicole found herself in a hallway and another set of doors. This time they were made of pure glass, stain glass that depicted something flowery and ornate. Her hand wrapped around the handle gingerly, she felt as if she just might break the art work they had for doors.

    The place was absolutely stunning, Nicole spun around to take in the entire room. "Well, I am definitely not in Kansas anymore." She giggled and eyeballed the massive crowd, all so well put together she felt kind of bland. She smiled politely at a few people who more or less just ignored her. But she didn't mind in the least, she was much too humble to be seen as anything more than a wall flower. But around such beauty, more like a fly on the wall to be shooed away. Giggling excitedly she took note of a few people who caught her attention. There was the new Jones girl, Jenna as she recalled, who looked super cute in her skirt. A taller darker looking girl stood close to her and said something to her, she could do the awesome eyebrow raise thing. Turning a half circle she saw some dude fighting with a door on the other side of the room, it looked like wouldn't close. Laughing softly she kept looking around. Something blue floated in her peripheral following after an absolutely gorgeous redhead, but there was nothing behind her. "Huh..."

    Looking for something to drink she ducked through the crowd and found a table with one really hot guy and a kind of ambiguous person. "Oh, you're Eros, right?" The pretty blonde one said, smiling she walked up to them and smiled, "Um hi! My name is Nicole, I just moved here." She could tell neither were very normal. The one dude was so painfully sexy that she just knew that he was going to be in her dreams, and the other was so freakishly pretty that it made her feel so horribly normal.

    Eyes wide she said honestly, "Um wow, you are like really pretty." She told the blonde one who had asked the other if He was Eros. Slapping her hand over her mouth she giggled and shrugged her shoulders before filling one of the cups with the punch. Her eyes darting between the two she took a deep drink of the punch and slammed the empty cup on the table and nervously spoke up. "Sorry, I get the tell-the-truths when nervous." Grinning sheepishly she scratched the back of her head. Why did she feel as if she was interrupting?
  12. There was a presence that suddenly came in out of nowhere. It wasn't heavy, or very intimidating but it intrigued Rayne. She clenched her jaw as she looked around trying to hone in on what her emotions were calling to. Glancing at Jenna Rayne spoke up. "I'm gonna go grab a drink, want something?" Her question was asked as she started to walk away. The music grew annoyingly loud as she walked. Her brain was confused, such an array of scents, all of them having their own trademark. She could tell what the vampires smelled like but everyone else ranged in scents. Some were old and strong but musty scents. Others just exploded with power. There was one that stood out and it wasn't Jenna's. Spotting the face that went along with the scent Rayne raised an eyebrow and smirked.

    The girl was unfamiliar to her, she too was tall, around Rayne's height, perhaps slightly shorter. Dirty blonde hair from what the werewolf could see. She wore blue and orange, Rayne was definitely intrigued. Approaching the drink table Rayne brushed passed the girl. She muttered a sorry as the dirty blonde's scent burst into Rayne's nose. The raven haired girl bit her lip, did she ever smell good. Grabbing herself a glass of pop she wondered who this girl was. Hazel-green eyes studied the female, she couldn't help but grin. Great form, well toned and in shape. It made her primal side jump in excitement. She felt that the girl could be a challenge, Rayne hadn't had a good challenge in a while. Once again the dark haired girl brushed passed her, muttering another sorry. Looking over her shoulder she watched as the girl engaged in conversation with two guys.

    She went to school with both of them, names weren't her forte so she couldn't recall who they were but she had certainly seen them roaming the halls. Was this girl a new student? How had Rayne not noticed her yet? She made quite an impact on the werewolf as soon as she walked in so if the two did attend the same school Rayne would've noticed. She smirked with a small scoff before walking away and finding somewhere to settle.
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  13. Nicole had been waiting really uncomfortably for either of the two guys to speak up when she felt a girl brush against her, nearly forcing her into the drop dead gorgeous guy. Sputtering a bit she heard the girl apologize gruffly, curiosity piqued she watched the girl get a drink. She smelled of leather, smoke, and something darker. "Oh its no..." The pitch black haired girl walked off and Nicole glanced between the two guys before she made up her mind. "Sorry fellas, but she seems like really interesting. You don't mind do you?" Without waiting for a reply she grabbed another cup of punch and chased after the girl.

    Finally finding the girl in the crowd she touched her arm and smiled, "Hey! Were you just going to bump into me and walk off?" Grinning widely she tsked. "I am not that kind of girl you know." Juggling her punch and clutch she stuck out her hand, offering it for the girl to shake. "Nicole. Nicole Gates! I just moved in to the vacant lot on..." Nicole snapped her fingers looking up trying to remember the road or whatever she lived on. Looking like a dim wit, but she didn't really care. "Oh yeah! I think its Spring Flats." Remembering her new house she was reminded of how plain it was compared to this house. Gosh, she was so uncool. All she had going for was the most awesome pair of brown engineer boots she had back at home and Noodle her dog. Oh well.

    Nicole took a closer look at the edgier looking girl. Her hair was naturally black and uber shiny, her cheekbones were the first thing that Nicole was already envious of. Hazel eyes that were rimmed in black made them that much more piercing, this girl was so mysterious and hot. So... cool. Nicole sighed, a bit deflated. How was she ever supposed to fit into this kind of world that was filled with vampires and such. They were all so incredible, mostly murderous natures aside of course. Maybe that;s why people like her family hunted them down. Jealousy. This girl was definitely something to be jealous, and even a little scared of. But there was something about her that reminded her of Noodle. Maybe it was the Black hair, because this girl was definitely a well toned female girl. Human? That was questionable, but she was pretty sure she was surrounded by anything but human creatures right now. That thought made her shiver a bit, but her smile stayed genuine on her lips.
  14. Alice sat at the food table trying to get some fruit punch. She could feel and hear the techno and electronic music around her.
    She then began to feel someone cutting the back of her hair. She used her own reflexes and turn around to knee the person in the face.
    It turned out to be one of the girls who commonly bullied her. " Don't scare me like that ". The leader of the group fell down.
    " Freak! " .
    " Well thats not a good attitude to bring to a party " .
    The girls just ended up leaving her and going to talk to other people.
    " And all I wanted to do was go and get some fruit punch….. " .
    The Dj begins to speak some words to the audience.
    " Everyone get a partner and dance together " .
    Alice thinks to herself, " Yeah, no way " .
    She then moves to the couches and sits by herself.
  15. "Mind helping me out here?" Rando said, dancing with his wife, "Alright," Bethany said looking around, "There's plenty of vampires here, at least one werewolf, some ghosts, a dragon, strangely enough, and a nephilim... who for some reason is talking to an Incubus, but there are other humans here as well"

    The punch has changed flavor to cherry

    "Alright then," Rando says looking around, Bethany touches his coat and feels into the pocket, a deep frown grows on her face and then she whispers "Dammit Rando, I told you no guns!" "I HAVE TO KEEP MY GUARD UP" he loudly whispers back. Beth gives him a quick slap, "you even touch those things and you aren't getting none for a DECADE" she whispers back with a hiss. As the red mark subsides on his face, Rando replies "Fine then, but if this place is attacked by something stupid crazy because of me, then don't expect me to help" Bethany just rolls her eyes as they keep dancing in silence.

    A bit later they decided to split up, Rando went to look for a bar, but Beth decided to go talk to the dragon-kid "I know that position anywhere, there's someone you like here, but you don't have the confidence to talk to them right? A little strange for someone of your kind, my advice is, ignore them, this is a party enjoy it! Enjoy yourself until you are comfortable, and if you feel you are sure enough, go talk to them!" she said excitably.
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  16. Katherine had arrived late to the party. No, scratch that, she had arrived earlier that day to help set up and cook some little goodies, but before the party started she slipped back home, spent an hour wandering around her house doing nothing inpartcular, before getting dressed, wrapping a present for Jenna, and eventually making her way back to the house. Tradition called for giving the host and hostess something but Miranda and Casey's collection of stuff was just as bad as hers at this point so she had decided to get something for the centerpiece of the night, Jenna. And for once she had dressed up a little, slim black pants under a silvery white kimono styled shirt that had thin black trees patterened on the back, with matching white two inch heels. The only off items were blue glow stick necklance and bracelets, courtesy of Miranda. Not that Katherine was complaining, she enjoyed the club atmosphere more than she would admit. At the moment she had taken up residence in one of the sitting room chairs, her legs casually crossed and her head resting on her hand, letting her mind and senses wander taking a mental tally of everyone who entered the house. Or as well as she could, with more and more people arriving it was soon like trying to individually distinguish a hundred white mice from eachother. Thankfully she had a keen nose and keen ears to keep everything from becoming to muddled.

    Closed eyes slowly opened when she finally heard the sound of Miranda's chirping voice followed by the softer steps of who she could only assume was Jenna. Pushing herself up, careful not to drop the present or upset her glass of wine, her forth of the day, Katherine took her time making her way over to the stairs that led to the second floor. Several times she paused to greet friends, exchanging a few words or a quick pat on the back before excusing herself and moving off. She was just passing the beverage table when a particular scent caught her attention almost haltin her in her tracks. The girl smelled human, but there was a bitter undertone that was concerning. An interesting combination of silver, garlic, wood, wolfsbane, and dog. It was the first couple that really caught her attention, and after looking the dirty blonde up and down she turned on her heel cutting a path through the crowd towards Casey Jones. Once she was close enough she rested her elbow on the vampire's shoulder her other hand grasping both her wine glass and the present.

    "Who was it that invited the little hunter?" She said with a coy smile her voice like and playful. A disguise for anyone who might be listening, her eyes fixed upon Casey showing flashes of annoyance. As this was their house Katherine had no right to do anything about the girl, besides she respected the Jones to much to even try to cause trouble. However that didn't mean that she wasn't above telling them how she felt about the matter. And it wasn't that she had a problem with all hunters, alright she did tend to dislike most if them but, her real concern was that this one was new to the area and until she had gotten a read on then she was going to be, at the very least cautious.
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  17. Hearing footsteps follow Rayne smirked, contact was made and she turned with a smile as the other girl spoke. Rayne chuckled. "You're not what kind of girl?" She asked curiously. The smirk remained on her lips as she turned around fully and listened to the girl speak more, introducing herself and giving Rayne her address. "All I need now is your number." Rayne laughed at her lame joke. She took the hand that was extended to her, her eyes not leaving the blue-grey ones opposite hers. "It's a pleasure Nicole. I'm Rayne, Rayne Walker. I just live down the street from here." She explained.

    "Do you smoke?" Rayne asked. Pulling her cigarettes out of her pocket she showed her the pack before pulling out a fag for herself. "Even if you don' to join me? It's easier to talk out there anyway." She smiled, pointed fangs revealed, a permanent change she couldn't do anything about. Rayne was curious as to what had cause the blonde to follow, come up to her and speak to her? Not that she was complaining. Although Rayne wasn't sure what it was, something just seemed to be pulling her towards this young woman and it was a strong pull. Odd feelings and sensations rising within her. The raven haired girl liked it, it excited her.
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  18. Nicole giggled at this Rayne's sarcastic and funny responses. "Not the kind of girl to just give a random stranger her number." She winked and sipped her now... cherry punch? She frowned into the drink, she hated cherries and could have sworn just a moment ago that it was fruit punch. Looking back up at the girl who had such a firm grip, the intensity in her eyes causing Nicole to blush and stutter a bit. "Ah, y-yeah! Awesome!" Nicole took her hand back and pushed her hair back behind her ear awkwardly. The music and lights were getting a bit crazy, it was like the clubs that others blogged about on Tumblr. The music was familiar, she could have sworn she heard it on Suicidesheeep's youtube channel.

    Rayne's voice brought her out of her zoning and Nicole cleared her throat, the chipper quality returning to her voice. "That sounds awesome actually, not my brand but that'll do!" Nicole had actually picked up smoking a year ago when they had lived in LA. The brand was natural and was laced with sage and cinnamon but still had all the ridiculous additives, but Nicole loved how cool she looked when smoking. Her mom even smoked. Rayne's smile was bad and cute at the same time, if this kept up Nicole was going to start crushing hard. Not that Nicole was a lesbian, or even a closet lesbian. She had never really had a crush or even a boyfriend mostly because she constantly moved around due to her parent's line of work. Nicole grinned crookedly back, and she forgot to react to Rayne's fangs. But things like that were just so normal to her. She decided to overlook it. There was something about this Rayne that was different from others, not just supernaturals. But people. Something... alluring? Maybe it was just the lights and the unspiked punch. Nicole had always been a lightweight. "Lead the way oh Rayne Walker, keeper of the smokes."
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  19. Uuurgh. That was pretty much all that Jenna was capable of. Even when Rayne had been standing next to her being an awesome friend. Jenna might have mumbled a thanks, or a please, or maybe the strangled call of a wookie while Rayne spoke to her, but not much else. Jenna was actually kind of relieved Rayne scooted off to find a drink and found someone to talk to that could actually squeak out more than two words.

    That didn't save Jenna her current predicament of being the center of attention, though. Somehow she just knew people were staring her way. Maybe most people would cast a quick glance and not think twice about her, but there was just that goose-bump, skin crawling feeling that there was someone staring too. Nervously, she would glance around and see if she could spot the culprit, but all she got was an eyeful of colorful clothing and shiny glow lights.

    I can't just stand here looking stupid. Easier thought than actually done. After a couple more moments Jenna finally got her feet moving. She ducked between a few shifting bodies to find a more secluded place to stand and look stupid. This brought her to another room, still downstairs and annoyingly open to the party, but seemed to contain a lot less people and fewer eyes to be looking in her direction.

    Jenna immediately plopped on a small, ridiculously patterned sofa and tried not to pout.

    * * * ​

    Meanwhile, Miranda was doing what Miranda did best. "Paige, lovely! You are just the sweetest thing ever." she purred, taking the bottle from it's bag and turning it in her hands to read the label and vintage. "Oh dear, you DO want to get me drunk tonight, don't you." Giggling softly, she shifted on her toes to kiss Paige's cheeks. Miranda loved her gratuitous kissing.

    The wee ghost Wilo was the next thing Miranda spotted, but she didn't acknowledge the little girl. After all, many of her house guests were human and could not see her and the last thing Miranda needed was a scene after it took so much convincing to get Casey to agree to her party for Jenna.

    "I'm glad you could come. Jenna needs a few familiar faces. Can you believe how shy the little thing is? I was sure we picked one that was a little more ambitious, but I suppose that is a teenager for you, always contrary to her parents." Miranda really had NO idea how teenagers were, she was just running on information she read in Raising Teens for Dummies. It was an entirely different decade when Miranda was a teenager, and she just couldn't recollect what that was like, despite her youthful appearance.
  20. " Wake up ese! " A guy lifted his head up rubbing his chin looking about the car, which had smoke filtering through it. His friends were smoking, but this guy has apparently done to much at the moment. The man who just woke up spoke " Put the shit out before the cops see you " The driver looked back at the guy and spoke while laughing " you ask me for a ride and tell me to stop smoking? Pablo you have lost it " the man pulled over and looked back at Pablo his face blank as he nodded towards the door, Pablo climbed out no problem looking at where he was. He was down 5 blocks from the party he was suppose to be going to for Jenna's party, he was invited but he wasn't sure if he was actually wanted there. Pablo flicked off the driver as he skidded away. Sliding his hands into his pockets he walked towards the party the cool air rushing through his clothing and his face, his hat fluttering a bit before being adjusted by Pablo to fit his head better. A cop car flew past Pablo in the same direction the driver went and Pablo chuckled. He quickened his pace as he wanted to see what his party was all about, he loved parties and he wanted to see what she had to offer for a party.

    Pablo made it to the party and prepped himself and adjusted anything on his body that seemed off, looking at his rolled up sleeves he sighed rolling them down so he could hide his markings from his alchemist training. He opened the door and the scene flooded over him, it made him smile as all these people were here. Most knew him but some probably didn't, his reputation was friendly nothing to bad as he was considered the go to guy. Once inside the atmosphere he moved towards the punch as he needed to quench his thirst.
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